My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1126

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1126
But right now, there was no way to explain this misunderstanding.

Callum did not feel like explaining either, so he simply called out, “What about my people? Aren’t you going to clean up this mess?”

Sophia did not turn back. “Your people tried to pull guns on us, and it triggered my mechanical bodyguard’s defense system. It calculated and analyzed that you might do something to me, so it released electronic bullets. They’ve just fainted, so they’ll wake up after ten minutes. By the way, I’ve spoken to the real estate agent. As one of Bayside City’s top real estate agents, he respects me and has agreed that he will no longer work with the Yard Family in the future!”

With that, she disappeared.

Callum sat back in his seat and looked at the termination agreement as he began to contemplate his life.

He just wanted to buy a nice house to live in. I really just want to buy a house!

He had no interest in her dad whatsoever!

No interest in her nephew or her brother either!

Anne, on the other hand, was sobbing. She grabbed onto Callum’s pants and cried, “Callum, you have to help me! Cooper and I are truly in love…”

Callum did not speak. His expression was indifferent and dejected, and they sat like that for ten minutes.

Ten minutes later, his people woke up at almost the same time. They drew their guns and started to make a fuss.

“Protect the young master!”

“What happened just now?”

Upon seeing this, Callum stood up swiftly and kicked away Anne, who was still grabbing onto his thigh, before hurrying off.

It would be a waste of time to exchange any more words with this idiot!

Anne cried her heart out as she chased after Callum; even her high heels had broken. When she came out of Crimson House, she did not expect to see that Callum’s car was long gone, leaving her alone by the road.

Anne carried on crying, feeling extremely desolate. She stood on the side of the road and wept for quite some time. Usually, her clothing, accommodation, and transport were handled by an assistant or a nanny, so now, she didn’t even know how to hail a taxi!

Meanwhile, in the presidential suite of a six-star hotel, Anna was looking at Callum with disbelief. “Did she really say that?”

Callum nodded. “Yes.”

Anna had sent Callum to persuade Sophia, so she was surprised when Callum brought back a termination agreement with a look of frustration!

This was the first time in history that somebody had rejected the Yard Family.

That girl has such nerves! She even wants to make the Yard Family a test question in next year’s college entrance exams?

Although it sounded trivial, if the Yard Family really became an examination topic, their actions from back then would be exposed, and they would be nailed onto Cethos’ pillar of shame for all of eternity.

The Yard Family had certainly been careless to have done such a thing. At the time, foreigners had come knocking on Cethos’ door, and countless people had died. The Yards were accountable for nearly half of those deaths, so it served them right that they were destroyed.

Later on, after their branch family took control, the Yard Family wanted to save face, so they fought with Cethos for a long time. In the end, Cethos used the inclusion of their deeds in history textbooks as a bargaining chip to force the Yard Family to withdraw from the United Nations.

Now, Anna had returned to negotiate, and she had contributed many cultural relics and investment projects. One of the conditions she proposed was to never talk about the Yard Family’s dark past. They also had to sincerely admit to their wrongdoings. The Fletcher Family did not want to retaliate with injustice, so they mediated and reached a preliminary agreement.

However, it was only preliminary. If anyone in Bayside City could not tolerate the Yard Family, it would only take a couple of minutes to kick them out. After all, they had no roots in Cethos.

It was no wonder that the agent, Mr. Clarke, had called just now to say that he would no longer be working with them.

Besides him, several of Bayside City’s top real estate agents had been given the notice to not work with the Yard Family too.

They were new to the area, and now, they could not even buy a decent house!

If her guess was right, Sophia was the one giving them notices behind the scenes.

She was Bayside City’s local tyrant after all. Her father was a Mitchell, her husband was a Fletcher, and she had incredibly strong connections in Bayside City.

After listening to the series of events, Anna was stunned for a long while. Then, she laughed helplessly.

This was all just a huge misunderstanding.

Thus far, she had asked to meet with Cooper a total of four times. The first time, she was indeed annoyed by Anne’s constant cries and complaints, so she invited Cooper out to talk about their marriage as her aunt. But of course, Cooper declined.

She did not care much about it but had invited him out of kinship.

As for the other three times, she had only done it for the house!

Inadvertently, she had stepped on the local tyrant’s tail.

As for Cade, he was a little frustrated. Initially, they had decided to work with Sophia because her luxury pet products had potential, she had the Fletcher family’s backing, and she was the local tyrant. At that time, the Yard Family had intentions of reconciling with the Fletcher Family as well. If they partnered with Sophia, it would help with the Yard Family’s arrival in Bayside City. Unfortunately, all was lost now.

Anna said nothing. Her young, well-maintained, and wrinkle-free hands were holding a cup of tea as she gazed thoughtfully out the window at Bayside City’s magnificent view.

“This matter needs to be further discussed.”

That night, Xena carried Anne, whose face was swollen from being beaten up, to Anna.

As soon as they got there, Anne grabbed Anna and cried, “Aunt Anna! You have to back me up! That b*astard wants to ruin my marriage with Cooper! Aunt Anna, you have to help me! My mom is going to kill me!”

Anna glanced at Anne, who was beaten up and swollen, but her eyes no longer held the love it used to.

What a useless person. She can never do anything right.

Xena was usually very gentle, but today, she was extremely harsh. She could only see red as she lashed out at Anne with a whip.

“What did I tell you in the first place? Have you forgotten everything?! You useless girl! Sooner or later, you’re going to get us all killed!”

Although Xena and Anna grew up in different environments, when the violence in them was evoked, they were equally vicious. With one whip, Anne’s skin was flayed, and her exquisite cloud brocade dress was torn open, exposing her battered flesh. A few whips later, her body became badly mangled.

Anne was crying so much that her voice had become hoarse, but she still did not know what she had done wrong.

All she wanted was to marry Cooper!

“Who told you to be so delusional? Who told you to disobey me? Who do you think you are? Do you think you’re a princess? You’re nothing!”

Once Xena started, there was no stopping her as she hit Anne until she was rolling on the ground. The bodyguard that was standing to one side did not look away, though he seemed completely oblivious to what was happening.

Meanwhile, Anna was intently studying the information in hand. It was as if she did not notice that someone was being beaten half to death in front of her.

Xena did not want to hit her only daughter either, but she had to do it today for Anna to see.

Previously, she and Louis had repeatedly urged Anne not to be carried away by her wishful thinking. Who knew that she would ask Anna for shares and even criticize Callum’s business?

They were twins, so how could Xena not know what kind of a person Anna was?

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