My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1092

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1092

Louis Osborne is going to change his last name?This was the first time Sophia ever heard of this. “Master Osborne is going to change his last name? Why didn’t I know about that?” she asked in puzzlement.

Snorting, Sandra crossed her arms. “If you hadn’t known about it, you and your husband wouldn’t have been ingratiating yourselves to him so ardently,” she snarled in a scathing manner. “Cut this ignorant act of yours! I can tell your thoughts plain and clear, so stop dreaming about other people’s wealth. Sooner or later, Anne Osborne will be the daughter-in-law of the Mitchells! Her status is lofty, so you’re not worthy of speaking to her when you all are nothing compared to her!” After uttering these insulting remarks, she spun on her heels and left.

Sophia, on the other hand, was mystified.What has Louis Osborne changing his last name got to do with me? And what’s all that about the daughter-in-law of the Mitchells? As long as Anne Osborne isn’t flirting with my brother or my nephew, I don’t care who she wants to seduce! Anyway, Sandra brought a lot of handsome young men from the Mitchell Family here today, so it seems that she’s determined to win Anne over. Speaking of that, she seems to be behaving these days, no longer doing anything dumb.Sophia had been collecting evidence of her crimes, and it was almost enough to have her convicted.

Then, Sophia returned to the exhibition hall, only to be greeted by the sight of Michael carrying Carmen in his arms while talking to a few veterans in the art and literary industry. The previous time, he’d invited a group of veterans in the art and literary industry to make a guest appearance in a Hollywood blockbuster which resulted in a huge uproar in the Cethosian art and literary circle. Thus, many veterans were now standing in line, hoping that he could help them make a debut in a blockbuster. They weren’t even concerned about having any pay or lines, for they were satisfied with merely an appearance just for sensationalism’s sake.

Cooper wasn’t back yet, but Sophia caught sight of Linus seriously studying paintings everywhere. Of course, he was a true connoisseur of art, not a dilettante. All of a sudden, something occurred to Sophia, and she excitedly rushed forward to drag him toward the front. “Come and have a look, Linus!” She dragged him into the crowd like a childish sister who wanted to share a new toy she’d seen with her brother.

Holding her petite hand, a wealth of warmth filled Linus’ heart.It’s really nice to have a sister! I once thought that this was love, but I’ve finally understood that it’s a bone-deep familial bond!

Sophia pulled him into the crowd where a group of veterans were showcasing their artistic talents. Since this was Louis’ solo exhibition, many veterans who seldom made public appearances attended to exchange ideas with each other. At this time, a painter was wielding a brush as he did a color painting of a humongous yellow dog with its tongue hanging out. The painting was vivid and lifelike since it was done by an expert. Now, it was on the verge of completion with just the finishing touches left. The name of the painting was Lucky, and the dog in the painting was none other than Linus’ Lucky!

As joy flooded Linus, Sophia explained, “I commissioned this painting. Look how photogenic Lucky is!” The painting was fabricated from the videos and photos taken by Sophia. It was undeniable that the veteran had remarkable talent, for he managed to capture the dog perfectly just after a few looks at the videos, especially the look in its eyes. He painted it on the spot, and the painting was completed in no time. After paying for the painting, Sophia carefully took it. Meanwhile, Linus grew increasingly fond of the painting as he gazed at it, a contented smile blooming on his face.

The siblings then found a place to sit. Thereafter, a server came over with drinks and snacks. Linus sat there admiring the painting, while Sophia took a sip of juice as she scrolled through her cell phone, looking at the stock and real estate markets as she took a breather.

The few stocks under Michel Group which Linus split and listed weren’t doing too good recently. Michel Group was extremely stable internally, but it couldn’t withstand the rumors flying around outside. Nonetheless, Linus didn’t seem to be doing anything about it. Instead, he seized the opportunity to purchase loose stocks in bulk when people sold off Michel Group’s stocks. After all, the more shares he had in hand, the greater his power in Michel Group and the Michel Family. Michael had also taken the opportunity to purchase tons of stocks.

Meanwhile, Plum Technology that was jointly founded by Sophia, Stanley, and the others had also developed from a company into a corporation after its rapid development over the years. It had established many divisions and expanded into various industries, from the initial online games, applications, websites, and live streaming to computer games, movies and even agencies. Likewise, it’d also been split into several subsidiaries to be listed, and a few stocks were doing pretty good. What’d once been a cottage industry by a few university students was now a multi-disciplinary mammoth entity.

Out of the blue, Sophia felt the air turning heavy. Raising her head, she spotted a crowd of people consisting of both males and females standing beside her and Linus, all young and bearing Alex’s crest.

As Sandra and the array of Mitchells stared at Sophia and Linus with stark hostility, Linus surreptitiously put away the painting in his hand before lifting his head and looking at them warily. “What is it?” Similarly, Sophia pinned her eyes on them vigilantly.

Stretching out a hand, Sandra thrust it before Sophia. “I want Anne Osborne’s Phoenix Harp. Give it to me.” After learning from Anne that Sophia had taken her beloved harp, she immediately thought of getting it back from Sophia so that she could claim credit before her.

“Oh, you want my Phoenix Harp?” All at once, Sophia understood her intentions. Propping her cheek with a hand, she stabbed at the pulp at the bottom of the juice with her straw. Then, she lifted her eyes to the Mitchells who were staring at them viciously. “I’m sorry, but I donated it to the ancient Imperial Palace museum. It’s now national property, so do seek out the ancient Imperial Palace if you wish to have it.”

Sandra went ballistic. “You dare donate the harp Master Osborne gave you? Do you have any shame?”She’s claiming that she donated such a priceless Phoenix Harp just like that? I’ll never believe that!

Sophia chuckled leisurely. “That’s right. The harp was given to me by Master Osborne, so what has my disposal of it got to do with you?”

At this, Sandra lost her temper and slammed her hands on the table. “Give it to me! If you don’t hand the harp over today, I’ll dig up your father’s grave!”

The lounge area was adjacent to the exhibition area, but there were just a handful of people resting there at this time. The moment Sandra slammed her hand onto the table, the few Mitchells there spread out and blocked the people’s inquisitive gazes. Thus, they could only see a group of people surrounding Sophia and Linus, but the conversation was lost to them.

Upon seeing Sandra’s desperation, Sophia realized that the harp was quite important to her.After all, it’s a crucial element in currying favor with Anne Osborne!“I’ve truly donated it, so it’s been taken away by the ancient Imperial Palace,” she drawled in exasperation. In fact, she’d already braced herself for the possibility of her harp becoming a national cultural artifact.

Sandra had long since expected that Sophia wouldn’t possibly give it to her so easily. Crossing her arms, she stared at the two of them, her gaze moving back and forth between the siblings. Suddenly, she gave a bark of laughter. “Are you two truly siblings? You don’t resemble each other at all. Cooper is probably crazed for a son, so he simply acknowledged someone as his son.”

Both Sophia and Linus said nary a word. They were indeed not alike in looks, so much so that even Cooper himself doubted it. He even had a test done between them, only to have the test results indicate that the possibility of them being biological siblings was 99%. The experts themselves were likewise astonished as it was the first time they’d ever seen such a pair of twins since the probability of it happening was very low, scientifically speaking. Linus mostly inherited genes from his paternal grandmother, while Sophia dominantly inherited genes from the maternal side of her family.

When Sandra saw that they were both ignoring her, a wave of utter humiliation swept across her. All of a sudden, she seemed to have thought of something, so she commented maliciously, “I heard that you like men, Linus. You’re Cooper’s only son, so he’ll likely… die without descendants, huh?”

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