My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1115

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1115
On the last day of filming, it was announced that everyone could leave as soon as lunch time was over.

Half a day—they only needed to get through half a day before all of them could be set free. Everyone prayed silently for things to go off without a hitch.

All the five celebrity dads were physically and emotionally drained as they finally began to realize how their wives were the true pillars of the family.

They only had to take care of their kids for two short days, but they felt as though they’d aged a decade.

Carmen was Michael’s precious little girl and he had always enjoyed their father-daughter bonding time even back when she was a baby. Babysitting was hardly a challenge for him, but Sophia-sitting was—there was no telling what she would be up to next.

True to her nature, Sophia was now hiding in the crowd, probably waiting to make a mess out of things. She wasn’t using her contacts and somehow that had drawn Carmen’s gaze toward her. Carmen perked up as she picked the blue-eyed Sophia right out of the horde of villagers. “Mommy!” she cried out happily.

Carmen took off at a run and planted herself firmly in Sophia’s embrace.

Sophia was startled but she wrapped her arms around Carmen anyway.

That one hug brought forth an astounding ripple effect.

The remaining four children who witnessed this scene immediately turned toward their dads and before long…

“Wah! I want Mommy!”

“Daddy, I want Mommy now!”

The children were crestfallen to see that Carmen’s mother had shown up but not their own. Soon, the sound of heart-wrenching sobs and incoherent wails filled the air.

The celebrity dads grew flustered.

The kids had woken up on the wrong side of the bed this morning and they’d spent hours trying to placate them, for heaven’s sake! What are we supposed to do now?

Sophia panicked as the sobbing and wailing went on, her hands clutching Carmen against her.

Meanwhile, Michael winced. He had known that Sophia would mess things up one way or another.

The out-of-hand situation worsened as all the dads tried to soothe their kids, all the while glowering at Sophia.

Upon seeing that, the director heaved a frustrated sigh.

In light of all this, Michael went over to his wife, trying to make himself look as outraged as possible. He then ordered in a low voice, “Go back to the hotel and stay there. I’ll see you tonight.”

“Fine,” Sophia muttered with a pout.

She knew she had messed up, so it was best if she left the set as soon as possible.

But just as she was leaving, Carmen began to cry. Sophia felt a stab to her heart and she instinctively turned back, only for Michael to dismiss her as he consoled Carmen, who was sobbing fitfully in his arms.

Sophia had grown anxious upon hearing Carmen’s sobs and she couldn’t budge at all. Dimon had to rush over and frog-march her away from the set.

As she was about to leave, she thought she heard Michael coaxing Carmen out of her tantrum, his voice soothing as he murmured, “You have to choose between Mommy and Piggy…”

In the end, Carmen chose the pig.

The schedule had been delayed by an hour after Sophia’s presence had caused a scene, but eventually the filming came to an end and everyone left in their cars after lunch.

Sophia hadn’t shown up ever since that morning but throughout filming, Michael had spotted at least eight more drones flying around the set. He had recognized them as the same military spy drones that were manufactured by the Michel Group.

That evening, Michael and Carmen boarded Sophia’s private plane that was bound for Bayside City. Sophia had been waiting for them for what felt like ages.

“Mommy!” Carmen exclaimed as she ran toward Sophia with her arms stretched out.

Sophia happily picked up her little girl.

She felt relieved to know that Carmen had not lost any weight under Michael’s care.

As Michael boarded the plane, Sophia noticed that his skin had a sun-kissed tinge to it. He came over and pinched her cheeks, teasing, “You do underestimate me. Did you really think I’d let Carmen go hungry while she was with me?”

Sophia blushed, feeling sheepish. She had never intended to disrupt the filming process but her worries had gotten the better of her.

That said, Michael did seem unhappy and he had been sulking ever since he got on the plane.

One might have thought that Sophia’s little stunt that morning had something to do with Michael’s sour mood, but no one could have guessed that it was because there was a buffalo aboard Linus’ luxurious, billion-dollar private plane.

An actual, real-life buffalo!

There was also a pair of lambs aboard the flight. When the crew had assigned Carmen to help the villagers tend to the sheep, they had not expected her to get attached to the lambs and she had been insistent on bringing them back to Bayside City.

As if the lambs and the buffalo weren’t enough, there was also a rooster, donkey, and piglet!

Simply put, Michael was about to lose his mind.

All the other children had whined for their moms and had demanded to go home.

But no… not his Carmen. She had wanted pigs and buffaloes!

He was wrong to have conceded to her many absurd requests and he should not have been blinded by how adorable she was.

Michael was deeply regretting his decision to allow Carmen to bring all these animals along with them.

Even the old man in the village had made fun of him.

Before they had left the village, the old man had pulled him aside and said, “Miles, there’s no use denying that your daughter is destined to be a farmer. You should go back to the village and be with May! That contractor will never be good enough for her!”

Michael did not know how to respond to that.

It wouldn’t cost much to rear these animals but Carmen’s intentions were clear—she wanted to keep them as household pets!

She was going to turn the entire family home into a barnyard!

Harry, who was on the plane with them, was laughing hysterically.

He couldn’t wait to get back to Bayside City just to see how Linus would react once he discovered his private plane had been turned into a portable animal farm.

Carmen, on the other hand, was the only one who was excited about any of this. She was proudly showing off her new pets to Sophia.

“Mommy, can we put the buffalo in the fountain out front?”

“Can we let the lambs live in the gardens?”

“Can Piggy stay with me in my room?”

“The donkey would love staying on the balcony.”

Sophia frowned as she pondered her daughter’s many requests.

To have lambs in the gardens, a buffalo in the fountain, a pig in the bedroom and a donkey on the balcony… Sophia couldn’t imagine how things would turn out if these were allowed.

She exchanged a knowing glance with Michael, each of them waiting for the other to come up with ways to dissuade Carmen from her ambitious plans.

However, Michael immediately turned to his side and pretended to fall asleep.

Gritting her teeth, Sophia set to brainstorming. She had to convince Carmen to give up on the farm animals within the two hours that it would take for this flight to arrive at Bayside City, or else the house really would be converted into a farm.

She turned to Carmen and began her patient lecture, which started with a long winding introduction on humanitarian philosophies and ended with the specifics of a pig’s postnatal care. Having heard all of this, Carmen gave up on the buffalo, lambs and donkey, but she was adamant on keeping the piglet and rooster.

Fortunately, it wouldn’t take much to feed those two animals. Sophia figured that there would be a surplus from the cat food budget to cover the cost of feeding the chicken and pig.

It was dark by the time the plane landed in Bayside City. They stayed the night at the family farm outside the city, effectively depositing the buffalo, donkey and lambs there. The next day, they took a car back to Bayside City.

The piglet had been cleaned, vaccinated and dewormed. Carmen held it in her arms as she happily combed through its short tufts of hair. She had also ceremoniously tied a bow around the piglet.

“Michael, look—now we won’t have to worry about it pooping everywhere!” Sophia pointed out cheerily as she picked up the piglet to show her husband. Michael, on the other hand, was worn out. He had been using an eye mask as he slept but now, he lifted up a corner of it to see the piglet donning an oversize diaper. He was far too tired to protest so he merely nodded and hummed in response.

The rooster was also wearing a diaper to prevent unwanted accidents from happening on the way back.

Truly, only the rich could rear chickens this way.

However, Michael did not want to put a diaper on the chicken; he wanted to slaughter it for its meat.

This episode of ‘Where Are We Going, Dad?’ had come to an end. The last season of the show had been a hit but there were viewers who had complained that the show was slow-paced and lacked content. Thus, the production team had taken the feedback into account and had released this episode within two weeks instead of the initial three.

For each episode filmed, it would be edited into two episodes which would be released on TV over the course of two weeks, after which the cast and crew would take a week off before filming the next episode.

It had only taken one episode for Carmen to amass an impressive collection of farm animals; Michael and Sophia hated to think what nine more episodes could lead to.

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