My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1103

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1103

“Anna, how was the talk?” Jordan came over and asked Anna in a hushed voice. His expressions and manner of speaking were that of a young man, who walked over and asked her how her day was upon seeing that his girlfriend was getting off work.

Seeing Jordan, Sophia turned pale in an instant. His hooked nose! He’s the real Jordan Edwards!

After taking over General, Jordan flashed a gentle smile at Anna, who didn’t appear to be joyful, but her gaze had apparently become more relaxed.

She replied, “The talk isn’t over yet. Why are you here?”

Keeping the smile on his face, Jordan said, “Because you’re here.”

Anna chuckled. “Let’s go.”

After that, all of them headed for Audistin. Sophia, who was still talkative moments ago, kept her mouth shut the moment Jordan appeared.

“Dad!” Linus shook Cooper, who was in a dazed state.

Coming to his senses, Cooper followed the rest of them to Audistin, but his legs became as heavy as lead. Although his expression remained impassive, fury was rising within him. Jordan Edwards!

While walking alongside Anna, Jordan turned his head around and shot Cooper a look and a smug smile.

Cooper did not utter a word, but his eyes were icy-cold.

After stepping into a private room in Audistin, all of them took a seat on the sectional couches in four groups: Sophia, Michael and their daughter; Linus and Cooper; Cade and Callum; Anna and Jordan. Anne sat in the middle of the last group to emphasize her special identity. On the other hand, Louis and Xena did not come with them.

After wine and food were served—Carmen had gotten her milk in a bottle—Anna introduced Jordan to all of them. “This is—”

Jordan interrupted her. “There’s no need for an introduction. We’re close friends.” Raising his glass of wine at Cooper, he said, “Cooper, we haven’t met for decades. How are you doing?”

Cooper replied dispassionately, “I’m alright.” He did not want to speak to Jordan.

Meanwhile, Linus and Michael kept staring at Jordan, for they hadn’t forgotten that the latter had tried to harm Sophia before.

Recently, Linus had uncovered many undercovers who were sent to work for the Michel Family, and he realized that Jordan had been secretly doing so for many years. The businesses of Michel Group and Ronney Group did not clash, but due to the fact that the Michels and the Yards were equally powerful, Jordan had been on high alert. Although Linus wasn’t certain whether this was Jordan’s decision, or if the Yards were involved in this as well, he had decided to keep an eye on both parties.

Meanwhile, Sophia did not seem to notice the invisible warfare between the men as she was talking about Anna’s umbrella and clothes. “Mrs. Yard, your umbrella is beautiful. Is it hand-made? Your clothes look exquisite as well. The fabric and stitching are impeccable. Where did you buy them?”

After warming up to Anna, Sophia started talking about business with her. Since the Yards were expected to stay in Bayside for some time, she had to get more projects from them.

Halfway through the discussion, Anne suddenly disrupted their flow. “Aunt Anna, can you go to the washroom with me?” She did not like how Sophia seemed so close to Anna. So what if Aunt Anna is willing to talk to her? I’m her only niece! She doesn’t have a daughter, so I’m like her daughter as well!

As Sophia was displeased by the disruption, her eyes darkened. What the heck! Not only does she want to pursue my dad, but she’s also trying to disrupt my business discussion!

Since Anna intended to use the washroom as well, she left the room with Anne.

“I’m going too.” Seeing that Anna was stepping out of the room, Cooper rose from the couch and followed them.

Anne was delighted, for she thought that Cooper was coming for her. Cooper and I love each other. If it weren’t because of Sophia’s interference, we would have gotten engaged by now.

“Excuse me. I need to use the washroom as well.” Jordan got up from the couch as well.

Seeing this, Linus decided to go with them.

Michael’s expression turned glum, but he did not follow them. Recently, he had been investigating the background of Jordan, and he found out that the current leader of the Edwards Family was actually Jordan’s illegitimate brother. Basically, the Edwards Family was run by Lucy, Ian, Sam and the substitute brother. On the other hand, the real Jordan Edwards had stayed out of the family business for a long time. So, why did he decide to appear at this point in time?

Since only the men were in the male washroom, they decided to stop beating around the bush.

Glaring at Jordan, who kept a smug smile on his face, Cooper declared, “Anna Yard is Annabel Johnson.” It was a statement rather than a question.

Looking at his own reflection in the mirror, Jordan combed his dark hair and raised his eyebrow. “Cooper, you’ve only discovered this fact three decades later. Aren’t you a little obtuse?”

Looking triumphant, Jordan started relating the past. “After I came across Anna, I started training her to be my secret agent. Initially, I had wanted her to deal with my stupid brother, Sam, but I did not expect that you would fall for her.”

Although Cooper had already found out about this secret, it was still unbearable to hear it from Jordan himself. Anna was really sent to me by Jordan. At this moment, their thirty years of love had ended in the cruelest way.

“Dad!” Seeing that Cooper was about to fall, Linus hurriedly supported his father’s weight.

Coming to his senses, Cooper laughed in self-mockery. I’ve known this fact for a long time. Why did I still ask Jordan about it?

Seeing how dispirited Cooper was through the mirror, Jordan grinned as he washed his hands and said, “What a shame. She failed in her attempt and almost lost her life. After I saved her, I discovered that she was an eligible heir to the Yard Family. Therefore, I helped her take control of her family. Now that our twin sons have grown up, the Yard Family fully belongs to us now.”

Yeah… They have a pair of twins… Cooper thought. Despite being enraged by the victorious smile on Jordan’s face, he remained silent and turned to leave, his expression glacial.

After shooting Jordan a glare, Linus left the washroom as well. Jordan has to be killed. It is for the sake of my sister as well as my father!

A moment later, Sophia was surprised to see that Linus had returned without their father. “Where’s Dad?” she hurriedly asked.

Linus replied, “He’s gone home.”

Upon hearing the answer, Sophia quickly fished out her phone. “Then I’ll tell the housekeeper to start preparing dinner for him.”

Soon, Anna and Jordan came back to the room as well, but Anne was nowhere in sight.

Anne and Cooper left at the same time! Alarmed at Anne’s disappearance, Sophia reckoned that Anne must have gone to pester her father.

At this moment, at the car park of Audistin, Anne just wouldn’t let Cooper go. “Cooper, please don’t leave. There’s still a chance for the two of us. My aunt is the leader of the Yard Family. If she agrees to our marriage, the others in the family won’t dare to disobey her. I’ll just have to tell her about it, and she’ll definitely—”

Before she could finish her words, Cooper stepped on the gas pedal in an impatient manner.

Staring at his leaving car, Anne stomped her feet in frustration and snorted. If Aunt Anna agrees to it, no one else will dare to object to her decision!

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