My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1109

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1109
A ‘Where Are We Going, Dad?’ season lasted for three days and two nights, and it would be edited into three episodes to be broadcasted across three weeks. Generally, the first day’s task was allocating the living quarters, and then they were to go to the villagers’ homes to borrow cooking utensils and buy ingredients so that the five fathers could make dinner.

The fathers also had to take care of their kids at night. They had to feed them, bathe them and put them to sleep. Those with daughters even had to brush the girls’ hair, and in order to make everything appear realistic, the film crew must not intervene unless necessary.

So, the ability of the father could be seen just by judging from the kid’s appearance and energy level.

This season consisted of three boys and two girls. Carmen was taken care of by Michael very well. Her hair was brushed neatly, and she had gotten up early in the morning in an upbeat mood when other kids were still sleeping.

After waking up, she even rushed over to wake Harry and Ashton, who were sleeping next door.

The breakfast was placed at a designated location, and each father had to get it personally. Those who came early would get meat, but the late arrivals could only get some watery congee.

Harry scratched his blond hair and followed Michael sleepily to get his breakfast. Fortunately for them, they were the first to arrive and so got the meat.

When eating breakfast, everyone also received the task for today. Each father would receive one hundred, and they had to bring their own kid to the market to buy food ingredients. The money was to buy the rest of their food for the next two days, so they had to calculate their food costs properly.

But because it was a rural area after all, the prices were not particularly high, so one hundred was still enough to buy food alone. But they still needed to calculate the costs carefully and take the kid’s taste buds into account. Besides, they had to cook for their kid as well. For many celebrity dads who never had to lift a finger to do house chores, this was a big challenge indeed.

There were two kids who began to cry as soon as they arrived yesterday. Having cried the whole day, the kids and their fathers were not in the best of condition. The village was much too rural for them, and their living quarters were small farmhouses borrowed from the villagers. They had to sleep in the dirt, and the toilet was just a hole beside the pigpen, not to mention the large number of mosquitoes buzzing about.

After breakfast, Carmen held the money in one hand and dragged her father’s hand with the other, then went to the market with great enthusiasm.

She was always the most energetic one.

The air in the village was very fresh, and the people were nice. When they arrived here, Michael felt that every pore of his body was enjoying the fresh air, and his whole body felt refreshed and very comfortable.

The morning breeze was gentle as the sun emerged from the horizon. At this time, the villagers were starting to herd cattle and sheep to the fields. Carrying Carmen’s husky bag, Michael sang while walking, “Ee-ya…”

Carmen mimicked him with her adorable voice. “Ee-ah…”

Ashton tugged hard on his godfather Harry’s hand. “Daddy, Carmen has gone far away!”

Harry lazily yawned and tried to keep up. Holding the money in his hand, he thought to himself that he could not cook anyway, so he might as well go and buy ten packets of instant noodles, which would be enough for days. But looking at that chubby little Ashton, he felt that it would be hard to explain to Hale if the boy became thinner when he returned. So, he hurriedly took the boy to find Michael.

I’ll partner up with Michael!

But the show doesn’t seem to allow the dads to partner up.

Whatever. I’ll buy everything Michael buys later and then put them all together in a pot. Everything will be fine as long as it’s edible.

After walking for a few minutes, they arrived on the main street. Michael immediately noticed the Dragon Eye mobile phone store.

Sophia’s business is really booming, isn’t it?

Dragon Eye was the exclusive sponsor of this season’s show, and this caused not only the entire crew to use the Dragon Eye mobile phones, but there were also advertisements and flyers everywhere in the village. Now, there was even a store selling those phones.

“Carmen, go get some change from that store so that it’s more convenient for us to buy food later.” Michael pointed to the Dragon Eye mobile phone store. Since the store allowed phone credit purchases, there must be a change there.

Most of the farmers sold their own vegetables in baskets they brought with them at the market they would be going to later. Since the participants’ phones were taken away, they couldn’t make any mobile payment, so they needed small change to buy food.

“Okay!” Carmen sweetly replied before she pushed the door to enter the store. After locating the cash register, she asked in her best voice, “Madam, may I get some change?”

Sophia, who had been waiting at the cashier’s desk for a long time, was energized.

Here she is! My darling daughter is here!

Wearing a large face mask, she lowered her head and nodded repeatedly. “Sure, sure.”

She opened the cash register to give Carmen the change. As she did so, she peeked at the little girl.

Oh my God! My girl is the cutest in the world!

Michael had also entered and was silently looking at Carmen.

The child had to grow up sooner or later, so he needed to let her do some things on her own.

Since arriving at the set, the father was not allowed to participate in any of the child’s tasks, such as going to other people’s homes to borrow utensils or to plough other people’s fields for potatoes. Those were the kids’ hands-on tasks that could train them to interact with others and get to know the real world.

Now that Carmen was going to get the change, Michael did not help her but silently watched from the side.

It was hard to move his gaze away from his daughter, but Michael finally took a glance at the cashier lady in the store who was wearing a rustic floral work dress.

At that moment, he was completely dumbfounded.

On the other hand, Sophia was so excited that her hands shook. She kept avoiding Carmen’s gaze as she lowered her head and put together a hundred in change for the little girl.

Standing on tiptoe, Carmen put the money on the glass counter, then counted it over and over again. After counting twice, she pouted in an aggrieved manner. “Madam, why did you give me less money? Look, look here, it’s missing…”

She recounted the money, and there was indeed less than a hundred in change. There were so many videographers and staff watching, and Sophia was afraid of being recognized by someone. Lowering her head, she hurriedly grabbed a few notes and whispered, “Sorry, here you go.”

When she got nervous, the tip of her nose became full of sweat, and her movements became even more harried. She quickly got a handful of small change for Carmen to choose herself.

Carmen took the exact amount she needed. Although the encounter wasn’t as smooth as she hoped, she still said very politely, “Thank you, Madam!”

Michael squatted down for Carmen to stuff all the change into her husky bag. Delighted at her success, Carmen squealed, “Daddy, I got the change!”

Michael nodded approvingly. “Did you say thank you to the lady?”

Carmen nodded. “Yes, I did.”

“And did you say goodbye to her?”

Carmen quickly turned around and waved at Sophia. “Bye Madam!”

The salespeople were all mesmerized by Carmen as they watched her leave with Michael.

Sophia kept her head down to avoid being recognized, but luckily no one seemed to recognize her.

However, the truth was that Michael had long recognized her. Even if she wore a face mask, she was still his own wife, and so even if she only revealed her foot, he was sure to recognize her.

But he did not expose her, as it would be bad for the entire filming session. He had heard that during the filming of the previous season, a mother suddenly came to the set, and the five kids had all started bawling their eyes out on seeing her. In the end, the filming was forced to halt for half a day.

When they arrived yesterday, two of the kids had also cried all day, causing the filming to be exceptionally difficult. Fortunately, Carmen was there to support the crew. Due to her not being camera-shy and also possessing a good performing spirit, the videographer gave her more screen time.

Michael thought that once Sophia had seen them, she would leave and not interfere further with the filming. Therefore, he did not expect that when they reached the market, he would immediately notice her squatting on the ground, wearing a face mask and selling sacks of potatoes.

He was completely speechless at the sight.

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