My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 111-120

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 111

Because Michael had various and numerous people on his Messenger, he had them divided into different categories. He had a category each for the Fletchers, for his entertainment circle, for acquaintances, for his gay friends, and for private matters.

The Fletchers would never see the posts he made while his entertainment circle only ever saw the occasional photos he uploaded of his filming location. These days, his gay friends and family members were seeing photos of his young bride whom he had hastily gotten married to.

It was obvious that Stanley was put in the Fletchers category because he still did not know that Michael had a young bride. Otherwise, he would not have had the courage to approach his woman.

Michael tapped on the screen and replied, ‘Eat sh*t!’

Sophia had a peculiar way of saving people’s names on her phone. For people whom she was close with, she gave them cute names—Gemma was Gem Gem and Hale was Hales. The young housekeeper at the Fletcher’s called Maria was Pretty Maria.

In contrast, for people whom she was not close with, she used their full names. For example, Richard Harper or Harry Winston.

Michael searched for his name on her Messenger to see what name she gave him.

He searched for ‘Husband’ but nothing came up.

Neither was there anything for ‘Darling’ or ‘My Dear’.

He went straight to her close friends’ list, only to find himself listed as ‘Pervert’.

At least ‘Pervert’ is better than nothing!

Sundae Cone sent another message, ‘Come. Let’s go to the film crew next door and watch them film!’

Michael replied once again, ‘Go to h*ll.’

Then, he saw Richard Harper desperately sending messages to her, ‘Sophia, why is your phone turned off?’

‘I’m not hoping for anything else. I just want to talk to you.’

Followed by several over-a-minute-long voice messages.

With his big hand, Michael deleted every one of the messages.

After that, he went into her photo album. They were all photos of Nathan; Nathan sleeping, Nathan eating, Nathan biting into a popsicle. All of which she took over a dozen of; even when he rolled his eyes, she captured it.

She clearly loved his son more than him.

Michael looked for a bit then took off his coat and lay down.

Upon seeing that, Nathan quickly climbed over and sandwiched his small body between the both of them. He had his back toward Sophia while he faced Michael with a stern expression.

He must be secretly thinking of putting a baby sister in Sophia’s tummy!

The both of them had a staring competition.

After a while, Nathan fell asleep first. Once he was sound asleep, Michael immediately tossed him aside and took Sophia into his arms, and fell asleep.

She was soft and had a nice smell, making her comfortable to hug to sleep.

As he hugged her, she was already fast asleep and could not open her eyes at all. In her dream, she thought she was hugging a doll and her arms reached out to wrap around his waist.

Sophia was dead-asleep. A couple of days ago, she dreamt of a meat blanket with two grapes. She dreamt of that meat blanket again tonight but it had two sweet cherries on top of it now.

The sweetness overflowed; she could almost taste it.

The next day in the film crew, Michael got his makeup done without his shirt on. The scene today required him to expose his upper body so they had to cover him up well.

The makeup artist carefully applied makeup on his youthful body that was perfectly sculptured like the statue of David. At a glance, bite marks were seen on the left and right sides of his chest.

When he got his makeup done the day before yesterday, there was only one bite mark on his left side. But now, there were additional ones. During those two days, Michael did not return to his hotel room at night and was said to have worked with Ethan Winston on his script.

The makeup artists, stylists, and staff on the film crew were all flushed in the face.

After a day of getting used to things, Sophia, who was on her third day with the Superb Company, had already grasped the skill and intensity of the Superb Company’s training.

During the morning trail run, she ran at a very quick pace and was always at the front, leaving all the other girls behind her.

When she was little, she enjoyed running all over the place in her village. Her grandparents had several acres of wheat and corn, but because they were not fit enough to bring in the harvest, she was always running up and down the hills by herself with the harvest.

After they passed away, she was adopted into her uncle’s family where she did all sorts of strenuous work.

When she started school, she spent her time after school sending buckets of water to every floor. But the burdensome task was nothing to her when she could make five cents for every bucket.

Even though she was running at the front today, Stanley was still able to run alongside her and tease her, “Oh my, Sophia. Did you eat beef today? Look at how fast you’re running!”

She did not respond to him and kept up with her outstanding performance for the rest of the day.

For no reason at all, Stanley would come and bother her. “Sophia, what’s your relationship with Nate? Are you the nanny his family hired? Or bodyguard?”

“How can they hire someone as weak as you to be a bodyguard? Has Uncle been short on money recently? How did they end up with a newbie like you becoming their bodyguard?”

“Are you bodyguards entitled to the five types of insurance and the housing fund?”

Regarding his questions, she kept refusing to answer them.

The Superb Company’s training was dull and strenuous, but Sophia was slowly getting used to it. If Stanley did not hover around her like a fly, she would have been more comfortable.

Stanley was very headstrong indeed. Even during the tactical combat training, he looked like he was in a normal classroom setting and found time to have small talk with her.

“Sophia, you’ve been a soldier before. Is it worthwhile for you to come back here and train with us students?”

She knocked him down in a flash then sneered at him as she wiped off her sweat.

Laying on the ground, he huffed, “Sigh. What does this make me? My uncle was so great!” He stood up and wiped off his sweat. “My uncle was only 19 when he became the military training instructor for the freshmen at Bayside University!

Who knew he would be discharged after that?” While he was talking, he started another match with Sophia. “Can you guess what happened after that?”

Her ears perked up. The uncle he’s talking about is Michael, isn’t it?

He seized the chance when she was not paying attention to knock her to the ground. Pressing down on her back, he said, “My uncle took the national exam again after he was discharged and entered Bayside University as the top student of his year. Then, he became a freshman at Bayside University and started his military training!” Stanley laughed.

She was speechless. “You Fletchers sure know how to fool around.”

He kept her pressed down. “Call me Big Brother Stanley.”


In a blink of an eye, the military training was coming to an end. Soon, it was going to be the brutal end-of-term field training exercise.

Sophia remembered that in high school, the instructor had brought the group of freshmen on a five to six-hour hike for their field training exercise.

At Bayside University, they also had to go on a hike for their field training exercise but without the instructor. The students were given a day to go over the whole forest. They set out during the day and those who did not make it back by dark would fail.

A regular student’s field training exercise was very easy. It was a straight and even road ahead that was not too dangerous. Moreover, other units often came to the barracks to train.

All the trails had been previously traversed on and there were even people living in the mountains who set up villages and vendors along the way. The only difficulty was that the journey was too long and those who moved slowly had no choice but to receive a zero because they could not catch up.

However, the Superb Company’s training was more brutal. The trails in their field training exercise had never been tested out for any dangers before and it was an old virgin forest. There were no signs of people living there but there were a lot of snakes and potentially some wild animals.

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The Superb Company organized themselves into groups. When they were done, one person would drive their group to a different starting point. Everyone was given minimal ammunition and dry provisions. They were also given a compass and an army knife.

They departed at eight in the morning and had to assemble at eight at night at the designated location. Those who did not make it back in time would not receive an immediate zero, but they would receive a very low mark.

The students were free to get into their own groups. Because there was some danger in the journey, everyone tried to stick together. Several groups asked Sophia to join them, but she refused.

As long as she had a gun and a knife, she was not worried.

Moreover, because these were children of senior military officers, they were guaranteed backup. Everyone had to wear a wristband that monitored their physical condition.

If something unusual was happening to their bodies, their wristbands would automatically release their coordinates and the people on standby would fly their helicopters out and arrive at the scene within a few minutes.

Not to mention, the wild animals at the field training exercise were intentionally released from the hunting grounds. They were raised since they were young so they were not as wild. At most, they were just used to scare people off. Each one of them also had a serial number programmed in the wristband; if they got close to the students, the wristbands would automatically make a report.

All that information was revealed by Michael. Michael seemed to possess unnatural powers. The barracks was like his back garden where he came and went as he pleased, and his whereabouts were always a mystery. He was not a force to be reckoned with.

Meanwhile, Stanley shamelessly wanted to be in the same group as Sophia.

Even though he did not join the army, the blood of a soldier from the long line of soldiers in his family was still in him. Those types of training were not difficult for him, but he wanted to tag along and bother Sophia.

The day before the field training exercise, everything was handed out to them. Sophia took a shower then started to pack her things for the following day.

She had all the products she needed for her hair, some dry provisions, water, band-aids, disinfectant spray, fast-acting calming pills, mosquito repellant, a gun, a few bullets, a knife, a compass, and the wristband. All of which she stuffed into her backpack.

After she was done with everything, she lay back down on the bed and turned on her iPad. She logged into Messenger and saw a new friend request: Joel Fletcher.


Sophia was shocked. She immediately accepted the request and he promptly sent her a message after. ‘Do well in the field training exercise tomorrow.’

The commanding general is looking out for me!

Without any delay, she replied, ‘Yes, General.’

Then, she turned the iPad off and went to bed.

The next day, at seven in the morning, the troops assembled. The General gave a simple speech and they began mobilizing. The members of the Superb Company separated into clusters and went into different cars.

Sophia and Stanley were in the same group. Once they got in the car, Stanley the chatterbox opened his big mouth and it became impossible to close it again.

“Sophia, are you really a bodyguard? Uncle Michael made your information seem pretty solid. I can’t even find where your roots are!”

“What is your name? Is Sophia your code name? What’s your real name? Is it Sophia or Sophie?”

“How much is my uncle paying you? Do you get a commission?”

“How long have you been working as a bodyguard?”

“How did you think of becoming a bodyguard?”

“Do you bodyguards get employee benefits?”

Since they got in the car until they got off and even when they entered the hill, Sundae Cone never stopped talking even though Sophia did not say a word to him.

The two of them were thrown into the virgin forest. Sophia took out her compass to get her bearings right then looked at the map to find her location.

Suddenly, Stanley asked, “Hey, Sophia. Don’t you think Nate’s uncle is super brutal? When they’re at home, he starts flinging cups and hitting people over every little thing!”

Nate’s uncle?

Alas, she could not help herself anymore and asked, “Who is Nate’s uncle?”

Stanley was bewildered. “It’s my Uncle Michael. Don’t tell me you don’t even know your own employer?”

She was taken aback. “Isn’t Michael Nate’s dad?”

He shook his head. “Nate’s parents died while carrying out an anti-terrorism mission. He has been with his uncle ever since he was little.”

Is that so?

Her eyes widened.

Nate is only five this year and he lost both his parents…

She suddenly missed Nate. How was he going to play by himself in the barracks while she was away for a day? Was there anyone to keep him company?

Stanley noticed that Sophia had gone quiet. He tapped her shoulder and said, “Let’s be the first ones to arrive!”

She did not say anything and focused on walking to conserve energy.

As she walked, she looked down at the wristband on her arm. It indicated that there were several wild animals ahead, but before they bumped into the wild animals, the wristband would send an early warning. It also showed her vitals and if anything unusual occurred, a helicopter would come to her rescue.

Stanley was still just as talkative.

“Sophia, how did you think of becoming a bodyguard? Your skills are hopeless. You’re definitely a nanny!”

“I’m guessing you’re a poor university student my uncle is sponsoring!”

“Aren’t little kids especially hard to look after?”

Suddenly, Stanley, who was walking ahead, seemed to have discovered something frightening. He was frozen in place and his eyes were opened wide in fear.

There’s a situation!

Sophia instinctively reached for her gun, but when she caught up to him, she did not expect to see a tall man walk out of the forest ahead. He was wearing the same combat uniform as them with camouflage paint on his face; he was also carrying the same equipment.

The appearance of that man left Stanley dumbstruck and his tongue became tied. He stammered for a long while, “U-Uncle…”

Sophia jumped in surprise when she saw that person. It’s Michael!

Michael had a straight face—a kind of dignified look that she had never seen before. He swept a glance at her and then looked at a dumbstruck Stanley. “Let’s go.”

As if she had just woken up from a dream, Sophia quickly followed after him while her heart was in a riot.

Holy sh*t, Tay Tay appeared mysteriously again. What does it mean that he showed up here suddenly? Is he worried about me? After all, he did buy me for ten million so he would be worried about his ten million. What if I get taken away by a tiger inside the forest? That must be it.

Feeling overjoyed, she followed behind Michael. With him around, she did not feel like the trail ahead was even the least bit dangerous anymore.

There was also another person who felt this way—Stanley.

Holy sh*t. The uncle I always thought of as a monster really just jumped out of there! Joel is a monster so Michael is a monster among monsters!

Unfortunately, Michael got too much of a shock back then. Alas, he became an actor, because he had lost his parents, his sister, and his brother-in-law.

Their whole family was sacrificed. It was too much for him to bear so he decided to change his profession. Many of the elders in his family opposed it but they were unable to stop him. Otherwise, he would be the youngest general in the country.

Even if he became an actor now, it would not hinder his greatness.

He was born to be a God of War. Even if he became an actor, he would be a fighting machine among the actors.

Stanley both adored and feared Michael, and his respect for him stretched further than the Yellow River. When Michael showed up, Stanley’s first reaction was, Uncle Michael came to walk this long journey with me! He still loves me!

“Ah! Uncle Michael! I love you to death!” Stanley suddenly hugged him from the back and was moved to tears. “Uncle, don’t worry. I won’t let you down!”

However, Michael thought, I just came to see my young wife.

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Michael did not want to further explain Stanley’s own illusions and feel-good feelings. Besides, it was not a suitable time to expose too much of Sophia’s true identity. Otherwise, Stanley would tell the entire Fletcher Family about this.

The Fletchers?

“Hmph!” Michael puffed out in disdain.

Meanwhile, Sophia was so happy that she almost threw herself into Michael’s thigh.

Oh, Tay Tay descended from the heavens to save me again.

Nathan had been her minor cheat code for life, while Tay Tay was the major cheat code for everything in her life! He was totally invincible! Michael was her idol!

However, someone moved quicker than her and hugged Michael’s thigh in just a few steps. Stanley, who was usually a rascal, suddenly burst with joy like a young girl and hugged tightly onto his thigh. “Oh, uncle, you’re so good! You are literally my Lord. Mwah, mwah!”

He continued hugging Michael’s thick thigh and kissing his knee.

Michael then kicked him away in disdain. “Stop talking nonsense. Let’s go. We’re short of time.”

Stanley followed Michael with his face all red. He was usually rebellious, but today he was obedient as if he was somebody’s wife.

Meanwhile, Sophia was stunned in her position. Looking at the two leaving, she frowned. As a witty person, she thought their relationship was not as simple as she had imagined.

Thinking about the rumors of Michael being gay, she even saw his shining eyes on Stanley. Once she connected the dots, her brain started making up a lot of stories.

Even though the two of them were uncle and nephew, they only had around 10 years of an age difference. One was awe-inspiring while the other was easy-going. An uncle and a young man were most likely to create stories in between.

The three of them started moving forward while Michael remained silent as he explored the road ahead.

In order to help his wife score higher marks and make her happy, Michael suffered a lot. He would often drive from the movie set in the middle of the night to teach her in person. He even applied for leave so that he could accompany her to the end of the journey.

When Sophia saw Michael’s own appearance just now, her eyes started to tear up. With all this, Michael felt that all his hard work was worth it. Sophia would also be willing to sleep with him after this military training had ended.

At the thought of this, Michael was filled with excitement.

Meanwhile, Stanley was still very talkative and did not stop from the beginning to the end. “Uncle, why did you come? Aren’t you going to film today? Did you come here especially for me? Ah… I love you so much!”

Michael remained silent as he quietly took out two packets of snacks from his bag. He gave one to his wife and another packet to Stanley, finally blocking his mouth.

While Sophia stepped onto Michael’s footprints as she ate the snacks, she stared wide-eyed at the both of them and dared not to speak.

It looks like the relationship between this uncle and his nephew is a unique one… Would Michael be the top, and Stanley be the bottom? Or would he be a gorgeous perverted top, and Stanley a cheerful bottom? By the looks of it, Michael should be the top! But what about Harry? How many gay friends does Michael have? One was Harry, and the other was Stanley. I’m sure that Michael’s relationship with Daniel must be a confusing one. Alas, all the handsome men have become gay! The entertainment industry is such a mess!

Sophia’s heart was full of twists and turns. For a moment, she had thought too much. This was so tempting for her gossipy heart, yet she felt an expected disappointment.

Even though she was the legal wife of Michael, it seemed that she could not catch up with his gay friends.

Sophia was not his true love anyway. Perhaps, he might have liked her because of her youth and beauty for now, but once he got tired of her, he might just kick her away. After all, he had so many gay friends that were young and handsome and Sophia only got to know of three of his friends. She was unsure of how many more there were that she did not know of.

The entertainment industry is such a mess! Sophia exclaimed.

Stanley seemed to not know the situation between these two. He kept eating his snacks and made known his presence with Michael. When Stanley was young, he grew up to Michael’s blinding brilliance. As the most outstanding descendant of the Fletchers, Michael was the worst nightmare for people of his age.

He was so outstanding that no one could match him; even Joel himself was no match for him.

If Michael had not chosen to pursue the arts and did not choose to leave the army, he would have been more powerful than Joel.

In the hearts of Stanley and the Fletcher brothers, Michael was ranked number one while Joel was ranked number two. In the future, they would not be able to find another person who was as convincing as them.

While Stanley was eating the snacks, he suddenly thought of an important question, so he turned around and looked at Sophia. “Taylor Murray is my uncle. He doesn’t like others to discuss his personal affairs. If you dare to tell others, I will strip you off and hang you at the school gate!”

Sophia was startled by his words and simply nodded.

However, Stanley immediately reflected on his words and noticed that she was a nanny sent by Michael to take care of Nathan. It was obvious that she knew of his identity, so he threatened her from another perspective, “My uncle may look polite to you, but that’s because he is a gentleman. He’s polite to everyone. However, don’t you dare fall in love with him!” Sophia just nodded sincerely.

She could guarantee that she would not fall in love with this gay pervert!

Besides, Michael did not like women! Her legal status as his wife was bought back to take care of his child and also to serve as a shield!

Michael raised his eyebrows but did not say anything. He needed to seize the time to move forward, and only said in a frosty tone, “Keep quiet and walk.” Immediately, Stanley stopped talking.

With Michael by their side, Sophia no longer felt the burden and stress over her. All they had to do was follow him. There were too many secrets hidden in this man. She looked at him as if she was looking toward the sun. A warm ray of sunshine seemed to be emitting from him. Even though Stanley walked in the middle, Sophia could still feel his warmth embracing her, which motivated her and gave her a sense of security.

Sophia looked at the tall figure in front of her and her eyes radiated a peculiar light that shocked even herself.

It was peaceful and quiet along the way and Sophia would often pay attention to her wristband. She took note of the locations of several other wild animals and noticed that the animals were far away from them.

At noon, everyone stopped to rest. They found a place to sit down and started eating some dry food. Sophia had brought some cookies and water. Although it tasted really bad, she had no other options besides these.

Michael took out a lot of food from his bag and placed it in front of Sophia.

He had constantly thought about his wife and was afraid that she would not be able to eat well in the mountains. Hence, he brought a bag full of delectables over for them.

The moment Sophia saw the delicious food, she was over the moon and hurriedly chose a few of her favorites to eat.

Stanley was overjoyed and hugged tightly onto Michael’s thigh and kissed him again. “Uncle, you’re so good to me. You even brought me so many delectables. I love you to death! Mwah, mwah!”

Michael gently poked his head away, yet his gaze turned toward his wife.

His wife was undoubtedly the best. Even when she ate, she looked so adorable!

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The three of them quickly finished their breakfast and put away the trash. Sophia then drank some water and sat for a while more before they moved forward.

Initially, Michael sat beside her and wanted to cuddle his wife, but did not do so because there was a third wheeler among them. Stanley did not seem to realize that he was being the third wheel, and was still admiring Michael’s arm.

Stanley’s impression of his uncle was that he was strong and powerful, yet cold and quiet. However, he had not expected that his uncle would take the initiative to help him through his final assessment today.

He felt extremely happy and could boast about this situation among the Fletchers for years to come!

“Come on, Uncle Michael. Let’s take a selfie!” Stanley fished out a camera from his bag. He pulled Michael over for a selfie and even made cute poses at the camera, causing Michael to be disgusted by his actions. However, he still looked over to the camera with a cold face.

Stanley had a megapixel camera that shot high-quality photos. Even when he opened the selfie mode, the images shown were still clear.

Michael glanced at the camera lens. However, a sudden cold light flashed in his eyes and he abruptly pushed away the two by his side. He swiftly stood up, turned around, pulled out his gun, took out the firing-pin safety lock, and fired a shot. All of this was done in a series of actions without stopping.

Bang… A gunshot echoed through the mountains, alerting all the students who were being assessed and examiners who were monitoring them.

Someone had opened fire! A frightening atmosphere echoed through the mountains, causing the students to subconsciously hold onto their guns tightly.

At the scene of the shooting, the two of them were left completely stunned after being pushed away suddenly. Michael’s actions were too fast. From pulling out his gun to firing a shot, all of this happened in an instant, and it was so fast that Sophia only saw the shadows.

A moment ago, just as Michael pushed the other two away, a huge tiger pounced from the forest behind them. Although his movements were quick, the tiger was quicker. At the moment when he pulled the trigger, the tiger had already opened up its large mouth and was about to attack him. He seemed to have aimed his gun at the tiger’s head and fired a shot that was as quick as lightning, blasting a perfect hole through its head!

If he were even just a second slower, the three of them might have been torn into pieces by the tiger…

The tiger wailed and let out a final cry. Michael’s gunshot had immediately put a hole through the tiger’s head. However, the tiger’s enormous body still pounced on him and instantly pressed onto his body.

Stanley and Sophia were both stunned by this. Both of them screamed in terror before they hurried over to push away the tiger’s body with all their might to save Michael.

Michael’s head was covered with the tiger’s blood. He stood up and wiped away the blood on his face, and said calmly, “I’m fine. After some rest, we can continue forward.”

He poured some mineral water over his head and simply cleaned it, but his body was still covered in blood.

Sophia still had a stunned look on her face, and her entire body trembled in fear. What happened just now was so fast that her entire brain was left blank. Before she managed to react, the entire incident was over.

Michael walked over to see the dead tiger. It was impossible for the tiger to be alive after being shot through the head. However, when it pressed down onto Michael, its sharp claws managed to leave a scratch on his neck. Although the cut was not very deep, Michael still cleaned his wound and sprayed some disinfectant onto it to prevent an infection.

No doubt the tiger was released by Audistin. Although the tigers from Audistin’s hunting ground were raised by humans and were largely for people of high status to hunt, it was a fierce beast after all. They would still eat people if they were extremely hungry. Moreover, tigers were naturally agile and would be dangerous to them even if they had guns.

It would be fine if they had a huge number of people in the group, but it would be a huge problem if there were only a few of them in the group. That was why Michael hurried over to prevent Sophia from facing any accidents.

The tiger approached silently with no warning. Sophia’s wristband did not show any warning signals too. It seemed that the tiger had accidentally lost its tracking device. If it was not because Stanley’s selfie accidentally captured the tiger’s image, one of them might be dead.

Meanwhile, Stanley had recovered from the incident just now. In the next second, he plastered his face tightly to Michael’s thigh and said, “Uncle Michael, you’ve saved my life. I’m so touched by you. I love you to death, Uncle Michael. Mwah, mwah—”

Feeling annoyed, Michael shook his leg and instructed, “Let’s go.”

Michael’s words were like imperial edicts to Stanley. If he instructed him to go, Stanley would swiftly follow his order and follow closely behind him; his face was filled with adoration.

Sophia, who was following behind, started having perverted thoughts. She felt like the two of them shone brightly when they were together.

Sigh… She continued to follow them while sighing.

Looking at Stanley’s infatuated face, she knew that Michael was not only able to capture the hearts of young ladies, but he was also able to capture young men’s hearts! She was not sure of how many ignorant boys this old-timer had harmed, and was suddenly worried for all the men that were by Michael’s side.

All of a sudden, Sophia thought of Hale.

She was shocked to the core. Was Mr. Hale targeted by Michael too?

Oh my god! No wonder they always look awkward when they’re together. Turns out Hale had already become part of Tay Tay’s male harem. However, Michael did possess the ability to have men and women go crazy for him. He is better than everyone when he needs to be masculine and when he needs to be feminine, no one can tell that he’s a straight man. Some gossip sites even created a list of men that gays all around the world want to sleep with the most, and Michael always tops the list. Michael’s popularity is over the charts. From young men and women to the elderly, he can capture all of their hearts. If this goes on, it would become one hell of a mess!

Sophia muttered to herself as she walked behind them.

After the dangerous incident they had gone through at noon, Michael had become more serious and quiet and was alert at all times. After walking for some time, they heard the sound of a helicopter in midair. When they lifted their heads, someone had already come to airlift the dead tiger away.

Michael lifted his head to see the helicopter that was leaving; his eyes were filled with vigilance. He then lowered his head and looked toward his wife.

Sophia lowered her head as she walked. Her mouth made little movements like she was muttering about something.

He then glanced at her, and the more he looked at her, the more adorable she was.

This adorable lady should be guarded by him!

The three of them moved forward and there was a ditch in front of them. Michael managed to cross over the ditch easily. Stanley followed closely behind and managed to cross it easily too with his long legs. However, Sophia’s legs were not as long as theirs, and she needed to gather some speed before she could cross the ditch.

On the opposite side of the ditch, Michael teased, “Come on. Come on over, Sophia.”

Sophia took a few steps backward, and with the help from her run, she managed to jump over and was immediately held by Michael.

She felt as though she had fallen into a soft embrace. Her little face turned red instantly, and she dared not look at his handsome face that could easily turn a straight man into a gay man.

The scene of a tall and handsome man holding a petite girl was as harmonious as it could be.

Michael placed Sophia steadily on the ground after catching her. It seemed that both of them did not feel any sense of embarrassment and awkwardness at all. After being placed down, Sophia hurriedly followed after him with her head still lowered. The camouflage paint on her face had helped cover her flustered face.

Looking at the both of them, Stanley’s eyes lit up again. “Uncle Michael is such a wonderful person and treats his nanny so well! Where can I find such a good uncle?”

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He almost went up and hugged his thighs again.

The path was no longer as dangerous as long as they followed Michael. He had strong survival skills and walked on rugged paths like it was leveled ground. Occasionally, when they saw some wild fruits, he would know which was safe to consume.

Michael walked fast and Stanley followed him closely behind; he was afraid that if he strayed further from Michael, he would not be able to tap upon the Lord’s light. Sophia also followed their footsteps closely, but the further they walked, the slower she became. Soon, the distance between Sophia and the other two increased.

Michael walked in front as he used his blade to clear the path and some thistles and thorns in front of them. When he did not hear Sophia’s footsteps, he turned around and saw that she was already far behind.

She continued to lower her small face as she walked; her face was full of sweat. Even the camouflage could not hide her pale white face. It seemed that she was suffering and frowning, and was not as lively as she was this morning.

Stanley had also noticed that something was wrong with Sophia and hurriedly asked, “What’s the matter, Sophia?”

“I’m fine,” Sophia replied.

However, her current condition was betrayed by the weakness in her voice. She was clearly unwell.

She placed a hand on her stomach, bent her waist, and lowered her head as she stubbornly moved forward.

It seemed that Michael had noticed something and worriedly asked, “Are you having premenstrual cramps?”

Sophia’s face was pale with a tint of blush. In the end, she nodded her head.

It was not just normal pain; her stomach ached severely.

The last time Michael came home, Sophia was shocked to the extent of having an irregular menstrual cycle that lasted for ten days. Besides, she had been undergoing intense training for the past few days. She was unsure if this was the cause of her delayed menstruation, thus, little did she expect that her period would come right after they departed.

She must have been traumatized after being scared by the tiger this afternoon. This had caused a severe stomach ache. Moreover, she had drunk tons of cold water in the afternoon which had worsened her stomach ache.

Michael had studied micro-expressions before. In order to play a female role with severe menstrual cramps, he even went to the hospital to experience a simulated severe menstrual cramp. That was why he understood that feeling.

His wife must be suffering right now.

He had counted the days and he knew that these two days of field training should be the start of her period. He only came over just so he could prevent any accidents from happening.

Stanley saw how Michael had seen through the source of Sophia’s pain, and permanently got down on his knees to worship him. Oh, Uncle Michael, you are just too wonderful. You even remembered your nanny’s period! Where can we find such a considerate boss! Eh, but something seems wrong? Nonetheless, Uncle Michael is the perfect man. Not only is he the God of War, but he’s also a woman’s treasure. He seems to have mastered all the affairs of a woman.

Michael wiped away Sophia’s sweat. He then took off his bag and threw it at Stanley. Next, he squatted down with his back facing Sophia.

“Get on.”

However, Sophia was too embarrassed and said, “I don’t think it’s a good idea…”

Did Michael mean to carry her and walk? There was still half of their journey left. How exhausting it would be for him if she did get on his back!

It was already exhausting for one to finish the entire mountain trail alone. It would be even more difficult to walk if he carried another person on his back.

Besides, she was only having a stomach ache—it was not like she could not walk.

Sounding a little impatient, Michael repeated again, “Get on.”

Soon, Sophia hesitantly got onto his back. Feeling extremely embarrassed, she held onto his neck and buried her face as she was afraid of looking at others.

While Michael carried Sophia on his back, her weight and the weight of her backpack were all buckled onto his body. In an instant, he felt a heavier burden on him.

Stanley was stunned. It turned out that his cold-looking uncle was such a warm-hearted man and was so kind to his female employee!

How was it possible to have such a perfect man on this earth?

Stanley felt that his heart was about to melt onto Michael’s body.

Michael stared coldly at him. “Stan, explore the path ahead.”

As if he had gotten a huge grace from the heavens, he hurriedly nodded his head. “Okay, okay.”

With that, Stanley carried two backpacks and explored the path in front while Michael carried Sophia and followed behind.

Although Sophia felt that she was not very heavy—only around 45 kilograms—it was still tiring to carry a woman of such weight up the mountain. She lay on his back and soon started hearing his breath gradually becoming heavier.

She felt embarrassed and spluttered, “I think it’s better if you put me down. I can walk on my own too.”

“No. You are in a vulnerable state right now. You have to take good care of yourself,” Michael replied.

Sophia kept quiet.

The intensity of her stomach ache gradually grew. She leaned on his back; her stomach stuck to his warm back and felt his breathing. Soon, she was not in so much pain anymore.

Michael then whispered in her ear, “Is your period heavy?”

Sophia’s face blushed to the tip of her ears. How was she supposed to reply to a man who had asked a question like this?

Nonetheless, she could only reply sheepishly, “It’s heavy.”

Her voice was as weak as the hums of a mosquito, but Michael managed to catch on to her words.

“Let me know if your period has flowed sideways. I’ve brought overnight pads for you.”

Sophia was speechless.

It was indeed true that Michael’s bag was filled with overnight pads for her.

Her period volume was exceptionally heavy. Although Sophia had prepared some day pads beforehand, it was still not enough for her. She would have to come down in a while; or else, Michael’s clothes would be stained if her blood leaked from the sides.

Soon after, Michael took out an overnight pad from his backpack. Sophia shyly took the pad from him and quietly went to the back of the forest to change while he kept a lookout for her.

Stanley then dashed over and asked curiously, “Uncle Michael, what was the thing you gave to Sophia just now?”

Michael’s face was enigmatic as he replied, “Don’t ask too much.”

Stanley then asked again, “Where did you hire her from? Is she married? Is she in a relationship? How old is she?”

Michael ignored his questions.

However, Stanley continued to ask, “What is her real name? Is Sophia Edwards her real name?”

Michael was chewing a blade of grass in his mouth. Then, he reached out and lightly slapped Stanley’s handsome face and said, “Don’t even think about it. She’s already married.”

Stanley froze slightly. He felt a sense of loss in his heart. His first love had already ended even before it began.

After a while, Sophia had finished changing her pad and returned; her face was still red. Not only did Michael prepare an overnight pad, but he also prepared diaper-like pads for her. With such sizes, Sophia did not have to worry about leakage no matter how heavy her period flow was.

As soon as she returned, she noticed Michael opening up a thermos and taking out a folded cup. He then poured out the hot water into the cup and blew it before handing it over to Sophia, saying gently, “You should drink more hot water.”

Sophia then lowered her head and drank a few mouthfuls of it. After going through a difficult time just now, her stomach had felt a little better. Soon after she drank the hot water, her stomach felt warm and her cramps were slowly fading away.

After she had finished drinking the hot water, Michael took the bottle from her and asked, “Does your stomach feel better now?”

Sophia nodded, “Yes.”

Once again, he squatted down and said, “Come on; I’ll carry you.”

However, Sophia quickly replied, “I can walk now.”

With the same attitude as the previous time, Michael instructed, “Come on up. I’m not going to repeat myself.”

Sophia had no choice but to obey his words and climb onto his back. Michael then continued carrying her on his back as they moved forward.

Stanley, who was carrying both backpacks, stared at them; his heart was filled with envy and jealousy.

Why does Uncle Michael treat her so well, but treat me so badly even though I’m his blood-related nephew!

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 116

He barely even smiles at me! Am I not his biological nephew?!

Although Stanley felt unhappy about it, he had already been reduced to nothing more than a servant, serving tea and snacks. One moment, Michael asked him to serve some tea, and the next, he was asked to grab some snacks.

It felt like there was a Dokodemo door hidden inside Michael’s backpack—one could find almost anything in it whether it was snacks, drinks, or band-aids.

Thus, Stanley curiously dug through the things inside Michael’s backpack. He wanted to see what else was hiding in there. Then, he accidentally stumbled across several super long overnight menstrual pads…

Suddenly, his world turned upside down.

Why does Uncle Michael have this in his backpack? Don’t tell me; is Uncle Michael actually a woman?!

He recalled the old rumors that used to swirl about when Taylor first became famous for being a male actor playing female roles. Due to his professional portrayal and refined voice, he caused many heated debates within the industry. Many suspected that he was a female in disguise as no man had ever been able to perform a female role that realistically.

Don’t tell me; is Uncle Michael truly a woman after all?

Feeling as if he had learned an earth-shattering secret, he didn’t even dare to say anything anymore. Instead, he kept sneaking glances at Michael.

How could my God of War possibly be a woman? That’s completely preposterous. There must be some other reason for it.

Suddenly, a lightbulb went off in Stanley’s head, Menstrual pads can be used to absorb sweat! Wow! Uncle Michael is absolutely brilliant! Oh, how I want to hug his thigh tightly again!

Michael carried Sophia on his back and walked for the entire day. The agreed time to rendezvous was 8 PM. However, with Michael guiding them, they arrived in the vicinity around 7 PM.

He did not bring them all the way to the meeting point. Instead, he put Sophia down nearby and said, “There’s about 500 meters more to the meeting point. You guys will have to head there on your own; I won’t be going with you.”

If people knew about his presence here, they would be considered cheating and their marks would be deducted.

Thus, Michael packed his backpack and headed into the deserted jungle. Seeing that, Sophia immediately chased after him, asking, “Where are you going?”

The virgin forest was filled with wild beasts. If he simply entered the jungle without any guards with him, what would happen if he got lost inside it? It was barren hills and turbulent waters as far as the eye could see. What if something happened to him?

She couldn’t help worrying tremendously.

He naturally felt happy upon seeing his wife worrying over him. Even so, he said, “I’ll be fine. In another 500 meters, Gary will come and pick me up. So, don’t worry.”

After all, how could he possibly be so unprepared?

Michael wanted to talk to Sophia a little longer, but Stanley, who constantly played the third wheel, suddenly rushed over and hugged his thigh. “Aw… Uncle Michael, I don’t want you to leave… Mwah, mwah—”

Michael felt speechless and decided to remain silent.

In the end, Michael left alone, walking into the jungle by himself. Sophia watched as his figure gradually disappeared into the jungle. Her eyes were filled with reluctance to part with him, feeling as if she would never see him again after parting ways here.

Before she knew it, Michael had gradually slipped into her heart. Although he was a pervert, she couldn’t help missing him.

A few minutes after he left, she heard the sound of a helicopter. Then, an army-green helicopter soared into the sky and flew off. Michael could be vaguely seen waving at them from the helicopter.

Stanley studied the lovesick look in Sophia’s eyes, then he wondered, Has Sophia fallen in love with my God of War-like uncle? That must never happen! She is a married woman! Besides, the idol-like aura around my uncle is far too dazzling! Moreover, he is cursed—whoever falls in love with him will be met with misfortune!

Therefore, he warned her very seriously, “Sophia, are you in love with my uncle? Let me tell you this; you must never fall in love with my uncle. He will never love you back; you can’t get into a relationship with him!”

She lowered her eyes, then weakly replied, “Of course, I know that. I don’t need you to tell me that!”

She knew that Michael wouldn’t fall in love with her either. After all, he and Harry were mutually in love. At best, she was his beard—the wife of a gay man—and his shield. To put it bluntly, she was a toy. Once he lost interest in her, she might be kicked out immediately.

Besides, Michael was an actor. All the warm gentleness and kindness he showed her was fake. Moreover, his pretense was seamless—there was not a crack in his armor to be seen. However, being a pervert was in his nature.

Studying her sad expression, he felt his mood dipping as well. He knew his uncle was a lady killer; even a married lady like Sophia was completely defenseless against his masculine charm. Thus, he hurriedly explained, “Don’t overthink it. My uncle is very cold and distant, but he is a gentleman. The reason why he was so nice to you is that you are a girl. He is just as kind toward other women! So, you must not think too much of it! Besides, he came here to protect me. Do you know? Uncle Michael loves me the most! He can’t bear to see me suffering. He didn’t come here because of you. So, don’t get arrogant and misunderstand the situation!”

Just as kind toward other women?

Sophia felt as if her heart was being sliced to pieces by a knife. Then, she lowered her head and gloomily said, “I got it. You don’t need to tell me that.”

Stanley patted her shoulder solemnly. “I’ve seen many other young ladies like you. Don’t take it too hard. Also, don’t desire something that will never be yours.”

She didn’t say anything else. Downing the rest of the drinks Michael had left behind, she gathered all her energy and walked forward.

Michael, who was on the helicopter, happily recalled the reluctant look in Sophia’s eyes as she watched him leaving just now and felt extremely pleased with himself. He was certain that his performance today was very good. My wife’s favorability toward me must have gone up by several hundred points by now.

Perhaps she might be willing to sleep with me when we get back home!

Unfortunately, if he knew that the favorability he had gained with difficulty after working hard all day long had been destroyed by a few choice words from Stanley, he would surely spit up blood.

Without a doubt, Sophia and Stanley were the first to arrive. In contrast, Joel had been waiting for them at the camp he set up on the mountain for the entire day. Thus, when he saw the two who were covered from head to toe in grime, he coldly said, “You did well. Go ahead and take a rest. When the time is up, we’ll leave immediately.”

Then, Stanley excitedly went off to check his score. Naturally, he would never reveal that he had cheated along the way. On the other hand, Sophia found a place to sit, drank something warm, and ate something. Her entire mind was filled with the scene of how Michael looked as he was leaving just now.

It had not been long since he had left, but she suddenly missed him very badly—even though she knew she shouldn’t be thinking about him.

When 8 PM rolled around, almost three-quarters of the students had arrived. Joel meticulously recorded down the time of arrival for every student. Then, he gathered all of those who had made it on time, shuffled them onto a plane, and sent them back to the barracks.

Naturally, there were people sent to pick up the rest of those that had yet to arrive, and all the wild beasts that had been released had to be caught and retrieved.

At 8.10 PM, they set off from the top of the hill promptly. By 9 PM, they had returned to the campsite. Joel gave a brief speech, then dismissed them and allowed them to go back to rest.

After the military parade tomorrow, their military training would be completely over, and all of them would be leaving the camp the day after tomorrow.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 117

Everyone felt a little reluctant to leave the place where they had lived for a month. After washing up that night, they went door to door to exchange contact details on Messenger.

Sophia returned to her room at the barracks, showered, washed her hair, and put on her XXL overnight menstrual pad. Then, she prepared to go to sleep.

When Michael left, he had left the XXL overnight menstrual pads with her. Besides, those diaper-like XXL menstrual pads were really comfortable to use.

Nathan was still playing video games, and the game was making various ping, ping noises.

Suddenly, Stanley knocked on the door from the outside. “Sophia, come out! Tomorrow, we of the Superb Company are going to perform some demonstrations on tactical combat! The two of us are partners! Come on out! Let’s practice!”

Sophia answered from behind the door, “I’m not going; I’m having period cramps.”

Even so, he continued to knock on the door with all his might. “Sophia, open the door! I need to talk to you! I believe you have fallen in love with my uncle! I’m telling you; you must not fall for my uncle! Nothing good will come to you if you fall in love with him! In the past, there have been many women that tried to woo my uncle. However, they all became disabled for some reason! So, you need to be careful! Sophia, open the door! Come out and let’s talk! You really must not fall in love with someone like my uncle! Nothing will come to fruition!”

Then, she lazily lounged about on her bed like a b*tch suffering from menstruation, refusing to even move an inch. In the end, Nathan went to open the door.

As soon as the door opened, Stanley was met with Nathan’s angry puffed-up expression.

F*cking retard, what is he saying? Why can’t my mommy love my daddy? If my mommy doesn’t fall in love with my daddy, then is she supposed to fall in love with you?

Nathan glared at Stanley fiercely, using his eyes to convey everything he wanted to say to him. Then, he slammed the door heavily in his face.

“Hey, Nate—” Stanley’s handsome and tanned face appeared at the door for no more than several seconds before the door was fiercely slammed shut in his face.

Bam! He was locked outside. Then, he touched his nose and left silently.

Afterward, Sophia rolled over and picked up her iPad. She watched Michael’s movies for a while, then opened up her Messenger. Immediately, she saw that Richard had bombarded her with messages.

‘Sophia, where are you? I miss you.’

‘Can we talk?”

‘Sophia, I really want to see you now. I miss you; I miss you so badly. I realized that choosing Xyla may have been the biggest mistake I’ve ever made.’

‘If possible, can we start over?’

Fcking retard! Did you come looking for me after fighting with Xyla? Do you think I’m your back-burner girl? No way in hell! With Michael’s good looks as the standard, anybody below that standard is plain ugly! Moreover, your display picture is your actual face! The more I look at it, the uglier it gets! Hideous bstard!

Sophia decided to ignore Richard. Then, she saw Stanley starting to act up again. He vigorously bombarded her with a whole bunch of GIFs. ‘Sophia!’



‘My uncle mentioned that you were married. Why did you get married so young? How old are you? Do you have a kid? How old is your kid? Is your kid old enough to buy soy sauce by himself yet? But, you don’t look that old! Why were you so narrow-minded?’

‘To be honest, falling in love with my uncle is a road with no return. Right now, you’re the only one I can save.’

However, she decided to ignore his messages. Then, she continued watching her movie with her earphones on. Thus, she failed to notice someone knocking on the window again.

Knowing who was here, Nathan reluctantly opened the window.

The tall and broad man standing outside the window was still wearing a military uniform. Then, he swung himself in through the window and patted Nathan’s small head, saying “Good boy.”

Michael had showered and changed his clothes at where the crew were. He had removed the camouflage from his face and came to look for Sophia after making himself clean and fragrant.

Sophia was watching one of Michael’s movies; it was a crime thriller. In this movie, Michael was playing the role of a perverted serial killer. He had a gentlemanly appearance but had a perverted nature. Using his gentlemanly looks, he deceived many unmarried females into dating him. In the end, they were all murdered by him. Moreover, his methods were to rape and kill them, then dismember the bodies and cremate them—all in one go. The perverted serial killer handled and executed every part of his crimes perfectly, leaving the police at a loss of who the perpetrator was no matter how much they investigated.

The main character murdered continuously, fishing for his next victim after killing the last one. Moreover, he could charm three or four girls at the same time and kill them one after the other. Despite committing numerous crimes over many years, he remained at large.

The mood of the movie was too heavy, and the entire color scheme was unbelievably dark. Besides, the atmosphere of the movie was rendered superbly. Michael’s acting skills were impressive; he could seamlessly switch between being a gentleman and a perverted serial killer. When he played the gentleman, it felt like all the sunshine in the world was shining on him. However, when he became the perverted serial killer, he was like a demon who came from hell. The character truly embodied the saying: ‘Hell is empty because the devils walked among men’.

When the movie was released back then, it was a big hit at the worldwide box office and created a new record for the small niche of crime thrillers. The movie received so many prizes that they were tired of receiving them.

Turning on the realistic surround sound effects on her earphones, Sophia was completely immersed in the movie. She trembled as she watched the movie, and a wave of cold air enveloped her.

The final scene of the movie revealed the main character in his neat black tuxedo and black hat, standing in a dark, quiet street. He had his gentlemanly smile on his face as he slowly handed a delicate rose to his next victim. Then, his lips curled with a small smile, and his eyes seemed to sparkle like the stars in the sky.

That smile was simply devastatingly and impeccably handsome—it could charm whatever female creature in the world. However, he had already shown this smile three times during the movie. Each time it appeared, it would captivate a female, adding another innocent soul to his death count.

Whenever that charming smile appeared on his face, it indicated that a new victim was about to fall into his trap.

The camera focused on Michael’s face, and that captivating smile was displayed right in front of Sophia. It felt as if he was staring straight at her, piercing through her body and seeing right into the depths of her soul. Like a beautiful poppy flower gradually blooming, his smile was beautiful—a kind of beauty that was drenched in blood.

The realistic and flawless acting seeped straight into one’s heart, making Sophia feel as if she was going to become his next victim. Thus, she was so scared that cold sweat flowed down her back and she trembled uncontrollably.

The movie stopped right at Michael’s smile—it was perfect, yet veiled with murderous intentions. Then, it ended with the perverted serial killer remaining at large, roaming the dark streets of the city and recklessly reaping the lives of many young ladies. Even now, the mysterious disappearances continued to occur. Moreover, their bodies could never be found. Thus, the city fell into panic and chaos as a rush of police sirens pierced the night.

This movie was adapted from a real story. Moreover, the real perverted serial killer was still roaming free, although he had been missing for decades now.

After finishing the movie, Sophia put down her tablet, took off her earphones, and rolled over. As soon as she rolled over, she came face to face with Michael, who was silently sitting behind her. Moreover, he flashed that serial killer’s gentlemanly smile at her. For a moment, it felt like the classic movie was playing once more—the dark and gloomy skies; the heavy mood in the air; the blood-stained rose…

She froze in shock for several seconds, then suddenly let out an earth-shattering scream, “Ahh—”

F*ck; it’s the perverted serial killer!

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 118

Michael was speechless to the max. He had been hiding behind Sophia for a long while, watching her watch the movie. However, he didn’t expect her to be so frightened.

Well, what can I do? My acting skills are superb!

He had been in the acting industry for many years. Throughout his career, he had portrayed countless classic roles. He once played the role of a domestically abusive man. From then on, his stage photos were used in all awareness programs advocating against domestic violence.

On another occasion, he once acted as an effeminate man. After that, his face was plastered across any news reports involving effeminate men.

In particular, the perverted serial killer he portrayed had terrified thousands of children around the world. Nowadays, whenever various news articles reported on incidents involving perverted serial killers, they would always use his stills as the accompanying pictures.

It took Sophia two seconds to return to her senses. Then, she realized that this man was Michael himself and not the perverted serial killer he had acted as. Thus, she anxiously patted her chest. “Hubby, w-why are you here?”

If it wasn’t for the menstrual pads I was using, I would have peed myself!

He had portrayed the perverted serial killer so vividly that she was no longer able to forget it. Even now, her eyes were filled with fear as she gazed at him—terrified that he was going to dismember her.

Michael didn’t say anything and dove straight in for a long, dreamy kiss!

Nathan stood beside the bed, expressionlessly watching the two people kissing passionately on the bed. Then, he squeezed the little frog in his hands hard, and it made an earth-shattering croaking sound. He wanted to indicate his presence to them and remind them that there was a child here. Control yourselves! Control yourselves!

Meanwhile, Stanley, who was next door, came running after being surprised by Sophia’s scream from before. He hammered at her door with all his might. “Sophia, why did you scream?”

Sophia was trying her best to rescue her tongue from Michael’s mouth; she really had no time to respond to Stanley. Then, he began hammering against her door with increasing urgency. Thus, she could only loudly reply, “I saw a cockroach!”

After hearing her reply, he made a non-committal grunt in reply. Recalling the conversation they had just now, he reminded her before leaving, “You must not fall in love with my uncle! You must not!”

His reminder nearly scared her to death. That idiotic Stan; just what weird stuff is he saying?! What if Michael heard it? I won’t live to see another day!

Michael must have heard it too. He asked, “What did Stan say just now?”

Thus, Sophia replied truthfully, “He said that your idol aura is too strong. He doesn’t want me to fall in love with you because it will end badly for me if I did.”

He hooked a finger under her chin and lifted her head. “Then, do you like me?”

His flirting skills were too amazing and she was securely caught in his aura. Then, she urgently turned her face away, her entire face blushing furiously. “Of course, I do.”

Do I like him?

She vaguely had an answer in her mind. Still, no matter what she wanted to say to him, her answer could only be yes!

Looking at her blushing face, he knew that his efforts today were not in vain. He leaned his face in and gently kissed her charming and provocative red lips.

She was no longer as nervous as she was before. Besides, she was on her period today. So, she didn’t need to worry about him trying to make a move.

To be honest, his kissing skills were terrible! Although he was the first person she had ever kissed, she vaguely knew that kissing shouldn’t feel like this.

How is this a kiss? He is simply using his tongue to twist my tongue about wildly! It’s making my tongue feel like I’m eating sugarcane—it hurts!

Many rumors swirled around claiming that Michael rarely shot kissing scenes. Even if he did have a kissing or sex scene, it was done by a stand-in or a reserved actor. It was rumored that he never acted in any intimate scenes.

The one and only sex scene he had acted in was with that female actress who jumped off a building out of depression.

Rumor had it that he was inflicted with a strange curse. Any female actress who was in intimate scenes with him would either die, become crippled, or get blacklisted and silenced.

Due to the so-called curse of his, he was enveloped in another layer of mystery that other actors did not have. Thus, he became more fascinating, attracting countless fans from across the world.

Others relied on scandals to increase their exposure and attract fans. On the other hand, Michael relied on his wife-jinxing curse to attract fans. Moreover, his fans knew that they could never be with their Lord, and took perverse pleasure in knowing that no one else would be able to have him either.

Nathan expressionlessly stared at the two people hugging each other on the bed like a pair of magnets. Then, he fiercely squeezed the little frog in his hands again. Croak!

However, the two of them did not react to the sound and continued to be immersed in their own little world.

Michael seemed to have entered a trance-like state of ecstasy. Sophia was kissed so hard that she found it hard to breathe, and her mind went blank. Then, she gradually sank into a brand-new state of mind. By then, she had lost all ability to think and could only instinctively match his movements to cater to him.

Nathan became angry, consecutively squeezing his little frog in protest. Croak! Croak! Croak!

Even so, the two lumps of magnets on the bed did not react.

Consequently, he became so furious that he spun around and continued playing his video game. Additionally, he turned up the volume of his game until it was very loud. Still, he couldn’t disturb those two. He played his game for a while, then turned back to look at them—they were still kissing.

Then, he continued playing his game for a while. When he turned back to look at them again, they were still stuck firmly to each other, seemingly without any intention of separating.

In the end, he was so angry that he climbed onto the bed, widened his eyes as large as he could, and stared at them.

However, Michael simply took the time to push his face away.

After a while, he huffily lay down on the bed. Then, he stared at the two people kissing passionately in front of him, silently protesting against their actions.

This is too much! There’s a child here!

By the time they finished kissing, Nathan had fallen asleep.

Sophia lay on her back, panting heavily. Her mind was still blanked out as if she had yet to extricate herself from the state she was in just now. When she came back to her senses, she realized that her face was blushing furiously.

What is this feeling… Is this the feeling of love? She seemed to be experiencing it for the first time. In the past, she remembered having a similar hazy and dazed feeling when she was with Richard. However, before she could comprehend what she was feeling, she had been viciously abandoned.

Rolling over, she shyly turned her back toward Michael. Then, she buried her face in the blankets, hiding her blush.

How embarrassing! I can’t believe I became aroused after being kissed by a huge pervert! I must not! What Stanley said is right! I must not fall in love with Michael! It doesn’t matter who I fall in love with, but it cannot be him!

That night, Sophia had a nightmare—she dreamt of Michael. All the classical roles he portrayed before in films appeared before her, one after the other.

At first, it was an effeminate man. Then, it was a pervert followed by a gentleman. Later, he became a fiendish demon. In the next moment, he turned into an Asian swamp eel that had transformed into a spirit. Several different variations of Michael came chasing after her, forcing her to flee all over the world.

In the end, the entire world was covered in eels. Then, she, who was fleeing in a panic, stepped on a gigantic Asian swamp eel and lost her balance, tumbling to the ground…

“Ah—” Sophia snapped awake in fear and sat up abruptly. Then, she noticed that she was covered in sweat.

Subconsciously feeling at the spot beside her, she realized that the warmth was gone and nobody was there—Michael had already left.

She drooped her head, feeling a sense of melancholy in her heart… However, her despair lasted no more than five seconds when she heard a loud bang.

Then, Michael walked out of the bathroom dressed in military uniform. He was already dressed and was fiddling with his military hat in front of the mirror. With that figure of his, dressed in a military uniform and standing at attention, he was stunningly handsome!

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 119

Sophia had been binging on Michael’s movies over the past two days. During that time, she heard the rumor claiming that he had acted in the roles of an effeminate man, a transexual dancer, a pervert, a villain, and even a moronic and domineering campus beau with Eighth-Grader Syndrome. However, he never took on any roles that were military-themed.

Therefore, she was probably one of the few people who had seen him in a military uniform.

After binge-watching his movies, she finally got what was so attractive about him. Thus, she nearly drooled when she saw how fit and stunning he was in his military uniform. Then, she suddenly realized something—it’s already daytime!

It’s broad daylight! But, he’s still here with me! It’s over! Tomorrow, the entertainment news will be plastered with the headlines: ‘Academy Award for Best Actor Winner, Taylor Murray, Slept Over at a University Student’s Room, Dispelling Wife-Jinxer Rumor!’ Then, I, Sophia Edwards, will drown in the drool of his fans! Just thinking about it is scary!

Then, Michael carried Nate, who was still deeply asleep and headed out the door. “Today is the grand military training parade. The Superb Company will be having a special tactical performance. Do your best; I’ll be watching you from below.”

On the other hand, she remained in a daze until the door closed behind him.

He’s going to be here today? That face of his is so ostentatious! No matter where he goes, he exudes the aura of an idol! Even if his nostrils were covered in greasepaint, it still wouldn’t be able to cover up the aura he exudes! If he’s here, won’t it cause a riot?

Sophia glanced at the time and saw that it was still early. Even so, she had to get up earlier to prepare. She also planned to get Stanley from next door to help her practice in a while.

In the end, she didn’t need to look for him. While she was dressing, Stanley was already knocking on her door. “Hey, Sophia! Wake up! Let’s practice a little before the military parade!”

Thus, she hurriedly straightened her clothes, smeared some greasepaint on her face, and ran out.

Upon opening the door, she exclaimed, “Oh my God! That scared me!”

Stanley stood outside the door with greasepaint exaggeratedly covering his entire face—so much so that even his mother wouldn’t be able to recognize him. There were three or four streaks of greasepaint painted on both his cheeks and a coarsely-drawn ‘King’ written across his forehead.

She was utterly speechless at his display. “Stanley, what the hell did you paint on your face?”

He didn’t want to do this either. “You know; most of the members in the Superb Company are from the Four Great Families. You see; we are pretty affluent. So, we want to keep a low profile. We usually maintain a very, very low profile in school. If we are too ostentatious when revealing our faces today, the school might get into trouble next time.”

That’s right; if the people in the school learned about Stanley’s identity, they would fawn over him until he was floating in the sky! No, he couldn’t fly even if he wanted to! He would have too many bootlickers hanging on to his legs! He wouldn’t be able to lift off from the ground!

She considered it briefly, then turned around and exaggeratedly smeared more greasepaint across her face—so much so that even her mother wouldn’t recognize her.

It’s okay; it’s enough as long as my husband and my son can recognize me.

Then, they found a place to practice and got into the groove. When they saw that it was almost time, they headed over to the training field where the military parade was held.

Along the way, they saw many students. Sophia had not seen any other students outside of the Superb Company in a long while. Thus, she couldn’t help feeling a sense of camaraderie when she suddenly saw so many other students.

Today, the students were very enthusiastic. It was probably their happiest day since entering the camp—even happier than when the crew went to watch ‘Doctor Invincible’! After all, there were too many reasons to rejoice that it was hard not to be happy!

Firstly, it was finally the day of the grand military parade. Once the military parade was over, it meant that the devilish military training was over. By tomorrow, they could get on the bus and leave this place! Finally, they no longer needed to sleep on bunk beds, eat military meals, and squeeze in time to shower!

Secondly, after the military parade, the best team would be able to eat dinner with Joel Fletcher!

Thirdly, the Superb Company was going to appear! The mysterious Superb Company had never trained together with the ordinary companies. It was said that most of the members hailed from the Four Great Families!

If one could have a wonderful and earth-shattering romance with a member of the Four Great Families, then they could even elevate the status of their entire family!

And lastly, Taylor Murray was coming!

“Will Miss Taylor really come and watch our military parade?” The girls were so happy they practically jogged toward the training field.

“How can that be fake? Didn’t you notice that even the setup of the barracks is different today? They mobilized a lot of the special forces to maintain order!”

“Our instructor also told us to behave ourselves today. The Lord is our senior, and he made a special trip to attend the ceremony as the guest of honor!”

When Stanley heard the news, he took off his hat in disbelief. Then, he rakishly ran his hand through his buzz cut. “Be good; Uncle Michael is coming!”

Then, Sophia came to a sudden realization—no wonder Michael swaggered out of her house this morning! He came here to attend the military training as a guest of honor!

In other words, he will be watching my performance from the rostrum? D*mn; that’s exciting!

She felt a powerful shudder running down her body. I must perform well in front of Tay Tay! I’m going to show him that the 10,000,000 he spent on me was well worth it!

Stanley was very excited too. He enthusiastically bounced about on the spot. “Uncle Michael is coming to watch my military parade! Woot! I must perform well!”

When they arrived at the training field, they saw that the setup today was different from before. There was a row of tables arranged on the rostrum, and the cards on the tables were marked with the positions of the leaders attending the ceremony. Joel, as the chief of the military training, sat in the middle. Beside him was a seat for the guest of honor. As everyone knew who it might be, they were extremely exhilarated!

Today, the atmosphere was unusually heated!

After the Superb Company had assembled, they sat down in their special seats. Most of the students failed to notice this corner as their attention was drawn toward the guest of honor’s seat.

The joint military performance today consisted of two parts—the joint performance and the military parade.

First up was the military parade in the morning. Then, the relevant leaders would give out scores to the companies. The results for the best team award and the best individual performance award would be announced during the joint performance in the afternoon.

The schedule for the entire day was rather packed—the military parade was held in the morning while the joint performance took place in the afternoon, and after that, there was a bonfire party at night.

At 9 AM, the military parade officially began. The entire army, consisting of more than a hundred companies, got into formation on the training field and stood at attention. They had undergone rigorous training for an entire month. Although they couldn’t compare to actual soldiers, they already exuded a militaristic demeanor. Moreover, the prize for the best team award and the best individual performance award was far too alluring. Therefore, everyone was putting 100% of their efforts into it as they stood in rows, looking very uniform and neat. From afar, they looked like tiny squares of green.

The military training uniforms for students were different from the military uniforms of the instructors. On the other hand, the Superb Company wore the same military uniforms as the instructors. Therefore, everyone assumed that the Superb Company were last-minute reinforcements dispatched to maintain order here. That being the case, no one paid them any notice.

Amidst the spectacular display of music, the hosts came on stage. The hosts were the top students chosen from those majoring in media and communications. The moment they stepped on stage, the hosts—one male and one female—exuded an amazing charisma.

“With this, the military parade ceremony for new students at Bayside University this year has officially begun! First, let us invite our leaders and our guest of honor to enter and take their seats!” The hosts were very professional, but their voices trembled a little with excitement. They had managed to restrain themselves rather well. Below the rostrum, the students were completely unable to control themselves as, one after the other, they gazed in the direction where the guests of honor were entering.

Then, amidst the military anthem resonating in the air, a bunch of special forces with real guns and live ammunition escorted several people onto the rostrum to take their seats.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 120

The first to appear was Joel. When Joel appeared, he brought with him the idol-like aura within the military. A bunch of girls started feeling excited. However, it wasn’t to the point of losing their rationality.

They could sneak glances at the commanding general every day after all. Therefore, there was some commotion throughout the army, but it was not on a large-scale.

Following behind him was a tall and slender man dressed in military uniform. His perfect body proportions highlighted his long legs; his upright posture in a military uniform exuded its own aura while his military hat perched neatly on his head.

The military hat covered what was once a head of unruly blond hair. Its rebellious and wayward nature had faded away, adding a trace of passion and mystery to the middle-aged military man. That man lifted the brim of his hat slightly and a handsome face was revealed to everyone.

Suddenly, the entire army became as agitated as a prairie during mating season—it was punctuated by heavy panting and moaning… No, screaming.

“Ahh! Ahh! Lord Winston!”

“Lord Winston came too!”

“Ethan! Ethan! Ahh! Ahh!”

Taylor mainly played in all sorts of specialized roles that required strong acting skills, including effeminate men, transexual dancers, perverted serial killers, and demons.

On the other hand, Harry was born with naturally thick and aggressive eyebrows as well as large eyes. Therefore, he mainly acted in tough-guy action movies. Occasionally, he also appeared in military-themed movies, portraying a lot of the classic military men roles.

Just then, he appeared in a military uniform, causing an unknown number of waves to ripple across the army. It was as if he was a walking aphrodisiac.

All he needed to do was simply stand there; he didn’t even need to take off his clothes but that was enough to cause all the girls in the vicinity to overflow with lust.

As soon as he appeared on the scene, the entire situation went out of control. Many of his fans fainted on the spot and had to be carried out for rescue.

“Lord Winston! Lord Winston! Lord Winston!” Stanley screamed out Harry’s stage name along with a bunch of young girls, acting like a crazy female fan.

Sitting next to him, Sophia stuck her fingers in her ears, thinking, If this is enough to make you all so excited, once my hubby enters the stage, won’t you be screaming out your lungs?

Sure enough, the chaotic situation that was in full swing just a moment ago suddenly fell silent in the next moment. Then, they watched as another man dressed in military uniform walked out after Ethan.

This man in military uniform was completely different from Ethan, who was a genuine, tough-guy type of military man. Although he was dressed in the same military uniform, he was wearing gentle-looking gold-rimmed spectacles.

His handsome nose and lips formed a perfect undulating arc; the brim of his hat covered his deep eyes, and a small gentle smile could be vaguely seen at the corners of his mouth.

He slowly made his way toward the guest of honor’s seat. Everyone could only see his side profile. However, just his side profile was enough to charm the entire crowd—the crowd was so mesmerized by his beauty that they fell into temporary silence.

Even Sophia was dazed by him. She knew that Michael had something called an aura around him. Everyone had an aura—it came from a person’s soul. Moreover, it was something that could not be concealed. As the saying goes: ‘one’s outward appearance was a manifestation of who one was on the inside’.

A person’s aura was completely decided by their soul and their personality. It would leak out unconsciously and reveal itself to the eyes of others. More importantly, it could not be hidden.

The hot-blooded military uniform and the elegant gold-rimmed spectacles were two different styles. However, they came together perfectly when worn on Michael’s body.

Sophia’s mouth was agape. Staring at Michael standing on the stage with his gold-rimmed spectacles, looking unbelievably gentle, she could only think of one thing—he’s the black sheep of the artistic circles! He is so handsome that it’s sickening!

The strange silence continued for a few more seconds until he sat down in the guest of honor’s seat. Then, earth-shattering screams and cries erupted suddenly from both near and far.

“Miss Taylor! Miss Taylor!”

“Lord, I love you!”

“Ahh! Ahh!”

“Uncle Michael, I love you! I will love you forever! Ahh! Ahh! My heart!” Stanley hugged his chest and yelled out energetically.

When Ethan appeared just now, the Superb Company had managed to exercise their restraint. However, when Taylor appeared, they could no longer retrain themselves, screaming shrilly along with all the other fans.

The shrill screams lasted for quite a long while—it was almost overwhelming. Michael had brought Nathan along with him. When Nathan heard the screams that sounded almost like howling wolves, his tiny brows furrowed, and he tugged at Michael’s clothes. Consequently, Michael waved his hand at everybody, then made a shushing gesture. Immediately, the screams disappeared in an orderly manner. In just a short while, it fell back into complete silence.

Sophia was completely dumbfounded. Is this the power of idols?

Due to the arrival of the two idols, the atmosphere was fully brought to life. Thus, the military parade had officially begun. Before the military parade could begin, Joel had to give a speech. While he was speaking, Company 1 to Company 10 stood by the sides and began to prepare for their formation.

They geared themselves up and prepared themselves to showcase a good performance in front of Joel and the idols. Every one of them was burning with morale and eager to strive for first place.

Joel started out encouraging everyone, then thanking them for their cooperation throughout the past month. Lastly, he said, “Every year, we prepare a grand surprise as the prize for the best team award and the best individual performance award in the military training. This year, for our grand surprise, I will be having dinner with those who were named the best team and the best individual performance!”

“Ahh!” a bunch of students screamed out.

After that, the military parade was supposed to start. However, for some reason, whether the hosts were too excited and added a dose of last-minute drama or the script was originally written as so, one of the hosts turned toward the two idols sitting in the guest of honor seats and excitedly said, “I wonder if the two idol seniors have anything to say to this batch of juniors this year?”

Thus, Michael went first and took the microphone. Then, the entire area fell silent—it was so silent one could hear a pin drop. Following that, Michael put on his actor face, smiling like a refined rascal as he pushed his serious gold-rimmed spectacles up his nose slightly. Then, he said, “Since the General has already presented himself as part of the prize, I cannot fall behind either. I will also join the winner of the best individual performance award in the military training for dinner.”

A sudden gasp rang out through the crowd—the students were both surprised and exhilarated. What did they just hear? Not only did the winner of the best individual performance award in the military training get to eat dinner with the commanding general, but they would also get to eat dinner with the Lord as well?

“Ahh! Ahh!” the students screamed until they nearly went mute.

Watching the exultant students, Joel maintained his expression of seriousness from just now. However, there was a trace of constraint in the depths of his eyes.

The hosts could barely remain calm as they handed the microphone over to Ethan. Then, Ethan joined in and followed up on the fun, using his cynical voice to say, “Winner of the best individual performance award, don’t forget to invite me when you’re out for dinner with Taylor!” He sounded flirty when he spoke and he instantly captured the hearts of the girls in the field with his actions.

As the idols were putting in an extra effort for them, the students felt the pressure on their shoulders increasing. After all, everyone thought of themselves as the best performing individual.

Sophia rolled her eyes. Ethan truly is a protective and possessive man! To think he wants to monitor Michael having a meal with another person alone! Then, why didn’t he come and stop us when Michael appeared in my room last night and intertwined his tongue with mine?!

Finally, the military parade officially began!

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