My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1100

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1100

Did Cooper realize something? It seems that some secrets are destined to be uncovered! Michael and Linus went after him as well. When Sophia got downstairs, she saw Cooper standing in front of the house while watching the person with an umbrella approaching them. His gaze was fixated on her as her figure gradually came into view. Slowly but surely, the woman’s dainty figure took all of his attention, gradually overlapping with the figure of the woman from his memories.

At that moment, Sophia tugged on his sleeve before asking in a lowered voice, “Dad, what’s the matter?” Cooper remained unresponsive to her, as if not noticing her presence at all. Looking up, Sophia noticed the woman with an umbrella walking up to them from afar, immediately recognizing the latter as Anna Yard. Therefore, she quickly tugged on Cooper. “Dad, don’t stand in the middle of the road. You’re blocking her way.”

Upon hearing her words, Cooper moved aside, but his eyes were still fixated on Anna. While on her way to the house, Anna saw Sophia from afar. In fact, she was expecting to meet Sophia here. Meanwhile, Sophia was guessing that Anna managed to secure a truce with the government of Cethos by donating all the artefacts she collected, which was the reason why Mark invited her to the house. Thus, she quickly greeted Anna. “Mrs. Yard, it’s great to see you. My grandfather and I have been expecting you.”

In the meantime, Anna put the umbrella away while tucking her hair away from her face. Although she was already over forty years old, she still looked attractive and way younger than her age. Her beauty was both temperamental and physical, for despite her relatively light makeup, she was still immeasurably beautiful.

Beauty came in all shapes and forms; some would wear beauty over their physical frame, whereas some exuded it from within, and Anna was classified as the latter. Even if the Yards were no longer royalty, their nobility and grace were embedded deeply within them; they simply oozed beauty and grace.

Meanwhile, Anna said, “I’m sorry for being late. I was attending an interview with Focal Point, which was produced by Cethos Central Television, so I was held up.”

Even Michael had only been on the program once! I didn’t even get the chance to be on it! Sophia was in awe of Anna. “Come on in! It’s searing outside.”

In a few strides, Anna had one leg on the steps, exposing one of her calves. Every single inch of her fair skin screamed exquisiteness, and it was as if she was a princess from a long lost empire. She already saw Cooper from afar, who was standing beside Sophia in all his glory, so she asked, “Who might he be?” Since she had seen Cooper’s photos, she knew who he was, but she still chose to inquire politely on his identity regardless.

Unexpectedly, Sophia began introducing her father to Anna with much pride. “He is my father, Cooper Mitchell! He is the head of the Mitchell Family in Bayside City, as well as the president of Mitchell International Energy and Technology. Other than that, he is also Mark Fletcher’s godson.”

When Anna heard that, she finally realized who he was. No wonder Cooper Mitchell looks so familiar. So he is Sophia’s father! They sure bear semblance to each other now that I take a closer look. “Hello, I am Anna Yard, president of Ronney Group. It’s a pleasure to meet you.” She extended her fair arms toward Cooper.

Meanwhile, Cooper checked on her hands to see that she was wearing a delicate ring that used to symbolize the power of the Yards back when they still ruled as ancient royals. The ring had been passed down for centuries, and while it used to be an apparel exclusive to the reigning monarch, it now belonged to the head of the Yard Family. Extending his hands stiffly, Cooper shook her hand. A shudder traveled down his spine as soon as he did so, but he maintained his composure while speaking monotonously, “The pleasure is mine.”

They let go after exchanging a brief handshake. As Anna made her way into the house, Sophia walked alongside her, engaging with her in a friendly conversation. “Why is General not with you?”

Anna replied, “I sent General to be bathed in your shop.”

“Oh, that’s great! You can come pick your cat up later on, and we can spend some time together!”

Watching Anna’s figure from behind, Cooper shuddered slightly, then he suddenly laughed. Back when he just found Sophia, and upon having the doctor tell him that she survived, he laughed in the same jubilant, yet agonized and self-deprecating manner. After he did so, he turned around while tears stained his cheeks, which was something that had never happened ever since he found Sophia.

He could recall in vivid detail everything regarding Annabel Johnson. Her right hand was slender and pretty, embellished with lustrous nails, but the only flaw on it was that the joints on her index finger were much bigger compared to her other fingers. Thus, she always made sure to wear some sort of apparel around it to cover it up. Anna Yard had a similar bone structure, which was why she could wear the huge ring around her finger.

Thirty years had passed, during which the woman had been physically transformed by the circumstances that she was met with. Also, there was a drastic change in her temperament. However, instead of searching for those physical traits that resembled Annabel, Cooper could recognize her soul, which had him lamenting internally, My Anna is back! She is finally back!

After regaining his composure and returning to the main hall of the house, everybody was already seated, engaging in pleasant conversation with each other, with Michael being one of them. Meanwhile, Carmen had somehow ended up on Anna’s lap. While holding onto Carmen, Anna looked at the child closely. She sure seems bright. She has a bright future ahead of her.

The more Anna looked at Carmen, the more she took a liking to the girl, which caused her to regard Carmen with a gentle look on her face. It melted the harsh exterior she usually wore, revealing her softer side as a normal rich lady. After a while, she asked Carmen a question. “What’s your name? How old are you?”

Meanwhile, Carmen could sense the underlying kindness in the beautiful lady who was holding her, so she replied with all seriousness, “Miss Beautiful, my name is Carmen Sophia Fletcher. People call me Carmen, and my other name is Gianna Michel. I am four years old!”

Amused by Carmen’s introduction, Anna took off the bracelet she was wearing before showing it to the latter. “Can I present you with a gift?”

Despite her longing for the bracelet, Carmen decided she had to at least show some decorum, so she turned down the offer. “That won’t do! Mom told me to never take other people’s things without good reason, so I can’t take this!”

With a smile, Anna was somehow beginning to perceive Carmen as a sweet little girl with a radiance about her. She loved holding the girl in her arms. “It’s okay; I have a lot of other trinkets like this.”

After a few more rounds, Carmen finally took the bracelet while putting up a show. Then, she said sweetly, “Miss Beautiful, why don’t I perform a Bear Dance that is being passed down in the Fletcher Family for you to see?”

Seeing that Anna agreed to it, Carmen got down from the lady’s lap and began dancing. She was a talented performer just like her father, and her expressive moves could easily hype any situation up. With her presence, she managed to ease the awkward atmosphere between both the Fletchers and the Osbornes after their failed arrangement.

Meanwhile, Anne had been sitting beside Anna, but she didn’t even have the chance to speak to Anna despite the fact that it was hard for Anna to be able to make time for a gathering like this, as all of Anna’s attention was focused on Carmen. While Anne was watching grimly, Carmen finished her dance, only to be pulled into Anna’s arms once again. Anne took the chance to approach Anna while calling out to the latter. “Aunt Anna—”

However, Mark interjected with a stern look on his face before she could say anything else. “Alright, let’s get down to business!”

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