My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1102

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1102

Although the woman’s identity, as well as her face and temperament, had changed, Cooper knew that she was Annabel Johnson. Anna, what have you gone through all these years?

After the meal, the Yards decided to go home. As a centenarian, Mark did not have much energy to keep his guests company.

Before they left, Mark grabbed Cooper’s sleeve and said, “Cooper, I think the lady from the Yard Family is a good match for you. Why don’t you discuss it with Sophia? It’s time for you to look for a new partner.”

His eyes still fixed on Anna, Cooper nodded. “Alright.” She’s indeed a good lady, but…

Then, Cade rose from the couch and asked, “Mom, are you going to the Imperial Palace?”

Seeing the twins, Cooper was heartbroken, for they were Anna’s sons with another man. However, the twins’ faces reminded him of a man he knew. They are that man’s sons! At the thought of this, he clenched his fists.

Anna replied, “I’m going to fetch General at Sophia’s shop and stay there for a while.”

After taking a look at his wristwatch, Cade said, “I need to talk to Miss Edwards about something as well. Why don’t we go there together?”

Since they had nothing else to do for the day, he decided to visit Sophia’s shop. Currently, they were in partnership with Sophia’s Pourl to develop a series of luxurious items for pets. The products would be equipped with Michel Group’s latest technology, so they would be both functional and luxurious. It was said that the prototypes were ready, but he hadn’t had the time to take a look for the past few days.

Pourl had been expanding aggressively in recent years, which was why Cade saw the potential in her brand.

Hearing that they were going to Sophia’s shop, Anne immediately said, “I’m going as well.” Then, she grabbed Anna’s arm and pleaded, “Please, I want to go with you.”

Seeing this, Sophia felt disgusted because instead of talking to her own mother, Anne kept pestering Anna, as though she would rather be Anna’s child. What a snob.

Sophia had wanted to tell her father to go home first so that Anne wouldn’t have the chance to pester him, but he was already reaching for the door.

“Since Corrado is in your shop as well, I’m tagging along.”

After all of them left the house, Michael carried Carmen in his arms and followed them as he talked to Louis.

Eager to prove his innocence, Louis said, “Taylor, I didn’t mean to hide this from you, but it wasn’t the right time to reveal this to you. Now that Anna has taken full control of the Yard Family, some of the secrets can be revealed.”

With Carmen snoozing in his arms, Michael replied in a hushed voice, “It’s a miracle that Mrs. Yard could return to your family. Perhaps it’s destined that you would meet your daughter again.”

Thinking about his daughter, Louis sighed. As they were taking a stroll around the residence, he started relating his family history in a despondent voice. “At that time, I gave Anna away intentionally.”

Hearing that, Michael was stunned.

Appearing to be dejected, Louis continued, “The Yards had found out about the existence of Xena and Anna, who were a threat to them. They would never stop pursuing this matter if my daughters were not killed. Therefore, I had to give up one of them so that the other could be saved.”

His eyes reddened as he talked about the past. “After I got off the train, I passed Anna to a local farmer. She promised that she would take good care of my daughter. At that time, I was left with no choice because the Yards were trying to hunt us down. Even if I sought refuge from your parents, it would only be temporary. The only solution for us to survive was to give Anna away. Then, I told the Yards that I only had one child left, so we were not qualified to compete with them for the position as the leader of the Yard Family anymore. Thanks to the help from your parents, Xena and I managed to survive.”

Michael’s heart sank after he heard his story. Worriedly, he asked, “Does Mrs. Yard know the truth behind this?” If she knew, she probably would be resentful.

His eyes teary, Louis replied, “She does. By the time she was discovered by a servant from the Yard Family, she was already twenty. After she was brought home, she looked like a lunatic as she couldn’t even speak, nor did she know who she was. We had to teach her how to eat and drink properly from scratch. From there, she slowly overcame all the difficulties and eventually became the leader of the Yard Family. However, as her father, I couldn’t help her one bit in the process. She understood the situation I was in when I gave her up, so she wasn’t resentful of me. Instead, she killed all the Yards who had tried to hunt us down. But still… I was wrong to have given her away!”

Despite the heavy feeling in his heart, Michael now had a clearer picture of what had happened in the past. Then, he took out a piece of tissue and helped Louis wipe off his tears. He was in a difficult situation as well.

When all of them reached Pourl, they took a liking to the beautiful interior. Over the past few years, Sophia managed to expand her business and became an icon in the pet fashion industry. After showing them around, she asked the brand’s chief designer Ivan Snowden to come out and boasted about his achievements.

All this while, Anne had been holding Anna’s arm and talking incessantly beside her. On the other hand, Anna only gave her short and perfunctory replies.

While walking alongside Anna, Sophia introduced her shop to her. Although Anna didn’t utter a word, she kept nodding in approval. Following them, Cooper remained silent as he observed Anna secretly.

Meanwhile, Anne thought that Cooper had tagged along because of her, so she was in a jolly mood.

The prototypes of the luxurious items, which were made in collaboration with Ronney Group, were ready. On this day, many dogs had been sent to the shop as models that would try on the new products. After the photoshoot, the photos would be compiled as magazines, which would then be sent to targeted households.

As the chief model, Judge had arrived at the shop pretty early. After they were done with a set of photos, Judge could take a rest and be groomed at the same time. Wearing the latest dog chain and clothes, the dog sat still to let others watch it.

“These are the luxurious pet accessories we’ve made in collaboration with Ronney Group. We have matching sets for the owners as well. This item over here is for pets, which costs about a million. It’s embedded with Michel Group’s latest chip, which could be used for identifying the pet’s location and repelling fleas.”

Standing beside Anna, Anne asked, “Aunt Anna, can you bring me to Longbeach Fort tomorrow? I heard that Princess Cemetery over there is a beautiful place. I’ve always wanted to visit those places in Bayside. Aunt Anna, please…”

Anna was annoyed because Anne was such a troublesome young lady. In contrast, she loved how mature and intelligent Sophia was.

After the tour around the shop was over, Anna had to leave with General. Seeing this, Sophia hurriedly offered to bring her to Audistin for a cup of coffee and talk about the possible collaboration between Plum Technology and Ronney Group so that they could make more money together.

“Dad, you have to come as well.” Sophia wanted her father to have a discussion with Anna on the possible partnership between the two families.

Upon hearing that, Cooper was elated. Even if Sophia never told him to do so, he would still tag along no matter what.

However, as soon as they stepped out of Pourl, they saw a man in his fifties who was clad in a black shirt. Despite his age, he still looked elegant and handsome. By just standing outside the shop, he could attract the attention of many young ladies.

Seeing the man, Cooper stopped in his tracks.

“Dad, why are you here?” Cade was shocked to see the man outside the shop.

Sophia turned to look at that man, whose handsomeness hadn’t been weathered by age, and his hooked nose was as pointed as ever. The real Jordan Edwards has appeared!

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