My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1080

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1080

Clasping his hands together, Stanley almost fell to his knees before Sophia as he pleaded, “Carmen is attending an acting class nearby, so it’ll just take her a few minutes to get here. I know that! Please help me, Aunt. Please.” It seemed that he was truly panicked.

Dad and Caleb came with me today. They’re all chatting happily now, so my impending marriage is about to be set in stone! I’m not Caleb’s match, so if no one barges in to mess things up, my life will truly be ruined! “I’ll kneel before you, Aunt! Sean said his cell phone died on his way here, so I can’t contact him. He probably won’t make it, so you must help me, Aunt!”

Sophia was caught between a rock and a hard place. Carmen had barged in several times when Stanley was on a blind date and messed things up. The Fletchers knew about this, but they didn’t say anything since she was the apple of Michael’s eye. But this time, Stan’s father came personally, so he’s probably taking this very seriously. Stanley was the same age as Sophia, both 28 years old. Although Stanley’s family had been pressuring him to get married, it’d never been this bad, nor had it even gone to the point where his father and brother came to keep an eye on the blind date. Perhaps the Fletchers are pressuring him so much because they heard some rumors. After all, he has recently moved in with Sean and adopted a child.

At long last, she relented. I can’t just look on as he unwillingly gets married, ruining both himself and the girl! Thus, she hurriedly made a phone call and had someone drive Carmen over.

Stanley then went back to deal with the situation first. Ten minutes later, Carmen arrived in a pink dress. She’d started being independent ever since young, so she was shouldering her own bag as she marched in with huge strides. Before Sophia could say anything, she blurted anxiously, “You don’t need to teach me, Mommy. I know what to do, so just lead the way.” She seemed very much skilled.

Back when Sophia first returned to Bayside City and had a blind date with Stanley, she’d witnessed how Carmen did her ‘job.’ At that time, even she was stunned by her performance.

When Stanley was forced into Bayside City’s blind date circle, he got acquainted with a group of men who were likewise disinterested in getting married yet forced to go on blind dates by their families. Thus, he often took Carmen out to earn some pocket money, barging in on other people’s blind dates and messing things up. An appearance cost one grand. Carmen’s skills were superb, so she even made a name for herself in that circle.

When Sophia had led Carmen to the private room in which Stanley was having his blind date, she spotted two men in green military uniform guarding the door. At this, the two of them hatched out a plan in hushed tones. “In a while, I’ll have someone restrain the men outside, and you seize the opportunity to rush in!”

Carmen nodded. In merely five seconds, she’d managed to force out some tears, her eyes filling with anguish. Sophia then had someone restrain the two guards at the door while she rushed into the private room with Carmen. Instantly spotting Stanley who sat right in the middle, Carmen let out an earth-splitting cry. “Daddy!”

She charged forward and hugged his leg, putting all her emotion into her brief yet powerful script with immense professionalism. “Why… Why are you going on a blind date, Daddy? Do you not want me anymore? You promised to take care of me and Mommy! I don’t want a stepmother!” she sniffled.

As expected, the atmosphere in the room stagnated for a moment before a livid woman slammed her hands on the table and sprang to her feet at once. Pointing at Stanley, she lambasted, “Y-You actually have a daughter this old? How dare you?” Then, she demanded, “Dad, Grandpa, let’s go!”

Sophia had been looking down at Carmen, once again shocked by her daughter’s acting. Sure enough, she’s destined to be an actress! However, she suddenly found the woman’s voice extremely familiar, so her head snapped up, only to be greeted by the sight of Stanley blinking at her, his eyes blinking so quickly that it was as though he’d pulled a muscle.

Hence, Sophia swept her gaze over the table. First, she saw Stanley’s furious father and forbidding brother, Caleb. Meanwhile, the woman who slammed her hands on the table and sprang up seemed vaguely familiar. It’s as though I’ve seen her somewhere… Isn’t she Anne Osborne? Anne Osborne is having a blind date with Stan? Moving her gaze past Anne, she saw her father, followed by her grandfather, Louis, then… Michael. She went speechless.

Michael was also struck dumb. Having seen Carmen on the job, he covered his face with his hands in utter embarrassment.

Sophia, on the other hand, was flushed bright red, and her brain whirred around for a way out.

Meanwhile, Stanley was still blinking his eyes at Sophia. Who the f*ck would’ve thought that Michael would make an appearance while I’d gone out to figure a way out of this mess on the pretext of going to the toilet? Only then did he discover that it was Michael who arranged this blind date! He set his own nephew up!

Thus, he inadvertently set Sophia and Carmen up. Furthermore, his cell phone was confiscated, so he had no way of telling Sophia about it. Hence, this situation now transpired.

The entire room went as silent as the tomb; the only sounds that remained were Carmen’s anguished wails. She wanted to take it even further, but the moment she lifted her head, she caught sight of her biological father who was sitting at the table. She first looked at Stanley who kept blinking in an effort to convey the situation before shifting her gaze to her father who had his hands over his face in embarrassment. All the while, her tear-stained face was filled with confusion.

She’d been doing this ‘job’ for many years and had scared off many blind dates. Stanley even gave her ‘jobs’ occasionally since he was acquainted with many men who didn’t want to get married, but this was the first time she’d ever bumped into her biological father while on the job. What should I do now? My performance today is going down the drain! However, her pride as the Best Actor’s daughter didn’t allow her to admit defeat. No matter how awkward the situation is, I’ve got to salvage it!

In the next moment, she released her hold on Stanley’s leg and slipped under the table, crawling on her hands and legs over to Michael who was on the opposite side. Then, she hugged his leg tightly and wailed loudly, “You’re here, Daddy! Why did you go on a blind date behind Mommy’s back? Have you really divorced Mommy? Do you not want me anymore? Everyone is saying that you two are divorced and that you don’t want me anymore!”

Yes! The plot has been seamlessly connected, and things are now good! Following Carmen’s lead, Sophia hurried over to Michael as well. “Don’t worry, baby. Daddy is only here to eat with his friends, not to go on a blind date. It’s Stanley who’s on a blind date.”

Tugging on Michael’s sleeve, she then shook it vigorously as she begged, “Michael, hurry up and explain things to her. She’s been crying ever since she heard that you went on a blind date!” I’ll hand things over to him next. He won’t possibly embarrass us, will he?

Michael was torn between crying and laughing, at a loss as to what he should do about his two precious babies. They even dare mess up the blind date I arranged. This is simply preposterous! Fortunately, I’m an Academy Award winner, else this would really end up in a farce. He could only go along with their script and put on the performance of his life.

Taking out his professionalism as an Academy Award winner, he scooped up his precious daughter who was about to pass out from crying. Wiping her tears and snot, he gently and touchingly reassured, “Don’t worry. I’m really not here to go on a blind date. I’m just here to supervise Stanley’s blind date. Alright, don’t cry anymore, baby. I swear I’m really not here for a blind date.”

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