My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1098

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1098

Upon witnessing Mark trying to sell his godson off, Michael quickly sipped on his tea to stifle a laugh, as it was an oddity to see Cooper being regarded as a prospective partner. At that moment, Stanley scanned the room as soon as he snuck in. After risking his life to ask for confirmation from his family that he wasn’t in fact the protagonist for the day, he decided to drop by, seeing that he no longer had a target on his back.

He was curious as to how Louis managed to connect with the Yards out of the blue, all the while wondering what was the relationship between the Yards and the Fletchers, as well as the objective of their meeting.

As soon as he got in, he heard Louis say, “Why don’t you check out my granddaughter, Anne? I think your godson is a great match with her. Anne, come over here. Let Mark take a closer look at you.”

Louis presented Anne to Cooper and Mark with much enthusiasm. Before Cooper could react though, Stanley let out a cry that bordered on dismal. “What the f*ck?”

At that same moment, Michael spat out his tea, whereas Mark stared daggers at them. “We have some important guests here, so you’d better behave!”

Even then, Stanley was still staring at them in bafflement, whereas Michael tried his best to stifle his laugh while wiping the tea he spat out with some tissues. It was the first time ever that Michael lost his cool like that, but the situation was way too unexpected. Nobody could’ve predicted that.

However, he decided that he couldn’t agree more to the proposition of marrying Cooper to Anne. He figured that their marriage would be a passionate affair that would soon produce multiple children, ensuring he could have some alone time with Sophia. Other than that, Cooper could no longer pick on him for his age if he were to have a young father-in-law himself, more so when he might very well be older than the latter! The fact that the Osbornes had been regarding Cooper like one would their son ever since he entered the room now made more sense to Michael.

Meanwhile, Cooper’s lips twitched as he was at a loss of words, whereas Mark nudged his reading glasses slightly to examine Anne. Although she looks decent…

“Louis, you have a fine young lady here, but… Isn’t there too much of an age gap between her and Cooper? He is already forty-five years old, whereas she is still in her early twenties.”

Hearing that, Xena quickly replied, “It’s only a twenty-year age gap, so it’s not that much. Besides, Mr. Mitchell is such a successful man, so he is the perfect match for my daughter!”

Cade quickly chimed in, “Mr. Mitchell is only a little over forty, which is the prime time of his life. Most established men married wives who are in their late teens, so this is quite a reasonable match.”

On the other hand, Callum showed his support as well. “I am inclined to agree with that. Isn’t Mr. Fletcher more than ten years older than his wife? With that in mind, a twenty-year age gap isn’t that far-fetched.”

Throughout their conversation, Anne was listening shyly, but she still held hope regarding the situation, expecting Cooper to make his position known. Meanwhile, Mark was gradually convinced by the rest of them. Although there was quite a huge age gap between Anne and Cooper, Cooper did have his pick of women considering how outstanding he was. After all, he was one of the most sought after bachelors in the world.

Besides, Anne was born to a clan of scholars, which served as a guarantee to her character and talents, but the most important of all was that her parents agreed to the union. Therefore, Mark thought the marriage was a fair deal, but he still felt the need to ask for Cooper’s opinion. “Cooper, what do you make of the arrangement?”

Throughout the ordeal, Cooper had kept his silence. While he was constantly complaining about the fact that Michael was only five years his junior, he would be in the same boat as him if he ever married Anne. Besides, he had no interest in her whatsoever despite the fact that Mark seemed quite keen on the idea. However, he wasn’t able to find the right reasons to refute him, nor could he embarrass both Mark and Louis in public, so all he could do was to buy himself more time. “I can’t decide on this just yet. I’ll discuss this with my children when they’re here.”

Since Sophia hated Anne so much, she would definitely be infuriated by the news, which would give him a reason to turn down the offer. Meanwhile, Mark nodded in agreement before saying, “He’s right. We’re not in a hurry, so we can wait till Cooper’s children arrive.”

Hearing this, anxiousness pervaded Anne, but she was also determined to do her best in front of Cooper’s children. She wondered who they might be, and judging from what Xena told her, they were present last night. They were both around eighteen years old, which marked them as being a little younger than her. After that, she continued to pay close attention to what Mark was saying.

Mark was telling Louis about Cooper’s children. “Both his son and daughter are outstanding people. His daughter graduated from Bayside University. I bet everybody knows about it, right? Bayside University, the top uni in the country, ranked among the top ten unis in the world. It’s hard to even get enrolled in there, but she enrolled as the top five students of the course that she was studying! Although she only studied for a bachelor’s degree, she set up her own company before even graduating uni, and the company is now already a listed company! On the other hand, my grandson—my little muffin—is even better! Not only did he get multiple doctorates, but he also owned his own listed company! Both of them are as illustrious as my godson! It is as they say: like begets like!”

Louis was ever more satisfied by his prospective grandchildren-in-law. On the other hand, Anne was also looking forward to meeting Cooper’s children, determined to earn their respect as well as to prove herself to be a good mother. Stanley, however, was exasperated by the development. And as for Michael, he continued to sip on his tea to disguise his smile; for the first time ever in his life, he had a hard time containing his joy. Coming back to Cooper, he was glaring at Michael morosely for just standing by, watching him getting humiliated, and he silently noted that he would teach Michael a lesson when they got home.

All of them waited in anticipation until Cooper’s children finally arrived.

“Dad!” An animated yet graceful voice came through before any of them entered the room, whereas Cooper shot up from his seat to head in the direction of the voice. “My daughter! You’re finally here. Come on, meet our guests.” This will work out. Sophia complained to me about Anne throughout dinner last night, so she will never agree to the union. Both Linus and her will definitely object to this!

Mark was also waving gladly at them. “Lil Linas, you’re finally here! Come quickly, as I have good news for you!”

Incredulity was written all over Linus’s face. My name is Linus, but that’s not my surname. And neither is Linux my name nor… Lil Linas.

On the other hand, Anne stood up from her seat, intent on giving Cooper’s children a decent first impression, only to see Sophia coming in happily while holding onto Cooper’s arm. “Dad, who are our guests today?” she asked Cooper.

The room fell silent as all of the Osbornes were stunned. While they stared at Sophia in awe, Anne was shook to the core as she could only watch as Sophia and Linus entered the room, whereas Sophia was holding onto Cooper, all the while addressing him as her father. Meanwhile, Linus walked beside Cooper, showing off their identical eyes, as well as having a similar aura about them. It was apparent that Cooper’s children were none other than Sophia and Linus.

Anne’s face was drained of color, and her voice shuddered as she stuttered, “You… Sophia, how could you be Cooper’s daughter? Aren’t you an Edward? Cooper is a Mitchell, so why did you take on another surname?” This is impossible! Sophia can’t possibly have someone as perfect as Cooper as her father!

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