My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1130

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1130
Sophia and Linus simultaneously sucked in a breath of cold air.

Carmen, however, was still prancing around with glee. “Camel! Big camel! A big, big camel!”

It certainly was… a huge camel.

No wonder Michael’s glowering.

“Let’s go home first,” Michael said, still scowling.

This time, no matter how they persuaded her, Carmen insisted on keeping the camel at home.

Michael was so worried that he was sure his hair was going to turn white.

Rearing a pig in Villa No. 1 was fine, but rearing a camel… That would be a pain in the *ss.

Raising a child was truly exhausting.

Thankfully, Linus had the idea of quietly donating the camel to the zoo. They could then tell Carmen that her grandpa had bought the zoo, so she could go there to visit the camels every day if she wanted to.

Michael really wanted to donate Sophia’s pair of alpacas as well, but the zoo seemed to be uninterested, and Sophia would certainly disagree, so he had no choice but to give up that notion.

Coincidentally, the giant pandas that Michael and Sophia adopted had been sent to Bayside City Zoo to be exhibited.

Michael had been one of the people in charge of making this happen. A year ago, he managed to establish a collaboration between Bayside City Zoo and Panda Foundation. Once the zoo was done with the renovations for the new panda pavilion, only then did Panda Foundation feel comfortable sending the two pandas to Bayside City to ‘work’.

Bayside City Zoo only had six pandas, so welcoming another two was not a big deal. Not to mention, Taylor—a man with extraordinary popularity—was one of the adopters of these two pandas, so it had caused quite a commotion throughout Bayside City. A grand opening ceremony was held, in which the president as well as Michael and Sophia, the two adopters, attended.

These two ‘working pandas’ were so popular that they nearly caught up to Michael’s popularity. On the first few days of their arrival, Bayside City’s panda pavilion was crowded daily. Everyone came to see the pandas, and the panda pavilion would receive tens of thousands of visitors in just half a day.

Upon the pandas’ arrival, Asco Pictures, a subsidiary of Asco International, announced that they would launch a series of film and television projects called ‘The Supreme Panda’, in which Michael’s two pandas would be used as prototypes for the production of an animated film that tells the story of a panda. They joined forces with Hollywood to create an international intellectual property that belonged to Cethos, so that it could be promoted to the world. Moreover, Taylor was responsible for the bilingual dubbing of the main characters in the movie.

Michael was kept busy as soon as he returned.

The panda pavilion was packed with visitors six days a week, closing for only one day a week to take a breather.

On one of their days off, Michael finally managed to go over with Carmen and Sophia to see the pandas.

The family of three entered the panda pavilion and watched them through the glass.

The two pandas were grown-ups, and they were extremely lazy. They would sleep in their luxurious two-hundred-square-feet bedroom where they would stay spread out in two large piles eating fresh bamboo that was shipped from out of state the night before. They paid no attention to the president, and they even dared to pee and poop in front of him.

It was usually hard for anyone to enter the pavilion, as there were tons of tourists every day—sometimes even hundreds of thousands. They would queue for hours, only to catch a glimpse of the pandas for several seconds. Michael’s relatives and friends heard that he was visiting today, so they hurried over to catch a free ride, which was why there were many people present at this moment. After all, no one could resist the charm of the national treasure!

Besides Michael and Justin’s families, there were also Harry’s family, Stanley and Sean’s family, Sam’s family, Hale’s family, Joel’s family, Casper and Alice, as well as other Mitchells and Fletchers.

Carmen went off with Lorelei & Co., who looked impressive in their matching uniforms. Nathan had brought Lorelei with him, and although she appeared cold, she was extremely clingy, following Nathan wherever he went.

Meanwhile, Sam and Nicole had brought the children from the orphanage to see the pandas.

Everyone brought a panda hat, and all the children had panda backpacks.

As they watched the pandas eating bamboo through the glass for nearly an hour, a silly smile surfaced on all their faces.

Michael looked at the pandas and sighed as he thought back to when he first adopted them. He was still filming ‘War Dragon’ then, and Sophia had joined the crew. After they were done filming, they went to visit the pandas.

When they adopted the pandas, one of them had just been born, and it had been a premature baby. It weighed only a few dozen grams and barely survived, but here it was, all grown up now.

Oh, how time flies…

He wrapped his arms around Sophia, who was beside him.

Times changed, but everything would be fine as long as the people next to him remained the same.

Although today was the pavilion’s off day, many people who had connections to Michael kept entering, and there were even some who still did not manage to get in.

Less than half an hour after they entered, a new wave of his acquaintances arrived.

This group of people, however, were being led in by a curator.

The two households met once again.

“You guys again!” Sophia was the first to exclaim.

The new arrivals were none other than the Yard Family!

Not only that, but Anne, who had just been discharged from the hospital, was among them.

When she came in and saw Sophia, her eyes lit up with delight as she searched the place for Cooper. Sophia hurriedly blocked her father from Anne’s view, but Cooper was so tall that anyone could catch a peep of him with just a glance.

Cooper, on the other hand, continued looking at the pandas, and he seemed oblivious to the Yard Family’s arrival.

“The Yards are here!” Stanley announced boisterously. Upon hearing this, the Fletchers stirred and eyed the Yard family, looking as if they were about to send out dozens of wolfdogs. The Yard Family felt pressured.

The atmosphere changed as soon as they arrived.

Anna shot a fierce glare toward Anne, who stood beside Xena, not daring to move or speak. Smiling pleasantly, Anna walked toward Sophia’s family and said, “What a coincidence. I didn’t expect to see you guys here.”

Seeing as how she had already made peace with the Yards, and Anne was not acting rashly, Sophia returned her kind smile. “It really is a coincidence. Mrs. Yard, you’re here to see the pandas too?”

Anna nodded. “I haven’t had the chance to see them, so I’ve come to meet them today. You don’t really see any pandas abroad.”

Judging from the way they were dressed, as well as the sneakers and baseball caps surrounded by pandas they had on, they looked as though they were indeed here to see the pandas.

Anna’s gaze, intentionally or otherwise, shifted toward Cooper, but he did not spare her a glance; his eyes were fixated on the pandas.

“Miss Beautiful, up, up!” As soon as Carmen saw Anna, she stretched her hands out and tiptoed, asking to be carried.

Anna bent down to carry Carmen, then continued to hold her as she talked to Linus.

When the Yard family arrived, there was a slight racket. But after a while, everyone went back to minding their own business.

Although their partnership had failed, it was only right for them to exchange a couple of words upon meeting.

Stanley stared at the Yards for a long time, then felt bored and walked away.

The pandas are more interesting than the Yards anyway!

Meanwhile, Sophia was surveying the Yard family. Quite a few of them had come today, including Anna and her sons, Xena and her daughter, and two young men that she had never seen before.

The two young men looked almost identical, and one could immediately tell that they were twins. They stood slightly taller than Callum and Cade, and both pairs of twins looked fairly similar, but the taller pair had on cold expressions and seemed reluctant to speak.

Are they Yards too? And they’re twins?

“Those are my brothers, Ryan and Henry Yard.”

Unbeknownst to Sophia, Cade had come to stand beside her. He kept his eyes focused on the pandas, and there was a cup of milk tea in his hand. Pinching the straw, he took a sip of his drink, then continued, “They’ve just arrived here, and are preparing to pursue their PhDs in Bayside City University. They’ll be taking over several of Bayside City’s market development projects, so you’d better be careful.”

Puzzled, Sophia turned to look at Cade, but he had already slipped away.

Be careful? Be careful of whom?

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