My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1089

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1089

Anne figured that they weren’t on her level. While she made her way toward her grandfather due to Sandra’s provocation, she bore in mind that she would never marry Linus. Despite his good looks, the knowledge of him being a lowly b*stard son made her sick.

However, she recalled something that made her stop in her tracks before she got to Louis. In front of her, Louis was enamored of Linus, seeing the latter as a cut above the rest. “Come, consider this a competition!” Louis invited Linus to join him.

On the other hand, Linus was also honored to be given the chance to compete against someone of Louis’ magnitude, so he replied politely, “If that’s the case, please bear with me.” Dipping his brush in ink, he wrote down a few words on the paper in a flurry of movement that said: ‘The supreme good is like water, which benefits all of creation without trying to compete with it.’

Upon laying eyes on what he wrote, Louis was both shocked and astonished as he clapped his hands. “This is incredible!” He never expected a foreigner like Linus to be able to produce such exquisite calligraphic work. Besides, Linus’ brush work was a direct portrayal of how extraordinary he was. Not only was he a noble person, but his calligraphic work also looked gorgeous.

The crowd gave Linus a round of applause too, as it was rare for a foreigner to be able to speak so fluidly in their language, say less of being able to produce such exquisite calligraphic work. Meanwhile, Louis was nodding his head while checking out the work Linus produced. This is great! I must try to get him to marry Anne!

From afar, Anne was watching begrudgingly as Sophia and her family were having a nice time with Louis. Those bunch of degenerates are just crazy for riches! They are being delusional for thinking that they might be able to enjoy the riches of the Osbornes just by getting on my grandfather’s good side!

“Look! That scumbag is so eagerly showing off his skills to your grandfather! You should hurry up and tell your grandfather the truth!” Sandra was relentless in her provocation, as she was afraid that the senile fool might end up accepting Linus as one of the Osbornes. Xena was Louis’ only daughter, who gave birth to Anne, who was also an only daughter.

Marrying Anne meant that one would be able to get their hands on all of Louis’ riches, as well as all that he represented, so Sandra wanted to prevent Linus from marrying Anne at all costs. She already sent out a few men in an attempt to seduce Anne as she didn’t want to hand her over to Linus and Sophia.

Meanwhile, Louis was scanning his surroundings in search of Anne. He needed Anne in order to secure Linus’ hand, as he liked the man a lot. He managed to uncover a lot of information regarding Linus. Not only was he the uncle of Michael Fletcher, who happened to be Louis’ idol, but from the looks of him, Louis determined he was also a noble and compassionate man. If Anne was too late to the game, someone else might snatch him away for good. Besides, judging from the delighted expression on both of their faces when they conversed, Louis surmised that there had to be something going on between them.

However, Anne was hiding from him in the meantime, which confused Sandra. Although Sandra tried to urge Anne to expose Linus, Anne refused. “Now isn’t the time as I need to hide. I will have my mother and aunt do it instead when they come over later. My grandfather is on cloud nine now, so he might prohibit me from reclaiming my surname in the future if I disobey him in public.”

Sandra figured she was right, as Louis was a calligrapher after all. Even if he got to dine with the president, and the president hung one of his paintings in his office, Louis still didn’t hold much power, nor was he rich. The nobility of the Osbornes lay with their original family name, as Osborne was the name that they took on later in time. If Anne was able to reclaim her original surname, she would be able to rise to the top of the ranks of society, but she had to have Louis’ consent to be able to do so.

In the meantime, Louis was absolutely enamored for both Sophia and Linus, which far exceeded his love for Michael, whereas Carmen was on another level of her own. What an outstanding pigeon pair! He liked all of them, so much so that he had the urge to forge marital ties with their family right on the spot.

Meanwhile, Sophia was searching for Cooper while Linus and Louis were talking about one of Louis’ artwork. However, Cooper was nowhere to be found. Last seen admiring Louis’ works alongside Linus, she didn’t know where he went after that. Having been a fan of Louis’ for years, the exhibition was a prime occasion to introduce Cooper to Louis. Knowing that Cooper wouldn’t get a second chance like that, Sophia excused herself to go on a search for him.

Although the venue wasn’t huge by any measure, Cooper was nowhere in sight, so Sophia figured he might’ve gone to the lounge next door. However, Sophia was intercepted by Anne while on her way to the lounge area after exiting the venue.

Anne was practically shrieking in her face. “You and your brother should stop being delusional! I will never marry your brother! Scum like him doesn’t deserve me, so tell him to give up on his tricks! Even if my grandfather likes him, marriage won’t be possible if he doesn’t have my parents’ consent! We’re free to love anybody we choose to, so don’t assume that you guys have a chance by getting on my grandfather’s good side! I have a long line of suitors, and your brother is but a lowly scum that I won’t even spare a glance at!”

Upon noticing Anne’s confrontational and grim attitude, Sophia was startled, as she remembered it was Anne who initiated contact with Linus. Following that, she examined Anne from head to toe, taking in the eye-catching style of her clothing. It consisted of a tailor-made flax dress that gave off an artistic air, while her waist-length hair and fair complexion made her look almost otherworldly.

Glancing at Sandra, who was watching expectantly from the sidelines, Sophia quickly figured out that Sandra must’ve badmouthed Linus in front of Anne. It had its own merits, as it would prevent Anne from getting any closer to Linus. Therefore, Sophia put on her brightest smile while agreeing to everything that Anne said. “Yes, that is true. My brother is not only a scum, but a bisexual too. He likes men, so you’re way out of his league. Yes, you have a long line of suitors, so he wouldn’t have a chance even if he wants to date you, as he’ll never get his turn. My family is neither rich nor famous, and my husband’s career is dwindling, so we wouldn’t even dream of getting our hands onto your family’s riches.”

However, Anne didn’t seem to appreciate Sophia’s words, as she snorted before lashing out. “Did you think I have no idea what you have in mind? Don’t even think about it, you sinner! I am of noble birth, so your brother can’t even remotely compare to me!” Mention of her nobility caused her to stand proud while exuding an air of superiority. “I’ll tell you that I am—”

As if being reminded of something, Anne hurriedly covered her mouth, but she maintained her prideful smile. “I can’t tell you now, but you’ll know when the time comes.” Having said that, she turned to leave, feeling all ostentatious while calling out to Sandra. “Sandra, let’s go! I’ll introduce you to my cousin!”

That was the moment Sandra was waiting for, so she went after Anne delightfully. Left behind in confusion, Sophia thought, That nutjob! Even Sean would look better than her if he wore a wig! What the heck is she so proud of? Linus wouldn’t even spare her a glance!

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