My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1121

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1121
Anna Yard had a pleasant smile on her face as she gently patted Anne’s hand. “My dear child, if you and Cooper are truly in love, he would not think so little of you!”

Anne tugged at her aunt’s sleeve and said coquettishly, “Please just give me some of the shares, Aunt Anna. I’m only asking for 2% of the shares—it’s not much at all! Even the cat has 1%!”

To one side, Callum and Cade began to sputter before Anna could answer. The bodyguards had already relayed to them the details of Anne’s exchange with Sophia at the hospital from the day before.

It was amusing how an outsider had more perspective on this matter than Anne did.

How could they give out shares in Ronney Group so easily to anybody who asked?

After all, they had risked their own lives for every single one of these shares, and they had painted their hands crimson with the blood of countless others to get to where they were today, so why should they give any part of it to Anne just because she asked?

The law was clear when it stated that only a human could be a shareholder, so it wasn’t as though General could enjoy shareholder rights even if it had 1% of the shares in the conglomerate. At the end of the day, it was merely a cat, and whatever shares it held would automatically belong to Anna.

Anna knew she could not afford to be blunt now and ruin her relationship with Anne because they were related after all. Therefore, she patted the girl’s hand once more as she tried to dissuade her. “My dear, we can’t just give out the shares on a whim. If you really want to have shares in the company, you’ll have to buy them off the stock market.”

Ronney Group was a listed company, so it made sense for Anna to redirect her niece toward the idea of purchasing the stocks instead of asking outright for them.

Anne bit her lip at the prospect of this. She knew buying shares off the stock market required the kind of money that she simply did not have at the moment.

She was only an artist, and how many artists could say that they had made it big in the industry? It wasn’t as though Anne was poor, but next to the Yards, she was as good as broke.

Growing desperate, Anne pressed on, “Aunt Anna—”

If Anna had grown impatient and tired of her niece’s whining, she didn’t show it. Instead, she gently pried Anne’s grip away from her sleeve and said affably, “I’m sorry, dear, but I really have to go and attend to a couple of things. We’ll talk later.”

With that, the older woman hurried off with both her sons in her wake.

Anne stomped in frustration, but she knew there was nothing more she could do other than wait until later before she could resume the conversation with her aunt.

She had to become a shareholder because it was the only way for her to become a true young lady of the Yard family, and once she succeeded, Cooper would surely ask for her hand in marriage. She couldn’t wait to see Sophia eat her own words!

By then, she would make sure to rub it in Sophia’s face.

How dare an illegitimate daughter be so bold to have talked down to her? Anne ought to teach her a lesson!

Bayside City was beginning to see cooler temperatures now that it was September, and the weather had finally turned cool enough for Anna to begin property-hunting.

Given the importance of the matter, she had personally taken on the task of surveying properties in the city. After all, her final choice would end up as the location for Ronney Group’s branch in this country.

There were only a handful of renowned metaphysics grandmasters in Bayside City, and Anna had invited one of them to come along with her as she visited the properties.

Presently, Daniel Levine was making quite an impression on the passers-by as he arrived at the scene on a hoverboard. He looked ethereal in his robes, the sleeves of which were flapping in the cool breeze, and his long, ebony hair had been pulled back into a neat ponytail.

He had recently been meditating on Reverie Mountain before Anna had called upon him for his expertise. Only important clients like her could make him step away from meditation, otherwise he would never descend the mountain.

“Master Levine, I see you’ve decided to leave your sword behind today,” Anna teased upon seeing him.

Daniel braked, then stepped down from the hoverboard. He seemed to float with every step as he made his way toward Anna, his loafers silent against the ground. “The traffic has made it impractical for me to fly here on my sword,” he said with deadpan humor.

After he was done introducing his apprentice to Anna and her company, he went with them to view the properties.

Anna had managed to get a hold of the best real estate agent to come property-hunting with her, and it was through the recommendations of the agent that Anna had decided on the one that stood before them now. The building was nestled near Third Avenue amidst the bustling hub of the city. She thought it would be perfect as an office building for Ronney Group.

However, having appraised the building upon their arrival, Daniel pointed out disagreeably, “The location is not auspicious as it faces away from the dragon’s vein, and neither the lighting nor the airflow is ideal. In the long run, it can be destructive for your business. No good fortune can come from buying this property.”

Since Master Levine disapproved, Anna could only take his advice and give up on this building. Now that she had taken a second look at the building, she realized that it had looked better in pictures than it did in real life. Neither the lighting nor the location was as ideal as she had thought.

Anna turned her gaze away from the building. However, just as she was about to leave, she noticed another building up ahead. She found that all aspects of the building, be it the nearby traffic condition, appearance, lighting, or location, were very much to her liking.

As if hearing her thoughts, Daniel nodded with approval. “The developers had me take a look at this building when it was being constructed and it is quite good in terms of geomancy. If you were to choose that location, it would undoubtedly be very auspicious for your business.”

At this, Anna began inquiring about the office building, and it turned out that the real estate agent was familiar with it. “That’s the headquarters for Mitchell Energy and Technology. Cooper Mitchell is the director.”

“Really?” Anna couldn’t help but feel surprised at the mention of Cooper Mitchell.

While she had only ever encountered Cooper once, she had to admit that the man had left quite an impression. In fact, it had only been a couple of days ago when Anne had thrown a tantrum and coerced Anna into sending out a dinner invitation to him on her behalf.

Unexpectedly, Cooper had turned down her good graces.

It seemed as if he was far more aloof than that affable daughter of his.

But Anna had taken a liking to the surrounding topography, and seeing as it was unlikely for Cooper to give up his territory, she decided that she would take a look at the building next to his instead.

After all, there were still a couple of buildings nearby that she could get her hands on.

Presently, she gestured to the said buildings as she turned to ask the agent, “How about those ones over there? Who are the owners?”

“All of those buildings are owned by Cooper Mitchell. His daughter’s store is on the lower floor of this building, so he bought up all the other buildings nearby. They’re all registered under his daughter and granddaughter,” the agent answered dutifully.

Anna’s eyes widened in surprise.

It seemed as if Cooper Mitchell very much adored his daughter even though she was an illegitimate child.

At this point, the agent couldn’t resist the temptation to gossip. “The love he has for his daughter is incomparable, and I don’t think anyone else would disagree with me on that. Our agency handled all the transactions for these buildings. Mr. Cooper wanted to see more of his daughter, so he moved his headquarters into the floors above her shop. He has also bought up nearly all the other shop lots.”

Now that the agent mentioned it, Anna was beginning to recall that she had been here before this. Sophia’s pet accessories store was indeed nearby, and there was also a pet shop next to it where Anna had once sent General for grooming.

With her interest piqued, Anna suggested keenly, “Why don’t you help me ask Mr. Cooper if he would be interested in selling the buildings? The price wouldn’t be a problem for us, and there would surely be a handsome commission if the sale goes through.”

Each of the buildings were worth billions, and even if the commission was only a small percentage of the proceeds, it would still be a windfall. The agent perked up at the thought of this and promised Anna that he would extend the offer to Cooper.

The surrounding area was ideal in terms of geomancy, and with nearby affordable public transportation, the location was perfectly suitable for an establishment that was as esteemed as Ronney Group. Anna was certain that the buildings would be a good investment, and she was more than willing to invest in a few of them, if not all.

While Anna was engaged in a fervent discussion with the agent, Daniel lifted his gaze toward the nearby Dragon Eye Tower.

Sophia had been the one to persuade Linus into purchasing the building with her, which explained why the Dragon Eye Tower was in such close proximity to her shop.

Daniel wondered wistfully if Alice Michel was here.

There had been a time when he wanted to go searching for her in Northern Europe, but unfortunately, his hands had been tied.

He knew Alice would never leave everything behind just so she could be with him, and there was no way he could abandon the Levines. More to the point, his entire family was devoted to practicing traditional metaphysics, and they would never welcome a woman who was an outsider.

Indeed, it was better to forget that he had ever encountered the woman of his dreams than to hold on to the false hope that they could ever be together in this lifetime.

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