My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1134

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1134

“I’m sure you’ve seen the latest news recently. Let me tell you honestly; ‘Apollo’ received an additional investment from the Yard Family. This movie is not only being released globally, but it’s also aiming to compete for the Academy Awards! It’s not a horrible movie!”

Sophia pouted. It’s a horrible movie, yet you don’t allow anybody to criticize it. The trailer itself was all messed up. The actual movie is not going to be any better! This movie is a waste of time even if I watched the pirated copy! Besides, she probably paid for the pre-sale of 200 million herself!

Still, she had no intention of wasting her time with Sandra today. She simply wanted to leave as soon as possible. Many people were here today, so she did not wish to cause a scene. Moreover, she noticed that Anne and Sandra were here together. The Yard Family and the Mitchell Family had been very close recently, so it was nothing strange to see Anne and Sandra together. However, Anne was standing behind Sandra and glaring resentfully at Sophia. It seemed like she blamed Sophia for not being able to marry Cooper.

Thus, Sophia hurriedly dragged Sarah with her as she left. After they walked quite a distance, Sandra and Anne finally entered the cinema together.

After receiving the investment from the Yard Family, Sandra no longer considered Sophia as an opponent she needed to be wary of. She was about to expand her wings and achieve great things together with the Yard Family. She was also going to deepen their relationship while she was at it so that she could successfully marry into the Yard Family. When that happened, getting rid of Sophia was as easy as killing an ant.

Hence, she and Anne chatted happily as they entered the cinema to attend the movie premiere. She comfortingly said to Anne, “Don’t take it to heart. Cooper is just being momentarily confused by her. Don’t worry; I’ll surely create chances for the two of you. Cooper genuinely loves you, but he highly cherishes his family and dotes on that illegitimate daughter of his. That’s why he is being foolish!”

Even so, Anne wasn’t happy. After being hit the last time, she became more well-behaved. She no longer dared to bring up the matter regarding the shares with Anna. However, she wasn’t about to give up on Cooper. If Anna refuses to help me, I’ll use Sandra instead! I’m definitely going to marry Cooper! He is the only husband for me! Besides, Sandra swore to help me remove all the obstacles in my way.

Meanwhile, Sandra was dreaming of a bright future. This time around, the box office earnings for ‘Apollo’ are going to explode! Everything after the investment of 700 million is real profit! This movie took years to film. A lot of effort had gone into this movie—from the novel of the same name released at the beginning to the promotion of the movie toward the end. The way the scenes were set up down to the costumes, were all exquisitely and carefully prepared. The cast was the strongest and the team was the best. Even ‘War Dragon’ could reach hundreds of millions with its low-quality special effects. It’ll be a breeze for ‘Apollo’ to hit four or five billion for the domestic box office earnings! The global box office earnings will probably hit at least 1 billion Amons!

By the time Sandra started watching the movie premiere, Sophia was already at home. Harry came from next door too. Then, they hurriedly turned on the projector to watch the first episode of the second season of ‘Where Are We Going, Dad?’.

Sophia was beside herself with excitement, and Michael was looking forward to it too. When he saw the edited version of the show, he had to admit that the show was very conscientious. The editing was perfect, and he was extremely satisfied with it.

As soon as the first episode began, Michael and Harry were given a lot of screen time. After all, both Academy Award winners were participating in a reality show for the first time. Thus, their handsome faces shone brilliantly even though they were without makeup. Meanwhile, Carmen stuck to her Daddy’s side like a little butterfly. She was a little shy yet very much looking forward to it. The sweet way she said ‘I’m the world’s best Carmen Fletcher!’ was incredibly adorable.

While everybody was watching the show on the projector, Sophia also watched the online broadcast of the show. Real-time comments were being posted when she watched it online. Whenever Michael and Carmen appeared onscreen, the comments section would blow up—so much so that she couldn’t make out the contents.

Soon, the first episode was over. The national idol was promoted to become ‘National Daddy’. The online audience ratings for the first episode of the second season reached 4.6. As a result, it was record-breaking among this year’s reality shows, surpassing most of the reality shows and variety shows on the market this year. It also surpassed the previous hit ‘Keep Running: Sisters!’ and became a phenomenal reality show.

Everybody couldn’t help being amazed. Academy Award winners were amazing indeed! Even when filming a reality show, they didn’t seem to be under pressure! At the same time, Michael gained a lot of fans from the reality show. His childcare methods might have been a little on the cold side, but he was very serious and responsible. He was clearly working hard to become a responsible father!

The next day, the whole internet was heatedly discussing the second season of ‘Where Are We Going, Dad?’, and the popularity lasted for a long time. Thus, Michael invited the other fathers over to his house for a celebratory party. On the other hand, Sandra’s movie was a complete disaster. Three days after the movie with an investment of 700 million first premiered, it recorded box office earnings of only 230 million—200 million of which came out of her own pocket! In other words, the movie she was so confident about only achieved 30 million in box office earnings after showing for three days! Therefore, many cinemas urgently removed the movie from their current screening lists due to the massive losses incurred. Meanwhile, the internet was filled with bad reviews of the movie. The movie had the best production team and the best cast, but when both were put together, the results were shockingly poor! The 700 million investment was a total flop!

Sandra couldn’t believe it. No; how is that possible?! It’s an all-star team! The best-selling online novel adaptation, the best screenwriter, and the best production team! How can the box office earnings be so low?! Somebody must be sabotaging the movie! It’s impossible for such a perfect movie to receive such dismal box office earnings!

After doing a lot of research, she finally thought of something: it must be Sophia’s doing! They must have deliberately arranged for the premiere of ‘Where Are We Going, Dad?’ to clash with the premiere of my movie, which led to this box office fiasco! No; there must be a way to remedy this situation! Many movies flopped during their early stages but regained momentum by word of mouth during the later stages.

Hence, she spent a lot of money maintaining the ranking of ‘Apollo’. At the same time, she spent money on marketing and promoting the movie, waiting for a chance to make her comeback. One week later, the box office earnings finally increased by 2 million. The total accumulated box office earnings were 232 million. Many of the cinemas couldn’t hold on any longer. Even if Sandra offered them money, they refused to continue showing the movie and removed it from the listings in advance.

Consequently, Sandra was so furious that she was hospitalized. Still, she had another chance—her other TV series was about to start airing. She was very confident about this TV series too. It was adapted from the most popular online novel. Moreover, it had the most well-received celebrities and the strongest marketing team. It will definitely be a big hit!

Contrary to her expectations, the first broadcast of the weekly drama that she was so confident about was chosen to be aired on Friday. Not only that, but it was also set to air at 8 PM on Friday. As a result, it directly clashed with the weekly showing of ‘Where Are We Going, Dad?’, which aired every Friday like clockwork. Moreover, there was an epic scene of Michael carrying a pig in the second episode of ‘Where Are We Going, Dad?’. Therefore, the expected ratings of Sandra’s TV series were disastrous, recording a pitiful 0.5 for its first episode. On the other hand, the ratings for ‘Where Are We Going, Dad?’ exceeded 5.

Sandra was dumbfounded. How did this happen…

Every night, Sophia would send somebody to bring the pig out for walks then let it roam in the villa next to Callum’s house. Meanwhile, Callum sat in the garden watching the news on his tablet. Occasionally, he would throw some vegetable leaves over the fence, feeding Sophia’s pig for her.

“Tsk. What a terrible loss. There’s no hope of getting back the 700 million investment.” He sighed after reading the news.

Cade was outside too. He said, “Everybody is saying that this movie is for money laundering purposes. They also claim that it was meant to be a joke.”

The epically terrible movie ‘Apollo’ was a huge loss of money—the losses were so heavy that the issuer’s share prices had dropped significantly. The Yard Family’s additional investment in the movie was included among the 700 million investment, and all of it had gone down the drain.

Callum watched the news and smiled mysteriously. “In any case… it’s not all our money.”

Cade laughed too. After that, they both looked at Sophia’s pig next door in unison. They were very satisfied with the performance shown by their useless teammates, Sandra and the Mitchell Family. Hopefully, Sophia won’t disappoint us…

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