My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1120

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1120
Bearing in mind the fact that Anna Yard was fond of Sophia, the bodyguards weren’t too harsh on her when they said, “Miss Edwards, this way, please.”

Sophia got onto her stilettos-clad feet and began to make her way to the door. She didn’t look back at Anne as she drawled, “Miss Osborne—no, Miss Yard, let this be my warning to you: stay away from my father. He’s a lineal descendant and the head of the Mitchell family. People like you of collateral descent will never be good enough for him!”

Anne did not miss the cruel emphasis on the last few words.

She also did not miss the mockery in Sophia’s tone when she addressed her as ‘Miss Yard’.

Sophia’s message was as clear as day: the title was meaningless, and the novelty was lost on Anne.

Anne claimed to be a young lady of the Yard family, but she did not even have one single share to her name.

The door did not close all the way following Sophia’s exit, so Anne could still hear her contemptuous voice resonating down the hall. “My father’s a busy man, so don’t bother looking for him if you ever decide to kill yourself again because it has nothing to do with him! He has no time to entertain your petty life decisions! He can’t be bothered to remember the faces of those he’s only met once or twice, so don’t even think that he knows what you look like, Anne Osborne! How dare the Yards think that I would set my father up for some twisted arranged marriage just to gain the benefit of a business deal? My father is too good for any of you, so you can go screw yourself if you think he would ever be interested in someone like you!”


Every one of Sophia’s words pierced through Anne’s heart with unrelenting precision.

She was struggling to come to terms with the possibility that Cooper didn’t love her.

Why would he keep quiet all this while if he had never loved her?

And why did he go along with her to meet Louis Osborne on the day of the art exhibit?

Meanwhile, Sandra tried her best to console the shell-shocked girl. “Hey, it’s okay. It’s all over now. She was only lying to you. She just wants you to think that you’re not good enough so that you would back off on your own. She’s jealous because she’s a b*tch born out of wedlock, whereas you are a direct descendant of the Yard family. She knows her life will be ruined once you marry Cooper, so she’s doing everything she can to stop that from happening! How could Cooper not love you when everybody else adores you so?”

The words were empty lies. Sandra knew that Anne was worthless without shares in Ronney Group. The girl had neither power nor authority, and she was only collateral for the Yards to gain a powerful ally in the Mitchells. She was no better than a pawn.

Sandra had managed to become a Mitchell by way of her many accomplishments. She didn’t want to live in fear, so she did everything she could to expand her influence. She knew that it was meaningless to have only a title to her name when what she really needed to have was power; her worth was tied to nothing else other than the shares she held in and the control she wielded over the conglomerate.

Without the authority that came with being a shareholder in the conglomerate, one would find themselves in danger of being disposed of at the whim of others who were far more powerful.

But now, in order for Sandra to get closer to the Yards, she needed Anne to marry into the Mitchell family. If the marriage fell through, Sandra would never have a chance like this ever again!

This meant that she had to do all she could to placate Anne before the silly girl gave up on the idea of marrying Cooper!

For the past two days, Sandra had done little else other than visit Anne at the hospital, and each visit would last for hours. Many young masters of the Mitchell family had dropped by between intervals to talk about business, but their presence had been deliberately arranged by Sandra so that she could show Anne the finest men the Mitchells had to offer.

But Anne was adamant that Cooper was the only one for her, and she would not consider anyone else despite Sandra’s best efforts to persuade her otherwise.

Oh, Cooper. Just what did Anne see in him? He was nothing more than an obsolete figurehead—an outcast in the Mitchell family who had nothing to offer. There were plenty of other men in the family who were younger and more accomplished than him, but Anne could not be bothered to even spare them a glance.

Anne’s stubbornness had now led to Sandra’s predicament. Presently, she was thinking of ways to make Anne take interest in other men in the Mitchell family while trying to console her.

She knew she was racing against time, for there were others in Bayside City who had their eyes on Anne.

The Yards’ return was followed by their reconciliation with those who had either drifted away from the family or adopted different family names, and while it was true that such reconciliation had brought forth the emergence of many young ladies of the Yard family, it still couldn’t be denied that Anne was the most important one of all.

Even as she lived now without holding a single share in the conglomerate, she was still Anna Yard’s niece—that alone ought to have warranted her a more favorable disposition in the family than the other young ladies!

So what was Cooper trying to achieve by playing hard to get? What more could he ask for when Anne was already so far out of his league? Did the old man really think he could do any better?

Meanwhile, Sophia had left the hospital. She had managed to let out a string of abusive remarks toward the bodyguards who worked for the Yards, but in reality, she had intended for Anne to hear every single disparaging word. Once she was escorted outside, Sophia had regained her composure.

After all, someone had to knock Anne down from her high horse before the little wench thought she was above everybody else.

Sophia scoffed in disdain as she thought about how Anne had asked to be addressed as Miss Yard.

Not once had Sophia ever made the public declaration that she was a young lady of the Michel family.

She was well aware that Michel Group would never have risen to the peak of its glory if it hadn’t been for the efforts of those who came before her. Brick by brick, Michel Group had been built up by the likes of Cooper, Linus and Alice. These geniuses were behind the conglomerate’s power and glory, whereas Sophia had contributed nothing at all. She had no right to ask to be a shareholder because she had no credit in any of the conglomerate’s success.

She had no desire to be a young mistress of Michel Group—she wanted to be the president!

Previously, Sophia and Michael had bought up most of the shares in the conglomerate, which had been sold off by panicking shareholders when they had first gotten word that Michel Group would be undergoing a major internal restructuring due to Linus’ termination.

Unlike Anne, who was going to be married off for a profitable agenda, Sophia was waiting for the right time to use these shares to enter the conglomerate so she could take her rightful place as the young mistress of Michel Group.

But not everyone shared the same sentiments.

While Sophia thought of ways to procure more useful resources, Sandra was obsessed with fortifying her position, and Anne was thinking of ways to convince Anna to give her some of the shares in Ronney Group.

Anne was discharged from the hospital the next day.

She had made up her mind that there was no point in staying in the hospital any longer. After all, it seemed as if Cooper was completely under Sophia’s spell as he had never bothered to pay Anne a visit himself.

However, Anne was determined to marry Cooper, and there was nothing Sophia could do to ruin her plans.

She must ask the Yards to make her a shareholder. That way, Cooper would have no choice but to marry her, and no one could get in the way of that!

Upon leaving the hospital, Anne hurried over to the hotel where Anna was staying.

Anna was in the middle of a briefing with a property agent on the matter of purchasing the building.

Seeing as the Yards were keen on returning to the country in addition to their plans of establishing Ronney Group here, they needed to purchase a large family estate in Bayside City so that the whole Yard family could lay down their roots. Anna was also looking for a mansion for her own private use.

The Yard family originated from the banks of the Lombardi River, and while some had fled the country, there was still a large number of the clan that remained in the country. The hundreds of years that followed had seen the continuous return of members of the Yard family, who had subsequently set up their ancestral halls along Lombardi River. Nonetheless, Ronney Group would have to establish their branch in Bayside City as it was the country’s economic stronghold.

In light of this, Anna had been perusing properties in the country. She was determined to pick the best out of a wide selection of houses, office buildings, family homes and private mansions.

She was in the midst of browsing through the folders given by the property agent when Anne showed up with her unreasonable demands. Anna couldn’t begin to wrap her head around what the girl was actually requesting for.

“Anne, what did you just say?” Anna lifted her head to look at her niece in askance. There were no lines that marred Anna’s smooth, porcelain skin; even without an ounce of make-up, the woman looked as though she had defied all laws of time and physics.

Anne bit her lip nervously, then stammered, “Aunt Anna, I’d like to have some shares in the conglomerate. Cooper thinks little of me because I have no place in Ronney Group and won’t marry me otherwise.”

Upon saying that, she cast a resentful glance at the sleeping General. Surely, in light of the cat owning 1% of the shares, her aunt would not think she was crossing the line by asking for a mere 2% or 3% out of all the shares in Ronney Group, would she?

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