My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1125

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1125
Callum was glaring at Sophia, but he abruptly retracted his gaze. This was his first time seeing that she could be so vicious. He restrained his emotions before barking at Anne, “Stand down!”

His tone was stern and harsh, making Anne realize that Callum was truly angry now. She pursed her lips and said nothing else, but she felt wronged, so her eyes became red-rimmed as tears began to roll down.

This b*stard Sophia; she thinks too highly of herself. Callum will definitely teach her a lesson! She stared ferociously at Sophia, waiting for Callum to make her pay for her actions.

To her surprise, Callum’s cold demeanor from earlier vanished. He smiled and sat down, pushing away the stack of checks before saying, “Sophia, there’s no need to be so angry! Come, have some tea. This is a special Imperial drink that the Yard family has been drinking for generations. I brought it here today especially for you!” He set down his royal tea set, then had a waiter bring water over before he began brewing the tea for Sophia.

Sophia’s expression, however, was still cold and emotionless. Her huge sunglasses concealed the fierce glint in her blue eyes. “Slap her before you say anything more,” she demanded coolly.

Callum stopped brewing the tea and looked up at Sophia. Undoubtedly, he knew who she had meant by ‘her’. Sophia wants to slap Anne? And she wants me, her cousin, to do it?

No matter how foolish Anne was, she was still a part of the Yard family. Slapping her would be a slap to his face!

Callum hesitated. “That’s not a good idea…”

The corners of Sophia’s lips curled up slightly as she turned her head toward Anne. Behind her, Dimon’s hand shot out to slap Anne across her small delicate face. The guy struck with no regard for gender, causing Anne’s nose to bleed on the spot.

At once, the whole place fell silent. Upon seeing this, Callum’s mouth twitched. No one had dared to slap a member of the Yard family before, much less in front of him!

For several seconds, Anne was stunned. She was dizzy from the slap, and her mind was blank. It took a while for her to come back to her senses, and that was when she let out an ear-splitting scream. It was a good thing they were in a private booth, so not many people were around; otherwise, it would have caused a huge commotion.

“You… How dare you hit me?! Sobs… Callum, she hit me! She hit me!”

In an instant, Callum’s face turned sullen. Although he reckoned she deserved the beating, and he could not deny wanting to give her one himself, him doing it would have a completely different connotation as opposed to someone else hitting her.

The atmosphere tensed all of a sudden, and Callum’s men started to act. They reached into their suits, seemingly drawing guns, but as soon as their hands moved, those few burly bodyguards grunted and fell to the ground, sprawling out on their backs.

At this moment, Callum was on high alert as cold sweat beaded his forehead. His men had fallen so suddenly! And without any resistance too!

Anne was terrified as well. At this point, Callum withdrew his kind smile and said gloomily, “Miss Edwards, it seems like you’re shedding all pretenses of cordiality here.”

Sophia coldly lifted her sunglasses and retorted, “Aren’t you guys the one doing that? I’m sorry, but I’m just a b*stard, so Ronney Group’s completely out of my league.” She pushed the checks back to him. “Sign them. Then, give me a number and I’ll pay. What I have is money, nothing else.”

However, Callum refused to sign it. Veins bulging on his forehead, he fixed her with a frosty stare. “Miss Edwards, do you think you’re capable of going against the Ronney Group?”

Sophia remained indifferent and expressionless. “I may not have the courage or ability to go against the Ronney Group, but to stop the Ronney Group from operating in Bayside City and to turn the Yard Family into a topic in modern history textbooks so that you’d all be attacked? That’s something I’m capable of. The Yard family has backed me into a corner, so don’t blame me.” She then gave the checks a hard tap with her fair hands and said only one word: “Sign.”

Callum glared stonily at her for ten seconds or so before he finally reached out to take hold of the pen, and began to write. His delicate fingernails were coated in transparent nail polish, and it was obvious that he kept them well-maintained. At this moment, his flawless hand was trembling slightly as he held the pen and wrote a ‘0’.

“You’re really something. I don’t want the compensation. Miss Edwards, you’re on your own now.” As he said this, he was gritting his teeth.

Remaining silent, Sophia tossed out the termination agreement and said, “Sign.”

Callum roughly glanced through the agreement, which mostly explained the terms of the termination. Pourl’s side promised to pay for all the losses, on the condition that they terminated their contract with the Yard family.

Callum then signed it with shaking hands. For the second time in his life, he was being greatly humiliated. The last time was when he nearly fell to his death but was caught by his relatives from the branch family.

After she affixed her signature, Sophia gave him the other copy to sign. She had already written her own name, so all that was required now was Callum’s signature.

After all was done, she took back her own copy curtly. While putting it away, she said, “Oh, and there’s no way I’m selling my house to you. My dad doesn’t like Anne, so stop throwing away your money to create opportunities for her to pursue him. Even if you manage to buy the house next to mine, you’d be dreaming if you think that that’s going to help her get a glimpse of my dad! Your family even pressured his investors to force him to marry her. You guys are really something. You’re really overestimating your capabilities, you know? Stay away from my dad. If this happens again… the Yard Family can look forward to becoming a test question in the college entrance examinations next year!”

Listening to her speak, Callum found it all to be very unreal. Does Sophia think that Anna is buying her house to give Anne opportunities to meet Cooper?

Anna had only pressured Mitchell International because she felt like her authority was being provoked, so she wanted to show her strength. After all, she had been ignored three times in a row; even the most unfeeling person would throw a temper. But, from Sophia’s point of view, they were doing all this just to force Cooper to marry Anne.

He was about to refute her claims, but Anne unexpectedly rushed forward like a little beast and cried while jumping around, “You b*stard! Cooper and I really love each other, so don’t even think about breaking us up! Don’t you dare think about it! I will marry Cooper!”

To her dismay, Sophia’s bodyguards blocked her, and Dimon nonchalantly pushed her to the ground.

“Ah.” Sophia stood up and glanced at Callum; her blue eyes were filled with contempt and mockery. “Did your family think that just because I sought cooperation with you, I’ll have to involve my dad in a marriage of convenience? How shameless! Besides, could my dad ever be attracted to this kind of trash? After you pursued my nephew, you pursued my brother, and now you’re pursuing my dad. Do you think that my family is here for you to pick on? It’s no wonder the Yard Family is in the luxury products business. After dabbling in luxuries for so long, you people sure know how to blow your own trumpet and think that you’re above everyone else!”

When Callum heard this, he knew immediately that it was all a huge misunderstanding. We just want to buy Cooper’s house! How did it become a matter of forcing Cooper into marriage? How did Anne’s delusions turn into the Yard Family’s complacency?

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