My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1106

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1106
Carmen’s secret space was small but beautifully decorated. However, it was a rather cramped space for Sophia and Michael to be seated together. Currently, the room was so quiet that the sound of Sophia counting the cash could be heard clearly. Since she had nothing else to do, she decided to count all the cash for Carmen.

While Michael wrapped one hand around Sophia’s shoulder, he flipped through Carmen’s account book with his other hand to read the daily record of her income.

‘16th June – Two autographed photos of Daddy. 100.’

‘17th June – Stroking the alpacas two times. 100.’

Oh wow, she’s such a hardworking kid. It’s really commendable that even though her family has some diamond mines, she’s still trying to make money on her own.

After going through the account book, Michael put it back and turned his head, only to see that Sophia was nodding repeatedly, and the cash was still in her hands. It seemed that she was about to fall asleep.

Clasping her hands, he said, “Go to sleep if you’re tired. You have to go to work tomorrow.”

Sophia had wanted to rub her eyes, but Michael hurriedly stopped her. “Wipe your hands first.”

There was a drawer that was filled with packets of disinfectant wet tissues. Since there were lots of bacteria on cash, Michael told the nanny to put some packets of disinfectant wipes in Carmen’s bag and made sure that she would wipe her hands clean after counting cash.

At the moment, Michael was helping to clean Sophia’s hands, which were slender and beautiful. Sophia opened her eyes slightly and watched his attentive expression.

He’s the most handsome man I’ve ever seen. His eyes are as bright as the stars, and his temperament is as warm as summer. What have I done to deserve his love? He’s like a mythical god who has descended into the human world to enchant us.

Even though they had been married for a long time, Sophia was still mesmerized by just looking at his profile. Unable to hold it in anymore, Sophia pounced on him and climbed on top of him.

Michael was still cleaning her hands when he was pushed to the ground, which caught him off guard.

Fortunately, a rug was placed on the floor of this secret space, and there were pillows as well. It was because sometimes Carmen would fall asleep here while she was keeping her secrets in this place.

Lying on the rug, Michael rested the back of his head on his hands and tipped his head back. He gave Sophia a charming smile, and as he watched her, his Adam’s apple visibly bobbed.

Seeing his smile, Sophia blushed, but she immediately tried to compose herself. Why would I still blush when we’ve been married for such a long time? But he’s looking straight into my eyes, which is quite embarrassing…

Then, she got on her feet and turned off the light. After that, she lowered her body and started touching her husband. Oh well, it’s so much better with the lights off. Now, I’m bolder to do anything I want…

After the intimate session, Sophia tried to retrieve Michael’s pants and put them on for him before turning on the light again.

Then, Michael got up and wore his pants properly. Seeing how bashful Sophia was, he was puzzled. “Why are you still so shy when we already have a daughter?”

Sophia looked away from him and put on her own clothes. Even though she was joyful, she still retorted, “I was just worried that you’d feel bashful!”

Hearing her reply, Michael wrapped his arms around her and kissed her. “I’ll be leaving with Carmen in two days. I will miss you.”

Two days later, Michael and Carmen had to go to the filming site of ‘Where Are We Going, Dad?’.

According to the contract, they had to participate in five episodes, and every episode would take three days to film. There were ten episodes in total for one season, so it would take them about one month to finish filming the show. After that, the show would be aired every Friday until the last episode for two months.

For these two months, Carmen had to stay with Michael on the filming site of the show.

‘Where Are We Going, Dad?’ was a reality show with challenging themes. For every episode, the dads had to stay with their kids outdoors for three days, and they would be filmed by countless cameras. Since the moms couldn’t tag along, the dads had to take care of their kids on their own.

Not only would Michael have to keep watch on his daughter, but he also had to complete missions like catching fish, herding sheep, cooking and so on. Moreover, the filming locations would be different for every episode; fishing villages, mountain villages, deserts, snowfields were all possible locations.

When Sophia learned that Carmen wanted to join the show, she objected to the idea. It was because Carmen was still too young, and she was worried that Michael wouldn’t be able to take good care of her. However, she gave in eventually because Carmen kept pleading with her to join the show. Since she had agreed to it, she couldn’t go back on her word.

“Are you sure you can take good care of Carmen? Can you help her put on her clothes, comb her hair and wash her face for her?” Sophia was extremely worried because all their actions would be filmed, and no assistant was allowed. Can Michael really do it?

Michael frowned. “Don’t you have trust in me? I was the one who took care of Carmen when she was a toddler.”

However, Sophia was still reluctant to see them go, even though they would come back three days later to take a rest before going back to the filming site for the next episode. They had to film for a few episodes before the first episode would be ready for broadcast.

Despite his assurance, Sophia was still worried because this was no laughing matter. They can’t bring an assistant with them. What if Carmen comes down with an illness and starts crying? How will he handle this?

To set her mind at ease, Michael explained that they would be followed by general practitioners and even pediatricians in case of emergencies. In fact, the pediatricians were hired by Michael.

At the age of four, Carmen had already worked as a walk-on for quite many times. So, she was able to control her emotions and wouldn’t throw tantrums for no reason.

Although there were only a few participants in ‘Where Are We Going, Dad?’, they were supported by more than a hundred behind-the-scenes staff members, who would ensure the kids’ safety. Furthermore, Michael was experienced in raising his own kid, so there was nothing to worry about.

On the first day of the filming, Michael and Carmen got into their private jet to get to the filming site. This time, they were heading for a village in the Central Cethosian Plains.

The fact that Taylor Murray was joining the show had got his fans feeling excited. On the way to the airport, Sophia kept reading related news on her phone, and she was left more worried.

Hopefully, Carmen will be able to do well in this season.

Before the departure, Sophia asked again, “Do you really not need me to go with you? Can you do this alone?”

Before Michael could speak, Carmen said in a serious and impatient manner, “Mommy, I’ve said countless times that moms are not allowed to tag along! It’s because moms will affect the kids’ emotions and slow down the filming progress!”

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