My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1123

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1123
After being turned away by Sophia and Cooper, Mr. Clarke went to look for Michael, who expressed his regrets, because his father-in-law had the last say in their household. Plus, his status in the family was getting lower and lower. If his father-in-law did not want to sell it, he could not do anything about it.

Moreover, Villa No. 1 was being used to rare pigs lately. If they sold it, where were they supposed to raise the pigs?

Were they supposed to raise it on their balcony?

Carmen wanted to raise the pig in her bedroom, but Michael did not want his darling sleeping in a pigsty.

When Anna learnt about Cooper’s attitude regarding her interest, she was a little surprised.

The amount she offered would make anyone intrigued. It had far exceeded the value of their house, and yet they would not sell it?

She had her eyes on the house and the office buildings, so she was going to get it!

Anna was ready to take action on her own, so she planned to meet with Cooper to negotiate. She asked her secretary to set up a business appointment with Cooper to discuss about Ronney Group’s support of Mitchell International Energy and Technology. She thought that Cooper would be willing to meet with her since it was about money, so she did not expect it when Cooper promptly replied with, ‘Appointment declined.’

However, Anna did not give up. She made another appointment, this time in Louis’s name, promising that it had nothing to do with Anne, but Cooper came back with the same two words: ‘Appointment declined.’

On her third try, Anna invited Cooper to attend a private reception, only to be met with the same cold answer: ‘Appointment declined.’

Seeing that playing nice did not work, she decided it was time to do things the hard way.

And so, Anna pressured Cooper’s business partners to withdraw their capital, which caused a group of them to break off ties with him. She thought that Cooper would relent, but she did not expect that he would be completely unperturbed. While the group of collaborators had left, there were many others who came rushing forward.

“This is outrageous!” Anna viciously threw the information about Cooper that she had in her hands to the ground.

Cooper is so stubborn!

It was really rare to find someone who would reject her, let alone someone she could not do anything about!

It had been a long time since she last lost her temper over someone!

Callum slowly picked up the materials that Anna had thrown away which contained all the information she had found about Cooper.

Thirty years ago, Cooper Mitchell was a genius who had created one legend after another. However, he was killed in an accident twenty years ago. Several years ago, he suddenly came back from the dead and gave up on Mitchell Group. Instead, he established his own business and founded Mitchell International Energy and Technology, which rose rapidly within a short period of time, proving that the old legend had returned.

Nobody knew where Cooper had gone when he faked his death. Even Anna got nothing from her investigations, but there were rumors that he was in Africa digging for black coal.

Besides, he was a mysterious person to say the least. Very few media could photograph him as he kept a very low profile and rarely appeared in public. The Yard family had sent people to watch The Imperial for ten days, but they never once saw Cooper come out.

Callum joked, “Quite the homebody, this guy is!”

At this moment, Cade came up with an idea. “It seems that Cooper has no flaws, so we could take action against his daughter. If we mess with his daughter, Cooper will definitely agree to meet with us.”

Cooper was unusually cold, but his daughter was extremely warm-hearted. Once Anna calmed down, she ordered Callum to contact Sophia to discuss the house. She was willing to cooperate and take less profits in their future business deals for the sake of the house.

When Anne heard that Anna had been trying to get a meeting with Cooper recently, she got the impression that Anna wanted to talk to him about his marriage with her. She got even more excited when she heard that Callum was going to meet with Sophia because she assumed that Anna had sent Callum to pressure Sophia!

Later on, she found out where they were meeting and had gone there in advance to wait for Sophia.

With her invincible cousin with her, what would Sophia, that worthless b*stard, dare to say?

After all, she was still working together with Callum. If she dared to refuse them, Callum would definitely cut ties with her at once. By then, she would be the one suffering the loss.

Meanwhile, Sophia was getting annoyed with the agent who was pestering her everyday. On top of that, she received a dinner invitation from Callum saying that he wanted to talk about the house, but she knew that buying their house was just a front to help Anne pursue her father.

It’s fine, she thought. She could clarify things with them today so that they would not harass her again in the future!

They were going to meet at Crimson House Restaurant, so Sophia went there a little earlier after she got off work. She was prepared to eat something so that she would have enough strength for her fight with Callum. To her surprise, she found Anne already sitting inside waiting for her when she walked into the restaurant.

How predictable.

All that talk about buying houses and giving up parts of the business profit was just bullsh*t. They just wanted to give Anne a chance to win Cooper over!

The Yard family was really doing anything they could to get Cooper!

So what if they had money?

The Yard family was rich, but Sophia’s family had mines. Moreover, they were diamond mines and rare metal mines, so they were not inferior to the Yards at all!

Sophia strode over with her head held high.


As soon as she saw her, Anne called out to her, her eyes full of delight. Then, in a stepmotherly voice, she said, “Oh, I bet you didn’t see this coming, did you? Aunt Anna loves me so much that she is personally helping me with the marriage. Today, Callum asked to meet with you to talk about my marriage with your father. I hope you won’t stop us, otherwise—” She slammed the table as she said this. “Otherwise, I’ll ask Callum to stop his cooperation with you so that you’ll suffer a great loss! Your brand is nothing without Ronney Group. I’m advising you, stop criticizing my marriage with your father. You’re not worthy!”

Before Sophia could speak, Anne continued coldly, “And don’t make unwarranted assumptions about the Yard family’s matters and judge us based on your malicious thoughts. You’re no match for us!”


It had only been a few days. What exactly happened?

Where did Anne find the courage to speak to her like that?

Sophia sat down slowly and put her bag away, her assistant and bodyguard standing to one side. Curiously, she asked, “Hey, look who’s talking big? You’ve gotten the shares, I assume?”

Anne answered proudly, “I’ll get the shares sooner or later. Aunt Anna is now busying herself with my marriage and it’s obvious that she still loves me. She’s not the heartless tyrant you claim her to be! I’ll have you know that I’m Aunt Anna’s favorite niece!”


Sophia was skeptical of Anne’s words.

Could Anna be so stupid?

If Anna was this stupid, it seemed that Sophia needed to reevaluate her.

However, Anna’s behavior had been rather contradictory lately. She was constantly eyeing Cooper’s properties, acting as if she would not rest until she got them.

There were so many neighborhoods and office buildings in Bayside City, so why would she keep targeting theirs?

Cooper’s office buildings and The Imperial’s Villa No. 1 were worth several billions. If Anna really found a chance for Anne to buy the house, would it not get a lot of people involved? In addition, Anna had been attacking Mitchell International Energy and Technology for the past few days. She must have done it to force Cooper to marry Anne.

Sophia could not think of any reason other than that she was trying to find opportunities for Anne.

If Anna continued to spend so much money on helping Anne get Cooper without batting an eyelid, then it would make sense for them to give Anne the shares.

This is strange…

Seeing that Sophia was deep in thought, Anne assumed that she had subdued her, so she smacked the table and said, “Have I made myself clear? Be more respectful to me in the future, otherwise I’ll ask Callum to terminate your cooperation agreement!”

Sophia looked up at her, but before she could say anything, she saw Callum walking toward them, so she hurriedly asked her assistant to bring out the documents.

“Mr. Callum, you came at the right time. I’d like to talk to you about the termination of our contract.”

When she spoke, she looked at Anne, who appeared very haughty at this moment.

“It seems that Ronney Group… is out of my league.”

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