My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1124

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1124
Callum was sent here by Anna today to talk to Sophia about buying their house, but he did not expect that Sophia would present him with a one-sided contract termination as soon as he arrived.

“This is the termination agreement. Take a look. If you’re not satisfied with the terms, we can talk about it now. You can ask for as much money as you want, as I have plenty.”

She threw down a pen, and it was placed on the table together with the agreement. “Just fill in the amount that you want.”

Upon seeing this, Callum frowned.

Aren’t we just buying your house? Why do I sense some kind of deep hatred? Is it really necessary?

Baffled, Callum opened his mouth to speak. “This—”


Callum did not know why Anne was here, and he was even more puzzled when Anne suddenly slammed the table and shouted at Sophia. “Don’t be shameless! Ronney Group only cooperated with you because we think highly of you. Who do you think you are? You’re a bstard, so you don’t even have the right to cooperate with the Yard family in the first place! And yet you have the nerve to terminate the contract? A bstard is a b*stard; you’ll never amount to anything!”

In Anne’s opinion, the Yard family was the most powerful existence in the world. It was one’s blessings to be able to work with Ronney Group; in fact, it was the chance of a lifetime.

Not only did Sophia not kneel down to thank the Lord, but she even dared to terminate the contract!

Callum’s face paled.

Why is Anne here? This fool!

Sophia was so mad that a bitter laugh escaped her. Looking at Callum, she tried to be as kind as she possibly could. “Mr. Callum, I’m sorry. I’m a b*stard child, so working together has indeed been an insult to you and the Yard family’s reputation. Sign this and stamp here while you’re at it. Shae, bring the ink pad.”

Shae came over and with a thud, an ink pad was thrown onto the table.

Callum started, “Is this—”

He just wanted to buy a house, not terminate the contract with Sophia!

Through their cooperation recently, their first few products had been selling well abroad. What is this?

But it seemed like it was not his turn to speak, because Anne had snatched the agreement over and was tearing it up.

“You can forget about terminating the contract. Ronney Group gave you a chance because we think that you’re worthy. Do you think that you can terminate the contract just because you want to? Do you even have the right to bring it up? Even if the contract were to be terminated, it would be Ronney Group kicking you out instead!”

Callum was dumbstruck.

He knew that Anne was foolish, but he did not expect her foolishness to reach this extent.

Sophia flashed him a treacherous smile, seeming as if she had something up her sleeves, before saying, “It’s okay, Mr. Callum. We can produce another copy of the agreement even though this one’s destroyed. Name your price. It doesn’t matter how much it is and just give me a number. I’ll fork out the amount right now.”

With that, she tossed out a stack of post-dated checks. “Fill in the amount as you like. I’m just a lowly b*stard with nothing else to offer other than some stinking money.”

Callum hastily said, “No, it’s fine. Today, I—”

For some reason, Sophia suddenly became angry. She slammed the table and stood up with lightning speed. “Callum Yard, I only cooperated with you out of respect for the Yard family. If I didn’t respect you, you’d be nothing. You have no say in the termination of this contract! If you don’t agree to this, I’ll make sure Ronney Group leaves Bayside City! Trying to be ostentatious with me by flaunting your has-been royalty? In ancient times, the fall of the Yard family would make all of you social pariahs and slaves for generations after. If it weren’t for the revolutionary liberation that was achieved my grandfather’s generation, you wouldn’t even be able to get an ID card now!”

Callum stared blankly at her, suddenly feeling trapped.

In his eyes, Sophia was a young and adorable mixed-race girl, but just now, he could feel the air of arrogance bursting out of her. It was the kind of aura that came from her core, evil and cold, and it was nothing at all like her appearance.

It was obvious that she was furious.

She said that she would make Ronney Group leave Bayside City, and there was no doubt that she was completely capable of doing so. After all, Ronney Group was the outsider here, and they had no power in someone else’s territory.

Sophia, on the other hand, was the leader in this area. Her father was a Mitchell, while her husband was a Fletcher. She had a great influence in Cethos, and she even had Asco International—a mighty Cethosian business. Furthermore, the Winston family also showed her respect, and the industry she created had an influence in Cethos unlike any other. If she were to lose her temper, then her statements would not just be petty talk.

Seeing that Sophia dared to speak to her cousin in such a manner, Anne’s anger grew.

“Sophia, how dare you use that tone with Callum? You… Do you know who he is?”

However, Sophia, who had sat back down, seemed as if she could not be bothered to answer. She had already put on her sunglasses, just wanting to get the termination over with. The large frames of the glasses nearly covered up half of her face. Her blue eyes were like those of a predator’s, lying in the dark as she fixed Callum with a cold gaze, making him feel a chill down his spine.

What an imposing manner this little girl has.

Callum had only seen such dominance on one other woman before, and that woman was none other than his mother—Anna Yard.

Callum gave a slight shudder, but his face was ice-cold. He said to his cousin, “Anne, stand down.”

Despite that, Anne refused to back down. Her face was flushed with anger as she stomped her foot. “Callum, didn’t you hear the way she spoke to you? She’s too audacious, and she even threatened you! We must teach her a good lesson!”

Sophia suddenly piped up, “Do you think I don’t know what the Yard family is playing at? The Yard family originated from the Lombardi River, then founded the Lombardi Dynasty thousands of years ago, but was evicted from Cethos seven hundred years ago because the last emperor was fatuous and immoral. According to the change in laws, royals like the Yard family who have been dethroned will be considered outcasts for generations to come. You’ll always be the lowest of the low, doing inferior work and possessing a status that’s worse than that of a pig’s. Even if the Yard family established Ronney Group and managed to make a name for themselves, in Cethos, you all aren’t the strongest. Globally, you’re not even worth mentioning. Heh, if it wasn’t for my grandpa’s kindness which led to him interceding on behalf of the Yard family and covering this up, the Yard family would still be nailed firmly onto the pillar of shame now. You would’ve been a national sinner for eternity!”

Callum’s face was ashened, and he was too shocked to speak.

Sophia then lifted her sunglasses and sneered, “What’s the problem? You don’t want to accept defeat? Believe it or not, tomorrow I’ll make sure the Yard family ends up in the high school modern history textbook next semester. I’ll even turn you into a subject in the college entrance examination. I’ll let all of Cethos know what the Yard family did back then!”

“How dare you—”

Callum shot Sophia a fierce glare.

The Yard family was glad that they did not make it into the history textbooks for various reasons. If they did, the entire country would learn about what they had done. At that moment, they would really be nailed to history’s pillar of shame, unable to get down. Naturally, the younger generations were the ones who had to take the blame for what their predecessors had done.

Every Cethosian would be criticizing and judging the Yard family.

When the time came, Ronney Group could forget about developing their business in Cethos.

Anne was enraged. She once again slammed her hand down on the table and yelled, “Then what are you? You’re just a b*stard, and yet you dare to speak to us like that? The Yard family is the proudest and most powerful family in the world! Where do you think you come from? You want us to be in modern history textbooks? Who do you think you are? Whether or not we’re in the books is not up to you to decide!”

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