My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1111

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1111
Sophia looked at the boy rolling on the ground and was scared out of her wits. Oh no, I’ve messed up big time! She hurriedly put away the lollipops next to the cash register.

Upon hearing the kids’ wailing, Michael felt his head aching. The director and the film crew were also unsure of what to do, while the several other young fathers were completely stumped as they tried their hardest to calm the kids down.

Harry and Ashton had followed Michael to buy exactly the same ingredients. Therefore, they had only arrived when Ashton began to cry. Although he was crying, his hands remained tightly clutched around the handles of the basket with the potatoes inside.

Hearing Ashton’s wails, Harry, who was carrying a large cabbage, was so terrified that he put down the cabbage and started comforting the boy. But when four kids were crying together, it was a terrifying situation that nobody, not even the staff or the fathers, could do to assuage.

The original purpose of the show was to test and train the ability of fathers to bring up their kids. Thus, comforting crying kids was also one of the necessary skills that fathers had to possess. Yesterday, they had spent a lot of effort to calm the kids down. But now that Carmen was the only one who had a lollipop, all hell broke loose, and the kids could not be calmed, so in turn, the filming could not go on.

Carmen was so scared that she didn’t dare to eat the lollipop and instead hid behind Michael, gazing at everyone with a pair of large, unblinking eyes.

Several fathers had no choice but to grit their teeth and shell out money to buy the lollipops in order to comfort their own kids. However, they did not expect that not only did the little kids want lollipops, but they also wanted jellies, cookies, and ice creams. If they didn’t get what they wanted, they would throw tantrums and cry.

The filming could not go on under this circumstance! Thus, the crew that consisted of more than a hundred people came to a complete halt.

Sophia did not expect a lollipop to cause such a big commotion. She was so petrified that she shrank into the corner of the shop. In her heart, she blamed herself for not remembering to put away all the snacks in advance.

Several fathers anxiously got together to discuss what to do, since the crew was unable to intervene and would not pay for them to buy any snacks.

After all, one of the reasons why ‘Where Are We Going, Dad?’ was so popular to the extent of earning a billion at the box office was the great production and strict adherence to principles. All unexpected situations required the fathers to personally solve them. To produce the most realistic reality show, the crew would not easily lend a helping hand. Therefore, the challenge for the fathers to comfort and teach the kids was one of the main attractions of the show. Viewers wanted to know how celebrity fathers would deal with the common problems with kids that occurred in life.

The four fathers were in a flummox as they put their heads together and brainstormed for ideas. Michael, too, was actively involved in the discussion, and the videographers came close to make sure they captured the fathers at their most harrowing moments of the show.

On the other hand, Sophia hid herself among the crowd to eavesdrop on their discussion.

“The snacks are so expensive. I can’t afford to buy them!”

“If we buy snacks, we won’t be able to eat anything tomorrow.”

“Perhaps they’ll be fine after crying for a while.”

Michael was also nervous. Glancing at Carmen, who was standing to the side and holding the lollipop she was still afraid to eat, he found her to be such an understanding angel compared to other kids.

But unexpectedly, Carmen suddenly led a tiny piglet out of nowhere toward Michael. She was so ecstatic about it that she didn’t even want the lollipop anymore. “Daddy, can I take the piggy home with me?”

Michael was already panicking about the whole filming situation, and when he saw that piglet, he almost exploded. He hurriedly said to Carmen, “Quickly put it back from where you found it! Our house has too many animals, so we cannot raise a pig.” The thought of raising a pig sent shivers down his spine.

But in the next moment, Carmen’s face fell. She flattened her mouth and started bawling. “Boo hoo… I want the piggy!”

Michael was speechless. Now, even Carmen is crying. The rest of the kids wanted snacks, while Carmen wanted a pig.

When Sophia saw Carmen crying, she almost went crazy and had a sudden urge to rush up to her daughter. As for Michael, he almost broke down at the sound of Carmen crying. He held Carmen and tried to comfort her but to no avail. She didn’t even want lollipops anymore and only wanted pigs. So, he finally had to say, “Okay. After we finish filming, we will take the piggy back! You can raise as many as you want, and we can have a house full of pigs, alright?”

Carmen immediately stopped crying and choked out, “O-Okay.” Then, she added, “Pinky swear?”

Michael had no choice but to bitterly make a pinky swear with her. In the next moment, Carmen slid off him and started running around trying to catch the piglet.

Sophia’s mind was about to explode. Oh my God, are we going to raise pigs? No, never! Our home will become a pig farm!

But right now, Michael no longer cared whether their home would be turned into a pig farm or a cattle farm. The most important thing to do was to calm the kids down as fast as possible. If this continued any longer, there would not be any lunch!

The fathers continued to be worried over the four crying kids. Meanwhile, Sophia checked the time and realized that it was quite late in the day now. If this dragged on any further, her daughter would not be able to eat her lunch on time. At that moment, she had no choice but to try her best to think of a solution. Taking advantage of Carmen playing with the piglet and the fact that nobody had noticed her yet, she said to her, “Little girl, look at the other kids crying! Shouldn’t you go and comfort them?”

Upon hearing the suggestion, Carmen looked at everyone timidly. She was a little afraid because she was the youngest. Among the five children, the oldest was seven years old, while Carmen was the youngest at only four years old.

Sophia gave her a slight push and whispered encouragingly, “Look, the time has come for you to shine! If you can manage to comfort the others, you’ll be the one in the spotlight today. Everyone will definitely look at you!”

Carmen thought about it. She absolutely refused to let go of any opportunity to put on a show in front of the camera. So, she took out the lollipop, then led the piglet toward Ashton. After licking on the lollipop herself, she then stuffed it into Ashton’s wide-open mouth. The crowd was stunned by her move.

After Ashton licked the lollipop, Carmen immediately took it away. The boy immediately started crying, to which Carmen stuffed the lollipop into his mouth again and stopped his wails.

After a few times, Ashton stopped crying. Carmen then said to him, “Here, you can touch my piggy, but no more crying! If you cry again, you’re no longer the best.”

Touching the piglet, Ashton licked the lollipop again and finally stopped crying. Relieved, Harry hurried over to carry Ashton away.

Following that, Carmen led the piglet toward the second kid. Holding out the lollipop, she did the same trick. Without a word, she stuffed the lollipop into the kid’s mouth first, and whenever the kid cried, she would stuff him over and over again. Finally, the kid was allowed to touch the piglet, and then Carmen promised he was the second-best ever. In this way, all was right with the world again.

In the end, Carmen’s lollipop was licked by all four other kids, and she even let them touch her piglet. The kids were comforted and happily followed her and her piglet around.

Now that the deafening cries were finally gone, the fathers and the filming crew were all relieved that the situation was brought under control. All of them were exhausted, as if they had fought a massive battle, but they still had to take their baskets of food and continue to buy ingredients to make lunch for the kids.

The fathers bought the condiments they needed as fast as they could, then hurriedly left this horrific site. Holding Carmen and the piglet that came from nowhere, Michael also left the grocery store.

Upon leaving, he took a look at Sophia, who was peeking at them from the corner of the grocery store, and thought to himself that it was highly likely that she would never appear again.

While passing by the watermelon field on the way back, Michael decided to bring Carmen to buy a small watermelon for dessert. To his shock, as soon as they walked into the pergola, Sophia was coming out from it to sell them watermelons.

Michael was struck speechless. Is she ever gonna stop?

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