My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1083

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1083

Stanley and Sean had always been very close to each other and even lived together, but everyone merely thought that they were just business partners who lived together to make work convenient. Now, however, they weren’t only living together, but they’d also adopted a child. Thus, the nature of things had changed.

For that reason, the Fletchers asked Michael to introduce someone to Stanley so that he’d be married as soon as possible. However, Stanely didn’t give me any quarter even though it was a blind date I arranged. Instead, he just had to mess things up. This is truly a headache! Having traveled extensively and came into contact with all sorts of things besides the fact that the entertainment and fashion industry housed a considerable number of LGBT individuals, he felt that sexual orientation wasn’t something a person could choose on his own, so it was fine as long as it didn’t cause anyone problems. However, in the Fletcher Family, it was something shocking. And that stupid dog, Stanley Fletcher, is just too stupid…

Upon seeing that he’d been ignoring her for a long time, Sophia grew anxious and tugged at him again as she whined in a kittenish voice, “Hubby, don’t be angry anymore. I was wrong…”

Snapping back from his thoughts, Michael couldn’t help chuckling in surprise at her pouting expression. I was just lost in my thoughts. Then, he couldn’t resist reaching out and caressing her hair. Her hair is still the same as ten years ago, soft and black. Her petite face is still rosy as well, adorable as ever. In the blink of an eye, so many years have passed, and she’ll turn 28 in a few days…

Sophia leaned over into his arms when she saw that he wasn’t angry anymore. Then, she rubbed against him and kissed him in apology.

“I want a kiss too, Daddy!” Carmen blurted, not to be left out.

At this request, Michael quickly gave her a kiss. I’m truly defeated by them both.

He then opened the gift box given by Louis. Apart from a bowl, there was also a set of cutlery in the gift box. They look no different from the average souvenir, but the fact that Anne Osborne had such a huge reaction made it plain as day that this is something extraordinary! It was actually meant for the president? It must be something else if it was meant for the president. I’ll take it home first and ask the ancient Imperial Palace guards when they come over to collect their cat.

When the car was still moving, something occurred to Sophia, and she said, “You two go home first. I’ll go over and take a look at Sean.” She just couldn’t shake off the feeling that the incident on this day was rather strange. Michael usually doesn’t bother about Stanley, so why did it occur to him to be a matchmaker now? I just feel that something must have happened. Then, she took another car and went to Sean’s place.

To make it convenient when Maisie attended kindergarten in the future, Sean and Stanley jointly bought a house near the school district in Third Avenue, which they’d now moved into.

Upon arriving at Sean’s new house, a maid ushered her in. This was her first time here at their new house. When she walked in, she found that the décor was nice, very much pleasant and homey. It was a mid-rise with 200 to 300 square meters, so while it wasn’t as resplendent as The Imperial, it was a first-class mansion. To take care of Maisie, they’d even hired two or three maids who kept the house tidy. However, there was still a kid here, so Judge’s ball and Maisie’s dolls were strewn about the place in addition to multiple walkers.

Stanley had gone back to the office after the blind date and wasn’t yet home. Thus, Sean and Sophia sat in the living room to talk, while Maisie obediently played with her dolls at the side. Meanwhile, Judge lay at their feet, slumbering. It’s quite cozy with a kid and a dog.

Sean was still recuperating, so his countenance was a tad pale. When he heard about Stanley going on a blind date, he didn’t react much, but for some inexplicable reason, Sophia seemingly saw a glimpse of disappointment and despair in his eyes. Although Sean hasn’t said anything, I know he likes Stanley, and it’s not the kind of like between buddies, but… love. I don’t know whether Stanley harbors the same feelings as him, but I do know that he went berserk back when he learned of Sean’s death and risked everything to kill Blade. When he knew that Sean, who was recuperating at my home, suffered a wrong, he immediately came over and took him away. They’re always together… but what a pity!

After listening to her speak of Stanley’s blind date, Sean sighed. With his gaze fixed on the teacup in his hands, he admitted, “Actually… I wasn’t planning to go at all.”

“Why?” Sophia promptly questioned. “You knew Stan needed your help!”

Finishing the tea in the teacup in his hands, Sean slowly refilled both their empty teacups. Then, he replied helplessly, “The Fletchers came to me.”

Sophia was instantly stunned. Never had I expected that the Fletchers would actually seek him out! Judging from their current attitude, they definitely can’t accept Stan’s current situation. No wonder Michael, who’d never bothered about him, suddenly became a matchmaker! Looks like the Fletcher Family must have asked him to do so. While the Fletchers aren’t exactly traditional, they still can’t accept the possibility that Stan might one day get married with a man.

Despite the popularity of homosexual fiction on the Internet, homosexuals actually led a difficult life in reality. Sean had even been once regarded as depraved by his family and was sent abroad for a so-called ‘treatment’. Sorrow flooded his gaze as he said, “Stan… Well, it’s time for him to get married.” This remark was filled with helplessness and despair.

“But what about you?” Sophia subconsciously asked. Can he really look on as Stan marries another woman?

Sean flashed her a sad smile. Right now, he truly wanted to feign nonchalance, but his gaze had already betrayed him. “What can I do? I can’t stop something inevitable. Anyway, I’ve got Maisie.” Maisie’s full name was Maisie Mitchell, for he’d personally intervened and listed her in the Mitchell Family’s household register. He’d also compiled a family tree himself and recorded Maisie in there as well, so she was now his family.

A wave of helplessness assailed Sophia. Knowing that she’d only sadden him were she to pursue it further, she gave up asking. I don’t seem to have any solution either. After heaving a sigh, she took a sip of fragrant tea and changed the subject.

After sitting for a while, the sound of keys jingling to unlock the door sounded from outside. As soon as Maisie heard the jingling of keys, she knew that Stanley was home, so she sprinted over to the door like the wind. Opening the shoe cabinet, she took out his slippers and placed them before the door.

Having quarrelled with his family on this day, Stanley was in a bad mood, but the moment he opened the door, he was greeted by the sight of Maisie standing there with arms outstretched as she called out, “Papa!”

Joy flooding him, all his worries vanished. As he changed his shoes after stepping into the house, he asked her, “Did you listen to Daddy at home today, Maisie? Did you get along well with Judge?”

“Yeah, I did! I was very obedient today, and it was me who picked up Judge’s poop on the carpet today!” Maisie replied sweetly.

At this, Judge woofed.

Looks like the family of three is living happily! Sophia thought.

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