My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1131

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1131

Anna has another pair of sons? Four sons… How does she manage that? Is she that short on sons? Even in vitro fertilization isn’t meant to be used this way! Four sons; the dowry must be very expensive!

As wild thoughts ran through Sophia’s mind, Anna and her family had already wandered elsewhere to look at the other pandas. However, Sophia could not help but feel as if Cade’s words held a deeper meaning.

Watch out for the twins? What do they have to do with me? They’re not even my brothers! No, even if they were my brothers, we don’t know each other. Am I supposed to be afraid that they would sneak up and snatch my family fortune?

Her heart continued thumping in her chest, and she felt as if Cade was giving her a warning,

However, his tone seemed to imply that he was waiting for something interesting to happen.

Meanwhile, Anna and her four sons had left after they were done looking at the pandas. At the same time, Anne was trying hard to establish a relationship with Ryan and Henry. She had never heard anything about Anna having other sons.

These two sons were nothing short of remarkable. Although they were only twenty and had just publicly taken over the Yard Family’s business, they had displayed exceptional levels of talent and intelligence. Pursuing their PhDs at Bayside City University was likely so that they could surpass their brothers in the future.

Not to mention, they were twins, and they had the right of inheritance to the Ronney Group. This time, the direct descendants of the Yard Family were two pairs of twins, and they were all males! How very prosperous indeed!

Presently, Anne walked in front with Ryan and Henry. Even though they did not seem to want to talk to her, they endured her constant chatter.

When Anna had spoken to the two brothers earlier, her tone was gentle and natural, but as soon as she turned around, her expression turned sour.

“So, have you warned Sophia?” Callum suddenly asked in a low voice as he stood next to Cade, sipping on his milk tea.

Cade’s smile was pleasant, but he was gloating. Then again, he was probably just taking delight in his prank.

“I’ve warned her, but she seemed completely in the dark.”

A similar smile appeared on the two brothers’ faces as they imagined the frantic look on Sophia’s face after she received their ‘gift’.

Anna smiled as well, but there was no warmth in it.

“I don’t even know if that girl can compete with those two brothers. Their methods are really…”

She did not finish her sentence.

They were her own ‘sons’, so naturally, she was aware of their methods.

The Yard Family belonged to her. Granted that she was once Jordan’s puppet, and he had used her identity as a Yard to get into the family, but decades had passed since. Now, she possessed power of her own, so it was time to break away from Jordan.

The Yard Family was rightfully hers, and even if she died, it could only be passed down to her sole pair of sons; everyone else could forget about taking it.

Jordan regarded himself as an emperor, and Anna was the servant who managed to become the empress.

According to the rules, the sons of a concubine needed to be raised in the name of the empress.

However, Jordan seemed to have forgotten that Anna was not an empress… She was the rightful ruler of the Yard Family!

They were the bstard children of Jordan and another woman, and yet she was told that they were surrogate sons who had her genes. She already had to pretend to not know that her husband had been unfaithful, and now she had to share her family’s fortune with those bstards as well?


Anna knew that she could not break ties with Jordan now, as there were many of his people in the Ronney Group. To make matters worse, Jordan had the largest portion of Ronney Group’s shares as well as the most influence in the company.

But that did not matter, as she would get rid of Jordan’s trusted subordinates one by one, starting with those twins of his!

When everyone else was dead, Jordan would be next. She would make him pay for the thirty years of humiliation she had had to suffer, and then she would burn him to ashes!

After they were done looking at the pandas, Jordan invited everyone to Crimson House for a feast. It would be a waste not to enjoy free food, so a large group of people followed along like an autumn breeze.

Crimson House had emptied a floor today just to entertain them.

Upon entering the restaurant, everyone was photographed at the photo wall, where that group shot would subsequently be displayed.

After the photo was taken, Sophia stayed back to admire the wall, and she found her mother, Annabel.

Annabel had come to work in Crimson House when she was fifteen or sixteen, and she was one of their first employees, so her photo had always remained there.

Teenage Annabel had a smile as innocent as a sprite. No one would have thought that she was Jordan’s spy.

Sam was still unaware that Annabel had been sent by Jordan, so as he looked at her photo, he sighed.

“Your mom is truly the smartest person I’ve ever met…”

Cooper stood in front of the photo wall as well, gazing intently at the young girl in the photograph.

Although she had come here with ill intentions, she had ultimately left him with an unforgettable memory.

She had made him contemplate about the meaning of life, had let him experience happiness he had never known before, and she had even brought him two children.

Cooper never regretted knowing her. If time turned back to when nothing had happened yet, he was willing to get to know her all over again. Unfortunately, it was all a thing of the past now…

When he was done reminiscing, Cooper turned to face Sam, who had a look of fascination on his face, and said coolly, “Back when you only had six employees, I remember you promising them each a 1% share when the restaurant was making profits.”

Sam’s smile gradually froze.

At Cooper’s request, Linus fished out a yellowing contract. “This is the equity transfer agreement that you and Anna signed back then.”

At this, Sam’s smile vanished completely.

No wonder Cooper—the infamous recluse—would rise from the dead and leave his nest. It was all for the 1% of his restaurant.

At that time, Annabel had poured her heart and soul into Crimson House. Many of the current business ideas were proposed by her, and most of the corporate culture they practiced now was created by Annabel and the other earlier employees. Later, when Annabel and Cooper decided to elope, Sam had permanently transferred 1% of the shares to her as a guarantee because he was afraid that they would have no source of income after they eloped.

Who would have thought that so many things would happen after… He had completely forgotten about it.

Today, Cooper came prepared. With the contract that he found, he was determined to get that 1%.

Meanwhile, Sophia was still studying the photo wall. She found a photo of Sam and his start-up team—a group of only seven people. A young Sam had led his team of six employees, and they had acquired their first bucket of money that laid the ground for their accomplishments today.

Undoubtedly, Annabel was in the photo. She was the supervisor, so she was dressed differently from the others, and she was standing to the left of Sam.

On his right-hand side stood a bright-eyed girl with pearly white teeth. Beaming like a blooming flower, she looked young and extremely sweet.

Her clothes and her position were roughly the same as Annabel’s, so she must have been Sam’s right-hand person.

Sophia had never seen this person before, but somehow, she felt a sense of familiarity. Subconsciously, she said, “This is…”

Sam was still arguing with Cooper, so Nicole answered her. “Sam said her name is Lara Brooks, and that she used to work here with your mom. Not long after your mom left, she went back to her hometown to get married. She hasn’t been in contact for decades now, so no one knows where she went.”

She came here with Annabel! If Annabel was sent here by Jordan, then Lara was also one of Jordan’s people!

Upon hearing Nicole’s words, Sophia suddenly remembered her identity—she was Annabel’s imposter!

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