My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1072

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1072

Although Quinton had no idea why Michael would want to find out about Anna Yard and the Yard twins, he still told him what he knew. “The main Yard Family was almost destroyed by the Fletchers, so only a few of them survived. My master was a servant to those surviving Yards, but due to an internal strife in the Yard Family later on, he was forced to flee. Then, he unexpectedly found a Yard Family member, who was in exile, and he sent her back to the Yards as his last favor for them. Anna Yard was the Yard Family member my master stumbled upon, but it was later found out that she was infertile, so she begat a pair of twins through IVF and eventually strengthened her position in the family.”

Michael’s breathing stopped when he heard this. At that instant, he finally understood why the last message the imposter’s master sent to her was to tell her to kill the twins—it was because only twins were eligible to be the heirs to the Imperial Yard Family. Apparently, the existence of Sophia and Linus, who were also twins, was a threat to some people’s claim to the throne.

Then, Michael asked, “Who is the father of Callum and Cade Yard?”

Quinton replied, “No one knows for sure.”

Hearing this, Michael lit up a cigarette and then puffed out some smoke. Things are getting more complicated. When he was almost done with smoking the cigarette, he put it out and asked, “Tell me more about Anna Yard. What is she like?” As the one who had saved Anna, Quinton’s master would surely know some secrets that most people didn’t.

“Anna Yard can only be described as ruthless and unfeeling. I heard that during the internal strife of the Yard Family, the twins were captured by those from the branch family. They demanded that Anna should give up her shares and her position as the leader of the Yard Group. Otherwise, they’d kill the twins in front of her. However, Anna decided to give up her children simply for the sake of holding on to her power. She’s really something.”

Recalling what the imposter said previously, Michael had a better understanding of the whole picture now. “Alright. See you soon.”

However, the more he had figured out, the heavier his heart grew, for he wasn’t sure how to explain this to Sophia. Anna Yard has to be Annabel Johnson. She had met Sophia before, but she never revealed her identity to her. Maybe she has lost her memory, since the Phantom Wolf’s skill to erase a person’s memory comes from the Imperial Yard Family. Or maybe, she just doesn’t want to reunite with Sophia and Cooper. Whatever the case, it is going to be hard for Sophia to accept the truth.

Gritting his teeth, Michael decided to hide this revelation from Sophia because he couldn’t bear to see her get hurt again, even if they had to sever ties with Cooper. To hell with Cooper and Annabel! Since Sophia wants a family, I will build one for her! In this family, Carmen and I are good enough for her!

When Michael returned to the ward and saw Cooper peering into the room through the window, he never uttered a word.

Hearing the footsteps, Cooper turned to face Michael and placed a finger on his lips. Then, he motioned for him to enter the adjacent room with him.

Seeing that, Michael followed him into the room and occupied the ward that was previously empty.

Standing by the window, Cooper gazed out at the fallen leaves and withered flowers, his eyes brimming with melancholy. He remained the ruthless Cooper Mitchell, as though he wasn’t the one who got drunk and threw a tantrum on the previous day. A long while later, he asked, “Sophia… Is she alright?”

Michael replied mockingly, “Oh, she’s fine. Thanks to you, she’s only suffered a mild concussion.”

In the past, Cooper would fight back even if he was in the wrong, but on this day, he only mumbled, “I’m relieved that she’s fine…” He sounded so pitiful, like he had realized that he was nothing but a father who had failed his daughter.

At that instant, his expression appeared to be desolate, which aroused Michael’s sympathy. Before this, he had thought about how to give Cooper a piece of his mind, but for that moment, he couldn’t utter any of that.

Gazing at the view outside the window, the two of them remained silent, so the atmosphere was rather awkward.

After giving it a thought, Michael asked probingly, “Why don’t you apologize to Sophia?”

In Cethosian tradition, parents were superior beings, so even if they were in the wrong, there was no way they would apologize to their children. Therefore, Michael said this just to mock Cooper and never expected him to agree to it. To his surprise, Cooper then said yes without hesitation, as though he was looking forward to this.

Turning around, Cooper said, “Lead the way.”

For that instant, Michael couldn’t believe his ears, because he didn’t think a man like Cooper would apologize to anyone. Nevertheless, he still brought Cooper to Sophia’s ward.

The steak and sashimi he ordered had been delivered and placed on the table. Carmen was also sent to this place after school. Currently, she was having rice cereal from her favorite bowl.

Sophia had awakened and was feeding the rice cereal to Carmen. Meanwhile, Linus was there as well, and his dog wagged its tail under the table when it saw Cooper.

Shocked to see her father here, Sophia rose from the chair and asked, “Dad, why are you here?”

Seeing the bandage that was wrapped around her head, Cooper was heartbroken. He stretched out his hand in an attempt to touch her wound, but he suddenly recalled that he had hurt her accidentally last night, so he immediately retracted his hand. On this day, the usually confident man stammered, “D-Do you still feel hurt? A-Are you alright?”

Sensing the anxiety in his voice, Sophia felt something welling up within her as her eyes became teary. Shaking her head, she replied softly, “I’m alright. It was no big deal.”

Hearing that, Cooper was relieved and he gazed at his daughter, who had endured hardship in her younger days. For that moment, he was gripped by a sense of guilt, and he was feeling sorry for his daughter.

Last night, he had lost his mind and pushed his daughter away. When he learned what he had done the next morning, he blamed himself for his insanity. “Sophia, I’m so sorry. I was wrong to overdrink and push you away. Will you forgive me?”

The humility in Cooper’s voice stunned Michael, for he never expected that his powerful, haughty, ruthless and young-looking father-in-law would ever apologize to anyone. At that moment, he felt that he never really understood Cooper. Is he really the indifferent and proud Cooper I know?

Seeing that her father had apologized to her, Sophia tipped her head back as her tears streamed down her face. In a choking voice, she wailed, “Dad, I feel so painful!”

Last night, she seriously thought that her father would kill her just like how he killed the imposter’s child.

Hearing what his daughter said, Cooper’s eyes became teary as he began to cry as well. “I’m so sorry. I shouldn’t have gotten myself drunk and pushed you away. You’re my daughter, so how would I have the heart to hurt you?”

Unable to hold it back anymore, Sophia lunged forward and crashed into his arms. “Dad… Dad…”

With his eyes soaked in tears, Cooper knew what his daughter was worried about because he had heard her conversation with the imposter after the housekeeping robot sent the footage to his laptop.

“You’re my child. No matter how ruthless I am, I will never hurt you. I’m not so cruel…” Then, he let go of her and explained in a serious manner, “I had never slept with the imposter before, so there’s no way she was impregnated with my child. Even if her child was mine, I would never hurt the child. Linus and you are my kids, so I will never harm the two of you.”

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