My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1084

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1084

After Stanley changed his shoes, he brought Maisie along with him. As soon as he saw Sophia, he mocked her. “Hey, why are you here? Did your husband chase you out? I suppose you reap what you sow! So much for him trying to introduce me to another woman! Hmph!”

Meanwhile, Sean was delighted when he saw that Stanley was back, and his pale face had regained some color. “Stanley, you’re back! Why are you wearing a face mask though?”

Wearing a face mask that obscured most of his face, only Stanley’s eyes were visible, while his mouth could be seen moving underneath the mask when he spoke. “Yeah, I caught the flu, so I had to put a mask on as I don’t want Maisie to get infected.” However, Stanley’s gaze was shifty when he handed Maisie over to Sean. “Maisie, you can play with Daddy while I go take a shower first.” He left after putting Maisie down.

Sophia could sense that something was off with Stanley. Instead of exposing it, she continued to talk to Sean. After Stanley was done showering, he came out in a pair of trousers with dog fur all over it. Toweling his hair, he walked upstairs while saying, “I’ll be drying my hair.”

Judge went after him, but Sophia found it weird that he was still wearing his mask after taking his shower. Although Sophia continued to chat with Sean, she couldn’t shake off the feeling that something wasn’t right, as Stanley didn’t seem okay.

Finally, Sean put down his cup of tea before standing up. “I’ll go check on Stanley. Wait for me here, Sophia.”

The rooms downstairs were being used as a study and as a bedroom for the nanny, so Sean went upstairs to the bedrooms. Stanley didn’t close his door, so Sean snuck into his bedroom, only to see Stanley looking into the mirror, checking his swollen face that he apparently got from being slapped.

“Stanley!” Shocked, Sean walked up to take a closer look at Stanley’s face. He was indeed given a slap, as there was an angry handprint on his face. “What happened?” Sean asked with much worry.

Upon being discovered, Stanley’s eyes darted around, but he could only tell the truth. “My father wants me to marry that wench, Anne Osborne, which I disagreed with, so my brother gave me a slap.”

Instantly, Sean’s eyes reddened when he realized how hard the slap was. On the other hand, Stanley quickly explained, “It’s alright! My uncle hit me even harder when I tried to go after Sophia back then, so I’m already used to it. It will heal soon anyway.”

Clenching his fists, Sean had tears rolling in his eyes upon hearing what Stanley said. “Stanley, it’s about time that you marry someone, so maybe—”

Stanley tutted while feigning anger. “You’re just like my parents whose only concern is for me to produce an heir! Do I look like a brood sow? Must I attach myself to an ugly hag just for the sake of getting married?” Checking on his wound, he muttered, “You didn’t see just how ugly Anne Osborne is! She doesn’t even have one-tenth of Sophia’s looks! Considering how horrendous she looks, I should commend her for even having the guts to go on blind dates! Uncle Michael must be trying to mock me by introducing me to such an ugly hag! The candidates that my family introduced only get ever uglier. I was assuming that my uncle should have a better sense of beauty by now, but he’s even worse than my mom! He even had the audacity to tell me to follow in the footsteps of other people of my age. Sophia’s ex-boyfriend was the same age as me, so should I kill myself as well now that he’s a goner?”

Smiling bitterly, Sean listened on before saying, “I’ll go get some anti-inflammatory spray.”

Stanley waved his hand dismissively. “Be quick! Ouch, my brother sure did a number on me! F*ck! He will be the one at fault if nobody wants to marry me because of my disfigured face!”

While listening to Stanley’s complaints, tears rolled down Sean’s face the moment he turned around. On the other hand, Sophia had been playing with Maisie in the living room for a while, but Sean and Stanley had yet to come downstairs. She already had quite a lot of tea, so she went to the washroom for a bit, only to return to see Maisie crouching on the floor while wiping the stain on the floor that Sophia made earlier with a piece of cloth. Aside from that, she even wiped the table and rearranged the tea set on it.

Sophia could hardly believe that a three year old kid could work so deftly, as Carmen only knew to stage some silly dramas to show them to Michael when she was two years old. “Maisie, what are you doing? Come, I can do that myself!” Taking the cloth from Maisie, Sophia wiped the floor clean herself.

As soon as Sophia took the cloth away from Maisie, the latter began crying. When other kids cried, they would probably be bawling their eyes out, but Maisie was only sobbing while being careful to keep her voice low, which was not typical of a three-year-old kid at all. Sophia held Maisie in her arms while consoling her. “Honey, what’s wrong? Did someone bully you? Tell me, so your father and I can go teach them a lesson!”

With her eyes all teary, Maisie looked at her in silence. It took some time before she finally opened up feebly. “Papa brought me home to meet Grandpa and Grandma, but they didn’t like me. They even scolded Papa and told him to send me away.” Sobbing, she asked while holding on to Sophia’s sleeve, “Aunty, I know how to do chores. Will Papa let me stay now that I know how to do chores?”

Sophia never knew the adults’ reactions would have such a profound effect on Maisie. Back then, she bought the girl off Ronney Group’s slave market, so she wasn’t sure what she went through, but Maisie was such a sensitive girl. As soon as she noticed a minor difference in Stanley’s attitude, she knew something was off. For a three year old girl, Maisie already went through a lot; all she wanted was a home.

On the verge of tears, Sophia held Maisie tightly in her arms while reassuring the latter in a hushed voice. “No, nobody will send you away.” She brought the girl upstairs to Stanley’s room, only to hear Stanley and Sean bickering with each other.

“Sean, do you want to kill me? Ouch! It hurts so much!”

“Hang in there. The spray is quite potent after all.”


Upon her arrival, Sophia saw Sean spraying something on Stanley’s face carefully. Now, she noticed that Stanley’s face was swollen and red, a slap mark evident on it. Hence, she had an inkling of what happened. By humiliating his potential spouse, his father and brother would of course not let him leave just like that.

“Look, Papa is hurt, so he must be in pain. Go comfort him,” Sophia told Maisie.

Maisie scuttled toward them, which surprised both Stanley and Sean. Both of them fought to hold her in their arms. “Baby, you’re here! Give me a kiss! I fell down, so it hurts!”

“Come over here, Maisie. Let me hold you.”

It wasn’t until after dinner that Sophia left, but she couldn’t shake off the heavy feeling within her. Although the three of them seemed to be happy for the time being, she wasn’t sure what would happen in the future.

The skies were dark when Michael arrived at home, which coincidentally was when the night-shift security from the ancient Imperial Palace museum came to retrieve the cat. Taking Carmen’s bowl from him, the security shone his torchlight on the bowl while examining it in a professional manner.

“If I’m not mistaken, this is a type of porcelain bowl that once belonged to the ancient royals. As the techniques to make them were lost in history, these porcelain wares—so called ‘Mise Porcelain’—were also given the name ‘porcelain of a mysterious color’. The recipe for creating it is a secret that only the royals had knowledge of. There are three of these porcelain wares in the ancient Imperial Palace museum. Although all of them are national treasures, none are as beautiful as this.”

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