My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1087

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1087

Anne glanced at the young man shyly, deeming him to be quite handsome indeed. Blushing, she told Louis, “Grandpa, I’m still too young for this.”

Although Louis was well-known within Bayside City, not a lot of people had had the good fortune to meet him as he lived abroad and rarely came to Bayside City. Therefore, a lot of people never met his granddaughter, so people began inquiring about her. “Is she your granddaughter? She sure looks outstanding!”

Upon receiving the compliment, Louis announced proudly while stroking his beard, “Yeah, her name is Anne Osborne! She took on my surname as my daughter only gave birth to her! She is marvelous with the harp!”

The crowd began giving praise. “She looks like someone with a bright future ahead of her! She might even get to uphold your legacy, Master Osborne!”

Meanwhile, Anne was a little light-headed from all the praise, but she still put on a humble front. “Oh no, you all flatter me. I’m still young, so there’s still a long way to go compared to my grandfather.” At that moment, her honorable status as Louis’ granddaughter made her shine. Taking in the admiration of the crowd, she was feeling elated.

However, the glory didn’t last for too long, as it was soon disrupted by a teensy voice. “Mr. Louis, I’m here!”

Overjoyed upon hearing Carmen’s voice, Louis hastily took a few steps forward, whereas the crowd parted to let him through. Michael had Carmen in his arms, who was wearing a pink dress and pink bow, looking all delicate and outrageously adorable.

“Hiya! You’re finally here! I’ve been waiting so long for you!” Louis carried Carmen in his arms after carefully taking her from Michael. Laying eyes on her cute appearance lifted his spirits, and both Sophia and Michael’s presence further enraptured him. As soon as he began talking to Michael and Sophia, the people who were flattering Anne just moments ago turned to focus on Carmen.

“Mr. Fletcher, fancy seeing you here! So I figure this little girl is your daughter?”

“Oh gosh, she seems like an outstanding girl gifted with both good looks and talent! I bet she will rise to prominence in the future!”

Standing at the side, Anne was feeling vexed for being left out by the crowd. She was glaring at Carmen, who was in Louis’ arms. As far as she could remember, she was the only one who ever received such exclusive treatment from him, so she didn’t understand why Louis would dote on Carmen so much when the latter wasn’t even related to him.

Clenching her fists while feelings of jealousy burned within her, Anne scrunched up the paper that was pressed under her palm, ruining the calligraphy work that Louis had just completed. Luckily, everybody’s attention was on Carmen, so she left hastily before anyone noticed her.

Anne left the scene in absolute frustration, but she bumped into a blonde man unexpectedly right after taking a few steps. The tall man had his back to her, and the sight of him gave her butterflies in her stomach while her heart fluttered. Since Louis seemed to like this man, she figured she should approach him. Seeing that he was admiring a piece that was titled ‘Wondrous Land’, she cleared her throat while walking up to him. “Although seemingly flawless, this piece in fact contains a few imperfections.”

Upon hearing Anne’s words, the man turned around to regard her curiously. His blue eyes were as mysterious as the bright stars above, while his sharp features looked exquisite. Although Anne had emigrated to a foreign country a long time ago, she only ever dated people who were of the same ethnicity as her, as she didn’t like foreigners. From her point of view, foreigners looked too rugged for her taste, but the man in front of her seemed quite delicate. Although he had the appearance of a foreigner, he had an air of scholarly elegance that was unique to men in Cethos, which was mesmerizing.

The man asked, “Miss, how did you know about that?”

Stepping forward, Anne stood beside him. “Because my Grandpa was the one who created this piece!”

Sure enough, the young man seemed impressed. “So you are Master Osborne’s granddaughter! No wonder I find you otherworldly!”

His words satisfied her vanity, so she chuckled bashfully. “You should drop the formalities. My name is Anne Osborne. You may address me as Anne!”

The young man replied to her, “Miss Anne, I am a member of the Edwards Family. It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

After some pleasing conversation, Anne explained while pointing at a certain area on the painting, “I touched the painting by accident when my Grandpa just completed it, which nearly ruined it for good, but he salvaged it using his extraordinary skills. However, you can see a few traces left behind from the incident. Take a look at this spot, and here, and there…”

On the other hand, Louis put Carmen down on the table, absolutely enchanted by her. Carmen didn’t seem flustered by the attention at all as she called out to Louis repeatedly, which seemed to please him. Picking up his brush, he offered, “Come, I’ll present you with a piece of my calligraphic work!”

The crowd was astonished by his decision, as Carmen was extremely fortunate to have been presented with a masterpiece by Louis. Carmen quickly replied, “Thank you, Mr. Louis! I love you!”

Upon seeing Carmen making a heart gesture to him, Louis was absolutely overjoyed. He had his assistant prepare a new piece of paper while he dipped his brush into the ink, planning on what to write for Carmen.

However, just when he was about to start writing, he remembered that Anne was with him just moments ago, so he scanned his surroundings in search of her. That was when he saw her chatting amicably with a handsome young man, and the two of them were exchanging numbers. Then, he did a double take, for that young man was the one he noticed earlier. Now that looked at him again, he figured he still seemed to like the latter, so it would be great if Anne would marry him.

Such thoughts delighted him, so he began writing, moving his hand deftly. After a few vigorous strokes, he completed a calligraphic work that he presented to Carmen. On the piece of paper, the words read, ‘To Carmen Sophia Fletcher, study hard, and always work to improve yourself.’ The audience gave a round of applause when he stamped his name on it, as his name would ensure that the piece was even more valuable.

After that, Louis put his brush away while telling Carmen, “Carmen, you’ll have to work hard to be exemplary people like your parents!”

Accepting the gift from Louis cheerfully, Carmen replied, “Okay, Mr. Louis! Thank you! I love you!”

Louis was so very enchanted by her cuteness that he wanted her to demonstrate her calligraphic skills as well. Standing on a chair, Carmen didn’t seem afraid at all while writing. Although young, and her skills weren’t even remotely close to reaching his standards, she was still able to write neatly, which surprised Louis greatly.

He figured that Carmen was already more talented than a lot of her peers despite still having a long way to go. Having learned quite a lot of words already, Carmen could write down some of the simpler ones, and her neat handwriting was a show of her latent talents.

“Who taught you to write?” Louis couldn’t help but ask.

After writing down another word, she said, “My Uncle Linus taught me.”

Michael quickly stepped in to make an introduction. “He is my wife’s twin brother. He came along with my father-in-law too. They are both enthusiasts for calligraphic work, as well as fans of yours. They have a large collection of your works, and they have been wanting to meet you in person.” For all Michael cared, he saw that as an opening to introduce Cooper and Linus to Louis. In his mind, he figured that Cooper would be grateful toward him, so he would probably give his son-in-law less of an attitude.

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