My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1081

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1081

Still, Carmen continued crying as though she didn’t believe Michael. Sobbing so hard that she couldn’t even utter a complete sentence, she looked utterly pitiful. Her tiny hands were even grasping his sleeve tightly as if she was afraid that he’d go off on a blind date once she let go of him.

Such a minute action had a shockingly artistic effect, for it easily moved people’s hearts. When the Fletchers, who were initially livid because she messed things up, saw her pitiful expression, they decided to let the matter go. Perhaps she has truly misunderstood. Michael is only sitting here today as the person who facilitated this blind date and the male party’s uncle, but the person who’s going on the blind date is still Stanley. What a poor dear!

As she watched her daughter’s performance, Sophia inwardly gave her a round of applause. Good, good. Nice! My baby is simply a genius!

While Michael cuddled Carmen and mollified her, he surreptitiously motioned for someone to add a chair beside him for Sophia. As he carried Carmen with a hand, he pretended as though he was smoothing her wrinkled dress for her, but in actuality, he furtively reached out and pinched Sophia’s butt hard. Not to be outdone, Sophia pinched his butt as well. The two of them then proceeded to secretly pinch each other under the table.

After Carmen’s outburst, the atmosphere of the blind date shifted. Anne, who was red in the face with fury, sat back down. Although she knew that Carmen wasn’t Stanley’s daughter, she still threw Sophia a nasty look. She took my Phoenix Harp, and now, she even wants to ruin my marriage! Even if I don’t like this marriage, I won’t allow anyone else to mess things up!

Frowning, Sophia lowered her eyes, not daring to say a single word. Never have I thought that the tricky Stanley Fletcher would actually set me up! Son of a b*tch! I wish that your blind date will end in success, and you’ll be beaten up by your wife every day after marriage, having no money to your name!

Conversely, beside Michael, Louis’s eyes lit up when he saw Carmen. It’s my idol’s baby! However, due to the blunder on the previous day, he still asked tentatively, “So, this is your daughter, yes?”

Lowering his head, Michael gazed at his daughter, who was still sniffling in his arms, absorbed in her acting. “Yes, this is my daughter,” he replied gently.

Staring at the adorable and lovely child, Louis seemed to be over the moon with delight. He extended his arms. “Quick, quick, let me carry her!”

Carmen seemed a tad shy, but still, she went over to him.

When she was in his hands, Louis studied her. Her petite nose and eyes are simply too cute! As he carried her in his arms, his heart pounded wildly. She’s just too adorable! She resembles both her mother and father. I like it. In fact, I love her! How I wish I could adopt all three of them—the kid and her parents—into the family so that I can see them every day!

“Your name is Carmen, yes? I’ve watched your movie before. I’ve watched all the movies you starred in with your father! Come, come, I’ll give you a gift!” He really took a shine to Carmen. She’s truly a darling! Then, he hurriedly patted himself down for a gift since it was his first time meeting her. I met her mother yesterday and gave her the Phoenix Harp, so I’ve simply got to observe the etiquette today!

“No, it’s okay!” Michael and Sophia exclaimed in unison. It’s already very much flattering that he gave us the Phoenix Harp yesterday, so if he gives us yet another astounding gift, we’ll probably make it to an unsigned post on an anonymous forum—Taylor Murray receives exorbitant gifts from a fan! Sophia thought.

However, the elderly man still searched around, feeling that he just couldn’t give this little darling nothing. Or else, he wouldn’t feel settled. When he couldn’t find anything good on him, something abruptly occurred to him, so he called a bodyguard in before whispering into his ear. A while later, the bodyguard brought in a square box. Upon opening the box, a uniquely-shaped porcelain bowl lay within. The porcelain bowl was delicate, the patterns exquisite. “Here, here, I’ll give you this bowl. In the future, eat with this bowl and grow up hale and hearty!”

Dashing off her tears, Carmen reached out and hugged the bowl, not at all reserved. “Thank you, sir! I’ll definitely eat my fill and grow up hale and hearty! I’ll give you a heart sign!”

As Louis stared at the obedient girl, rapture was written all over his face. She’s truly a loveable little darling!

The moment Anne saw the bowl, she instantly went ballistic, her heart clenching. That bowl… is even more valuable than the Phoenix Harp! It’s actually meant for the President of Cethos! How could it be given to a child? “Grandpa, this bowl… This bowl is—”

Louis impatiently tutted. “It’s just a porcelain bowl! It’s not like we’ve only got one! It’s intended to be given as a gift, so why not give it to Carmen in this case?” he snapped. Holding Carmen, he lifted her up, pleasure shining in his eyes.

Anne was so infuriated that her face turned bright red and her hands shook, fury and envy battering her.

After Sophia had placed the porcelain bowl back into the gift box, she glanced at Anne, perplexed as to why she was so furious. It’s understandable that she was angry yesterday since I took her harp, but this is just an ordinary porcelain bowl gift set. Is it really necessary for her to get up in arms? Such a stingy woman isn’t worthy of that stupid dog. As his aunt, I oppose this marriage!

When she’d put the bowl away, she puffed out her chest. I’m Stan’s aunt, so I’ve got to exhibit my authority as an elder! Although he’s silly like a husky usually, he’s still very reliable when it’s something serious. He’s handsome, rich, and an expert sniper! Not just anyone is worthy of the most outstanding bachelor in Bayside City!

The blind date went on, but Louis had clearly put his own granddaughter aside. All his attention was on pleasing Carmen, and he badgered Michael with questions about her, so much so that Michael felt that he was probably going to lose a loyal fan.

Meanwhile, Stanley and Anne’s blind date continued, but the atmosphere was noticeably tense. With a dark expression on her face, Anne became taciturn, still enraged about the bowl. The parents on both sides were mortified since their respective children seemed to be getting along badly.

Gazing at Anne’s dour face, Stanley knew that he was saved for now. I’ve got no idea whether it’s because of Carmen or the bowl, but she doesn’t like me, so I’m safe!

The entire meal was rather despondent, yet they still sat there and continued making awkward conversation after they’d finished eating to salvage things. Sophia then went out for some fresh air, and Stanley made his escape on the pretext of taking a leak.

“Come here, you d*mn stupid dog! Just see whether I’m going to kill you!” As soon as they’d exited the room, Sophia was gripped by the urge to slap him. He knew full well that Michael is here, yet he still asked me to get Carmen here to mess things up! It was downright humiliating!

However, Stanley was also innocent. “How would I know that your husband came as well? Hey, I haven’t even taken you to task! Look what your husband did. He hasn’t even gotten a marriage certificate with you, yet he has started butting into my affairs!”

Just as Sophia was about to counter that, she heard the clacking of high heels. Turning around, she saw that Anne had left the room. Clack, clack… As Anne’s high heels touched the ground, they gave off a crisp and hurried sound. She strode over to Sophia quickly, her face darkened. Then, she stretched out a hand. “Return the Phoenix Harp and the Mise porcelain bowl to me!”

Before Sophia could say anything in response, she turned to Stanley and sneered derisively at him. “I heard from my father that you play online games?” Without waiting for him to reply, she proclaimed sternly, “Stop dreaming. I’m of a lofty status, so you’re not worthy of me!”

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