My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1085

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1085

Upon hearing that, Michael could hardly suppress a frown. Why is there another item that belonged to the ancient royals? I bet this must be a present from the Yard Family! Does Louis Osborne really have secret ties to the Yards?

However, none of them ever heard anything of it. Both Louis and the Yards seemed to have nothing to do with each other. Even when they arrived at Audistin, they arrived separately. Michael met Anna with Sophia before meeting Louis Osborne. If Louis really had ties with the Yards, he wouldn’t have wanted his family to have marital ties with the Fletcher, as the Fletchers had killed quite a few members of the Yards.

While Michael was in deep thought, Carmen only had eyes for her bowl, as her bright eyes were fixated on it. Upon noticing that the guard seemed to have finished his assessment, she blurted, “Sir, can you give me back my royal sweetheart bowl?”

Seemingly unperturbed by her request, the guard said, “Okay, I will give it back to you now that I’ve done my assessment. I won’t be taking it, as it was made in a more recent era, so it lacks the archaeological value that I seek. It isn’t the bowl but the making process of it that is being considered as valuable. Besides, the ones in the museum are far more valuable in terms of historical context, as all of them had passed through the hands of ancient royals.”

While handing the bowl back to Carmen, he gave Michael a reminder. “Due to it being made in the modern era, it isn’t as valuable as the ones in the museum. However, just like the Phoenix Harp, even though both were made during the modern era, they are still prized for their rarity, so using it as one would a normal bowl feels somewhat… overly luxurious.”

However, Carmen didn’t think so. To her, it was but a bowl with floral prints, so Michael could only tell the nursemaid to be careful while she fed Carmen. When Carmen lost interest in it after some time, they would clean it and put it away as a collection item. Although Carmen liked the bowl a lot, her love for the bowl might not last for a long time. For all she cared, its intricate craftsmanship could hardly compare to that of a bowl printed with a picture of Peppa Pig.

Meanwhile, Sophia also arrived at home. A husky slipped through the doorway as soon as she opened the door, making its way to Carmen before happily going in circles around her. Upon seeing Judge rushing in, Michael furrowed his brows. “Why does the silly dog have to come?”

Sophia replied, “Judge missed Carmen, so it came to visit her.”

Although Michael verbally expressed his dislike of the dog, he ended up rubbing Judge’s head, incidentally also wiping his sweat on its head. Sophia was tired after a day’s work, so she lay down on the sofa as soon as she got home, rubbing Judge’s head as well. After some time, Michael’s hand touched hers, so they held hands while using Judge’s head as a cushion.

Michael switched on the TV to watch the news, but he couldn’t focus on it, so he asked Sophia, “How is Stanley doing? He didn’t go home even though his father told him to.”

Sophia replied, “No, he didn’t go home. He’s still at Sean’s house after being slapped so hard that his face was swelling.”

With that, Michael said nothing else, nor did they dwell on the topic any longer. Stanley had always been a rebellious child. Back then, even when his family resorted to violence, he refused to go back into the army once he decided to quit, so Sophia figured she should let things unfold on their own. The Fletchers wouldn’t do anything to Sean anyway, considering that he was under Cooper’s protection.

Sophia ended up lamenting, “I wonder when that idiot will realize his own feelings.”

Looping an arm around her shoulders, Michael said, “One will never lose what is fated for them, but if they weren’t meant to be, no amount of worry will change that.”

Seeing that Sophia was still perturbed by it, he pulled her closer into his arms before kissing her on the forehead. “Look at us. We managed to get together after having gone through our ups and downs. You are mine since we are fated to be together, and nobody will be able to take you away from me. Even if we are miles apart, you are still mine. Not even your father’s disapproval will change that.”

However, someone cleared his throat at the corner of the room as soon as he said so. “Ahem!”

Surprised, Michael turned to see Cooper standing in the corner while glaring at them menacingly.

“Dad, why are you here?” Michael was utterly baffled.

Wearing a pair of slippers, Cooper approached them with a morose look on his face, whereas Michael cowered under his presence. “There will be an exhibition of Louis Osborne’s works near Bayside National Stadium tomorrow. I will be stuck in a traffic jam if I come all the way from the south, so I decided to stay over for the night.” Cooper walked away after explaining himself casually, but before he left, he turned to speak to Sophia while glaring at Michael. “You’re coming with me tomorrow, so you’d better go to bed early.”

“Okay,” Sophia replied while watching Cooper take the lift to the third floor where the guest rooms were, whereas Judge followed merrily behind him.

Meanwhile, Michael had a complicated gaze while pondering about the situation. This old man… Although Sophia moved in with me, I can’t even badmouth him if he is going to constantly show up out of nowhere. He’s practically haunting this place with his presence! If I can just find someone who is able to pin him down! I must find him a wife with a dominant personality, who has an even more domineering father, so that Cooper will get a taste of his own medicine!

By the next day, Cooper gave Sophia a call early on to wake her up so that they could get prepared for their trip to the exhibition. On the other hand, Michael would also be tagging along.

The exhibition was a private showcase, so only invited guests were allowed entry, with most of them being from the arts or cultural scene. The exhibition wasn’t only a showcase for calligraphic works and paintings, but also a gathering for cultured people, so an arms dealer like Cooper wouldn’t normally be invited.

Cooper liked calligraphy, and he had also been Louis’ fan for a long time, but he never was invited to such an occasion. Fortunately, Michael was able to get his hands on an invitation, so Cooper would of course drop by since he had the time. The exhibition was incidentally held in the same city as his anyway, so there was no reason he wouldn’t come.

Not only did Cooper collect a lot of Louis’ works, but he was also an admirer of Louis’ achievements, so he was looking forward to their meeting. Cooper put in the effort to spruce himself up for the occasion by applying mousse on his hair to help shape it, as well as putting on a new set of clothes. After finally gaining closure over his depressing first love, he gave off a much youthful air nowadays, so he gave off a vibe that made him seem to be around Michael’s age, or even younger.

Michael had his team of stylists help prepare him and Sophia for the occasion. After changing his clothes, he tied up his hair using a pink hair band while applying a face mask before putting on makeup. Sophia was also doing the same, so both of their faces were covered by a black mask, which seemed to annoy Cooper.

“Dad, you should come and get yourself spruced up too!”

As soon as Sophia dragged Cooper to his seat in front of a mirror, Michael signaled his team of stylists to do Cooper’s makeup for him. By doing that, he was hoping Cooper would attract someone during their visit to the exhibition so that he would get married as soon as possible. Seeing that Cooper was only forty five years old, not only would he still be considered as young if he were a celebrity, but he would also attract a lot of mature women in Bayside City.

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