My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1088

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1088

Louis would also like to meet Linus, so he said, “Alright, do invite me over for a visit someday. Your daughter sure is talented!”

Upon hearing him say so, it dawned on Michael that Sophia’s family seemed to be talented in calligraphy. Cooper’s works were so impressive that it could easily be used as an example while teaching calligraphy. Although Linus grew up in a foreign environment, he liked calligraphy and was somewhat good at it.

On the other hand, Sophia’s calligraphy was also stunning. Despite having lost her memory, she quickly picked up the skills once again. Carmen wasn’t half bad at it, seeing that she could already hold a brush. Michael knew Annabel’s writing was more of a scrawl, so he figured Sophia and her family must’ve inherited their skills from Cooper.

Upon hearing that Louis wanted to meet Cooper and Linus, Sophia offered immediately, “I’ll go get them!” Parting the crowd, she set off to find Linus and Cooper. After going around the venue, she didn’t find Cooper, but she did see Linus standing beside Anne, who he seemed to be engaged in a pleasant conversation with.

Is she trying to court my brother? How dare she! How dare she do that right after she tried courting my nephew! Sophia was absolutely against their matrimony, so she hurried toward them in an attempt to stop them. However, someone else seemed to be unsettled by the idea as well, and had taken it upon themselves to step in before Sophia could.

In the meantime, Linus was listening intently to Anne’s explanation of the piece of work. True to her identity as Louis’ granddaughter, she was accomplished in her own right when it came to art. However, a mocking voice interrupted them when Linus was still engrossed in her explanation.

“Anne, who might you be talking to?”

Linus turned to see Sandra, whom he hadn’t met for some time, standing behind him. While she was in a gorgeous outfit, her attitude was somewhat aggressive.

Anne seemed to have known Sandra as she waved her hand at the latter with much zest. “Sandra, come over here!” She proceeded with introducing Sandra to Linus. “I came to know Sandra recently. She is the heir to the Mitchell Family, who are one of the most prominent families in Bayside City. She is also the swimming champion in the Universal Games, so you must’ve heard of her.”

Upon mentioning Sandra, Anne seemed to feel delighted as if showing off a precious object of hers. It was as if knowing someone as prestigious as Sandra was the most natural thing for someone of her status, but Linus seemed to feel a little awkward about it.

Meanwhile, she went on to introduce him to Sandra. “This is a friend I just met. His name is Sophus Edwards.” She figured that Sandra might know him, as anyone who received an invitation for the exhibition had to be someone prestigious, so that had to be the case with Sophus too.

Sophus Edwards? Relentless, Sandra jeered after pointing out Linus’s true identity. “Who the hell is Sophus Edwards? Are you sure you’re not being deceived, Anne? He should be one of the Mitchells!”

Anne was stunned for a second when she noticed Sandra’s tone of voice, suggesting as if Sophus was someone whom she should shun.

Mockingly, Sandra stared at Linus while heartbrokenly telling Anne, “Anne, someone of your status shouldn’t be associating yourself with a scoundrel like him! He is but an illegitimate child of the Mitchells! His father is a liar who tried to swindle us, only to be chased away before he succeeded.”

Crying out in surprise, Anne was dumbfounded by the revelation. Seeing that Linus, or as he called himself, Sophus, didn’t refute Sandra’s claims, her face fell, and she distanced herself from him unconsciously. Besides, since she didn’t know about the distribution of power in Bayside City, and all she knew was that the Mitchells were one of the most prestigious families, as well as that Sandra was a world champion, she decided to believe in Sandra. Thus, her opinion of Linus shifted drastically.

Going on, Sandra said, “They wanted to be officially recognized as a part of the family, but my father didn’t agree with it, so now, their family is nothing but an unsightly bunch struggling for survival. I don’t know how they managed to sneak in, but I bet they’re trying to get their hands on rich people like you, so you should stay away from them.”

On the other hand, Linus cleared his throat awkwardly, but said nothing otherwise. His aim for visiting the exhibition was merely to appreciate the works of art, while Anne was a great tour guide as she seemed to know a lot about the works. Truth be told, he had no plans whatsoever to even date her.

Seeing that Linus wasn’t refuting Sandra, all the while wearing an awkward expression, Anne believed in Sandra’s words of slander, and was soon overcome with feelings of disgust. So he was aiming for my status after all! He was trying to marry into riches by charming me! Pfft! What a disgusting man!

In the meantime, Linus didn’t react when both Sandra and Anne regarded him with disgust, but Sophia was furious upon seeing him being bullied, so she hurried over to them. “Brother!”

Brother? Anne stared at the both of them in disbelief, as they looked nothing like each other. “He’s your brother? Are you sure he isn’t your boyfriend?” Utterly disgusted, Anne thought to herself, This b*tch sure is cheating on a lot of people! This is so sickening!

Meanwhile, Sophia was about to drag Linus away as she already got a grasp on the situation, but as soon as she laid eyes on the look of disgust on Anne’s face, she twirled her eyes before deliberately announcing, “Your grandfather would like me to introduce Linus to him! You’re done for! Your grandfather likes my brother a lot, so he’s going to marry you to him!”

Anne was dumbfounded by what Sophia said. What? My grandfather is trying to marry me to this scoundrel from a degenerate family? How could he possibly match my noble status?

Thinking that Linus was indulging in his own fantasies, Sandra scoffed at him. “You should pluck your head out of the clouds! Miss Anne Osborne is of noble birth, so you can’t possibly match her status!”

Immediately, Sophia bit back. “At least my brother is a direct descendant of the Mitchells, so he is of course on her level!”

The status of a direct descendant was a sore spot of Sandra’s, as she only managed to secure her position as heir after putting in tremendous effort, so she would never allow anyone to uproot her position as the lady of the house. Pointing a finger at Sophia and Linus, she yelled, “That is all wishful thinking! You guys will never be acknowledged as a Mitchell!”

Glaring at Sandra, Sophia almost got into a fight with her when a hand gently dragged her away. Linus gave her a pat on the shoulder before saying, “Come on, let’s go meet Master Osborne.”

Sophia shot Sandra a glare, deciding to ignore her for the time being. Although she wanted Sandra dead, that day wasn’t the day. Anxiety kicked in when Anne saw that Sophia was indeed going to introduce Linus to Louis. “Shoot, don’t tell me my grandfather is going to marry me to that degenerate man!”

While checking on Anne, Sandra probed, “Miss Anne, how did you come to know them?”

Anne told her everything. Back then, Louis met up with Michael in passing when he returned to Cethos to prepare for his private exhibition. She also told Sandra of Louis’ plans to introduce her to Michael, as well as when she had a blind date with Stanley.

After listening to her story, Sandra cried out in surprise. “Those two degenerate families are targeting you as they want to elevate their status through marital ties! You shouldn’t give them the chance!”

Then, Sandra spoke to Anne of Cooper and Linus’ birth. She spoke of Cooper having ran away from home twenty years ago, only to return penniless, whereas both Linus and Sophia were his b*stard children, depicting the Fletchers as a degenerate family at the same time. Those were all being instilled to Anne as substantial information.

She even reminded her, “You need to tell your grandfather about this! With your status, you should be marrying either a prince or a billionaire, so you shouldn’t be settling for these cheapskates!”

Although the Osbornes weren’t the wealthiest, they were famous, so Sandra came up with her own agenda upon gaining knowledge of who they were. It sure seemed that both the Fletchers and Mitchells already knew Louis Osborne and Anne Osborne’s true identity, which was why they were trying to make the first move! Well, they can keep dreaming!

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