My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1133

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1133

The house Callum bought was a three-story villa with a separate garden and garage. In Bayside City where the sky was the limit when it came to housing prices, the price of this house located next to The Imperial was definitely comparatively high.

The Yard brothers were leisurely drinking flower tea in the garden when they saw Sophia passing by their gate. Even though she was wearing a mask, Callum still recognized her. In the nearby neighborhood, only one family raised a pig as a pet and even took it out for walks. Besides, the pig was wearing a fancy diaper. Even if he couldn’t recognize Sophia, he would recognize the pig.

The pig Carmen brought back was not meant to be a pet in the first place. Now that it was well-fed, it grew larger and larger—so much so that the Villa No. 1 was no longer big enough for it. Therefore, Sophia had prepared another ‘pigsty’ for it. Since Carmen was out filming ‘Where Are We Going, Dad?’ today, Sophia took the chance to send the pig over to the pigsty. Taking off her mask, she replied, “Yeah, I’m walking the pig.”

Callum held his teacup with his thumb and middle finger while the rest of his fingers were daintily raised. Standing by the gate, he leaned against the door frame and watched her. Then, he jokingly said, “I guess your family owns a diamond mine somewhere! Even the diapers your pig uses are branded!”

Cade followed Callum’s lead and laughed.

Sophia glared at them fiercely and pursed her lips without saying anything. Maria, who came with Sophia, took out a key and unlocked the gate of the villa next to Callum’s house. Then, she entered the open-air garden. Dragging out the pig feed from the garage, she poured it into a large basin. After that, Sophia brought the pig inside and closed the door.

The pig was separated from Callum’s house by nothing more than a thin fence. Its movements were very large as it wolfed down the pig feed. Meanwhile, Callum stood by the fence, watching it with a frown.

Suddenly, Sophia pointed at the three-story villa in front of her and said in a solemn voice, “This was my ex-boyfriend’s house.”

According to Michael, her ex-boyfriend had the surname ‘Harper’. His family used to deal in real estate—the properties in front of them were built by his family a few years back. Moreover, the Harper Family used to live in this house. When the Harper Family collapsed, all their assets were seized and frozen. Consequently, this house was forced to be auctioned by a court order. Disaster had befallen the previous owners of the house, so it was sold for a low price. Even so, nobody dared to purchase it. Most of the wealthy were rather particular about superstitions. The previous owner lost half his family to AIDs, and the family was wiped out. It was considered to be extremely inauspicious. However, Sophia did not care for superstitions back then and swiftly bought up the house.

Callum did not know what Sophia wanted to say, but he had a bad feeling about it.

Then, Sophia continued, “Now, it’s where I raise my pig.”

Pfft! Callum spat out a mouthful of tea at her words.

Sophia kept the pig there with a caretaker. The caretaker would take care of the pig and keep the place clean. After that, she would leave. Raising a pig at her ex-boyfriend’s house was the best feeling ever. However, that wasn’t a good thing for the people who lived next door. Thus, Callum and his brother were dumbfounded.

Cade put his teacup down and rushed over. “Hey, Sophia! Isn’t this too much? Even if you hate us, you don’t need to go so far as to raise a pig next to our house!”

Sophia ignored his complaints. After settling the pig next door, she got on her Segway and left. You’re going against me and investing in my business rival! Raising a pig next door is already too kind of me!

Cade muttered, “How cruel!”

On the other hand, Callum was standing by the fence. Picking some flowers from the garden, he threw them over the fence to feed the pig. The pig had a good appetite, eating anything and everything. He found it rather interesting and decided to find joy among the hardships. Whenever he was free, he would go over to the fence and throw something into the garden next door. He fed Sophia’s pig every day.

If she was truly retaliating against them over the investment, they would be recorded in modern history books by now. It wouldn’t have been something as simple as raising a pig in the garden next door. With her personality, her retaliation was yet to come. Therefore, he couldn’t wait to see what kind of tricks she was going to use against them…

Recently, one of Harry’s movies had been released. Thus, Sarah hurriedly dragged Sophia to the cinema to buy tickets for the movie to support it. In the movie, Harry acted alone—Michael was not in it. Moreover, he was only playing a minor role. Therefore, Sophia was lazy and had no plans to go. However, Sarah was so excited that Sophia had no choice but to follow Sarah to the cinema.

In any case, Sophia wanted a holiday too. Ever since destroying the contract with the Yard Family, she had been busy preparing to go at it alone. Since today was a special day, she decided to give the entire company a half-day vacation to let them rest. Plum Technology, the Cethosian branch of Michel Group, and Mitchell International Energy and Technology were also given a half-day off for the day!

It was Friday today—a special Friday. The first episode of the second season of ‘Where Are We Going, Dad?’ would be premiered at prime time tonight! It was Michael and Carmen’s first reality show together. Therefore, it was a huge deal for Sophia.

According to her estimation, if she returned home for dinner after finishing the movie in the afternoon, she would be just in time to catch the news broadcast. The second season of ‘Where Are We Going, Dad?’ would start at 7.30 PM, after the news broadcast. The timing of her plans was perfect! By the time she finished the movie, it was nearly 4.30 PM. Sophia and Sarah both came out holding a cup of coke and a bucket of unfinished popcorn while yawning.

The movie was terribly boring! Why did Harry agree to guest star in a movie like that?! Could it be that the price of baby supplies has increased? Still, Sophia didn’t dare to voice her thoughts out loud with Harry’s number one fan standing next to her. It was bad! Absolutely garbage! I’m so glad Michael didn’t tag along!

However, Harry’s number one fan, Sarah, felt that it was a magical work of art that could not be replicated! That’s probably the power of a fan’s rose-tinted glasses! Unexpectedly, they saw a trailer for a random blockbuster film playing on the giant screen at the entrance of the cinema as soon as they came out of the hall. Thus, Sophia munched on her leftover popcorn as she watched the trailer.

The movie was called ‘Apollo’. It was a mythical blockbuster centered around a Cethosian legend. The lead roles in the movie were played by two Best Actor Award winners and a Best Actress Award winner. Moreover, the special effects were done by the Hollywood team that produced ‘Avatar’. It was said to have an investment of 700 million, and the estimated lowest box office earnings for the movie was 4 billion. It aimed to surpass the earnings of ‘Avatar’.

After Sophia watched the trailer, she confidently declared, “I’m betting 50 cents. If this horrible movie can achieve 100 million in box office earnings, I’ll lose the bet.”

Before Sarah could answer, a vicious voice sounded from behind them. “100 million in box office earnings? Aren’t you looking down on my movie too much? During today’s premiere, the earnings have already exceeded 200 million!”

Sophia immediately bit down hard on the straw in her coke. Turning back, she saw Sandra walking into the cinema under the heavy protection of bodyguards. She glanced at the banners hanging around the cinema—it turned out that the movie was produced by Glory Entertainment. Moreover, there was a celebrity meeting today since it had just premiered in this particular cinema. Therefore, it was not strange to run into Sandra here.

However, Sophia couldn’t be bothered to talk to Sandra. She had to rush home to watch the reality show. Unfortunately, Sandra was not going to let Sophia leave so easily. The Yard Family had injected large amounts of capital into the Mitchell Family and her businesses. That could only mean that they were interested in her. It wasn’t too much to say that she had already secured the concubine position of the Yard Family’s prince! Now that she and the Mitchell Family were going to have a complete turnaround soon, Cooper and Sophia were no longer her opponents!

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