My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1076

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1076

When Louis spoke of that harp, Sophia subconsciously turned to look at it. The harp looked unique and sounded very pleasing to the ears as well.

But no matter how beautiful it was, it belonged to somebody else. So, she hurriedly refused. “No need. I don’t know how to play the harp either. This young lady here should keep it instead.”

While they were talking about the harp, the girl named Anne nervously glanced at her harp. It was clear that she didn’t want to lose her favorite instrument, and Sophia did not know how to play the harp either, so giving it to her would be pointless.

Anne glanced at Sophia with resentment in her eyes, as if Sophia was the one who had deliberately snatched her harp away from her. It made Sophia fidget around fretfully.

But then Louis insisted again and again, “It’s just a harp. There are so many of them in our house. I’ve decided to give it to you, so you shouldn’t refuse! If you refuse, it means you look down on me.”

Getting up, he took the brush and, with a flourish, wrote ‘Sophia Edwards’ on the harp, signifying that it was hers from now on.

At this very moment, Sophia could no longer refuse since her name was already written on it.

“Grandpa, this is a Phoenix Harp that is priceless…” Anne bit her lower lip. She was obviously filled with hatred, but she couldn’t express any of it.

How can such a precious thing be given away! And to a random person to boot!

This Sophia Edwards… She is not worthy enough to own this harp! This Phoenix Harp has such an extraordinary history that she’ll probably be shocked to death.

Louis knew the value of this harp, and it was precisely because he knew it that he wanted to give it away.

“It’s just a harp. You have so many harps, so you won’t miss this one anyway,” said Louis as he put away his brush.

Besides, most of these harps were not Anne’s. Instead, they were part of Louis’s collection, so he was free to give them to anyone he pleased.

Since her name was already written, Sophia had no choice but to accept. She said, “Thank you, Mr. Osborne.”

Louis smiled and stroked his white beard, looking very satisfied.

Michael spent time with his elderly fan in Audistin for the whole day and only left after dinner.

When he left, he also had that harp packed up and taken away.

In Louis’s car, Anne remained depressed and did not speak.

Louis knew that she was angry, but the harp had never been hers in the first place. It was obtained by Louis from Anne’s aunt and had been in his showroom all this time. Since Anne loved to play the harp, she had been excited about seeing this particular one and had borrowed it to play.

For this visit to Cethos, apart from holding a private art exhibition, Louis had another motive too. Knowing that his idol was divorced, he had quickly brought his young and beautiful granddaughter on the trip. He thought that if he was lucky, he would be able to become a family with his idol through his granddaughter’s marriage.

Unexpectedly, Michael didn’t get divorced, and his wife even showed up, so Louis’s idea of becoming a family with his idol through his granddaughter’s marriage was a complete flop.

Anne was good at playing the harp. At a young age, she was already much accomplished. Initially, Louis was very confident in her, but now, he was completely powerless to do anything.

“Okay, don’t be angry. There are many good men in Cethos. I’ll introduce you to better ones someday,” Louis comforted. He had bragged about Michael before and praised his little idol to high heavens before Anne. So, the girl was also looking forward to meeting Michael, but unexpectedly…

Although Anne was angry, she couldn’t help but be intoxicated by the thought of Michael’s gorgeous looks.

She had fallen in love with Michael at first sight. The man in real life was more charming than on screen. It was like a subject in a spectacular painting coming to life or a prince right out of a fairytale. He was both domineering yet tender, gentle yet strong. She especially liked his role as Leporello and was fascinated by his acting. In fact, she did not expect the real man to be more charming than the role he played on screen.

But unexpectedly, he didn’t get a divorce…

How could that pleb Sophia Edwards be worthy of him! Sophia looked like a halfie b*stard. That woman could never match up to Anne herself, who had such an elegant charm and sweetness about her. For Sophia to be with Michael was an outrage.

A man like Michael deserved to be matched with a gentle and elegant beauty like Anne herself. She had an artistic temperament and came from a great family. Together, they were a perfect match made in heaven.

But now, everything was gone. Even her favorite harp was gone.

However, she also knew that it was not her own harp, so Louis had the final say. She could do nothing about it other than being upset!

On the same day at the Fletcher Residence.

Linus stood outside the military compound, looking at the main entrance that was heavily guarded. He stopped in his tracks without going forward any further.

“Linus, why aren’t you moving?”

Today, Cooper had officially brought his son Linus to visit Mark Fletcher.

However, Linus stood outside the military compound without entering. So, Cooper had hurriedly asked him why.

“Dad, you go in. I’ll wait for you in the car.” With that, Linus turned around and got back into the car.

Cooper knew why his son didn’t want to go in. He sighed and said, “Then you wait for me in the car for a while. If you can’t wait, go to your sister’s house first.”

He had planned to bring Linus to see Mark, then go to Sophia’s place to have dinner and spend the night before returning to Riverdale tomorrow morning.

After all, he hadn’t seen his little sweetheart for about three or four days now, and he really missed her!

Since Linus didn’t want to go in, Cooper didn’t force him to and went in by himself.

The military compound was still the same as before with its extremely tight security. Even the black dogs brought by Cooper had to be checked several times. There was a persistent fear that someone would attempt to steal military secrets given the chance. After all, this was a military powerhouse.

But what they didn’t know was that Linus had sent in his high-tech equipment before and stole some secrets of the Fletcher Family from within.

That was why he was too ashamed to see Mark.

In the car, Linus handled his work using a laptop, while Lucky lay by his feet obediently.

Lucky was a stray dog ​​that Linus had picked up when he went to a farm just outside the city to pick strawberries. It was a big and yellow dog which Linus liked very much. He even had Lucky styled by a groomer and made several beautiful collars for it.

Lucky was also brilliant; it was actually the smartest dog in their family. Even the most mischievous Judge did not dare to bully Lucky. If it offended Lucky, it would only meet a tragic end.

Right now, Lucky seemed to sense its owner’s dejection and placed its head on Linus’s lap, then raised its eyes to look at him.

Linus touched Lucky’s head and smiled slightly.

I shouldn’t have done all those in the past…

Back then, he was too young and didn’t know much. He was in his early twenties and eager for quick success and instant gratification. Indeed, he lacked control and judgment while doing things back then.

Linus didn’t expect that things would develop this way. He turned out to be Cooper’s son and now had to face Mark with a different identity.

Unfortunately, what was done was done, and there was no use crying over spilled milk.

To his surprise, Linus suddenly heard Cooper calling his name outside. He raised his head and saw Cooper and Mark walking side by side. Mark was very old and was on crutches, but he was still very energetic.

“Little muffin, if you won’t come to see me, then I’ll have to come to see you!”

Mark was very enthusiastic. No wonder the young man next to Cooper has always looked very pleasing to the eye! Turns out that he’s Sophia’s twin brother.

Such a fate!

“Old Master Fletcher…”

Linus was rather startled, for he didn’t expect that Old Master Fletcher would come out personally to meet him. Flattered, he hurriedly got out of the car to greet him.

At this moment, he felt even more guilty for what he had done.

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