My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1069

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1069

While Sophia was cursing the imposter, she couldn’t stop her tears from streaming down her face. It seemed that the woman’s words had had a huge impact on her. “Shut up! Shut up!”
If Michael were not restraining her, she would have pounced on the woman and torn her mouth apart.
Seeing that she had successfully enraged Sophia, the imposter felt that she could die with no regrets. Even if she couldn’t survive, she had to make sure that Cooper’s life would be turned upside down, thereby accomplishing the mission her master entrusted her. Her mean words exposed the fragility of the relationship between Sophia and Cooper.

“Do you think Cooper really loves you? No! Just like Annabel, he only loves himself! Whoever gets in his way, he will kill that person, even if that person is his own kid! In his eyes, you are no more important than a pile of dust! Annabel should have been killed a long time ago. It serves her right that she’s infertile! That man had done everything he could to win her heart and acquired everything she desired for her. However, she turned a blind eye when my kid was dying!” The imposter growled, trying to vent her resentment before she were to die. Although she had lost her mind, her hatred was real.

“I hate all of you! What makes you deserve the love of others? How could Annabel hurt the feelings of the man who loved her? He is such a contemptible man. He knows that Annabel has been making use of him, but he’s willing to sacrifice for her over such a long period of time. What makes Annabel deserve his love? I’ve sacrificed everything for him. I’ve been following him since I was young. I’ve squandered my youth and even imitated another woman just to win his heart! I also became a surrogate mother for that b*tch. Your mother turned a blind eye when my kid was dying. Although I’d given birth to the kid, it was her child! What did I get in return? The man I love doesn’t love me back, and my child didn’t even know I existed. I’ve sacrificed all I have, but I get nothing in return! I hate all of you!”

As the imposter was bawling, her face was already covered in tears. She hated the fact that her life had been ruined.

When she was told to imitate Annabel, she executed the order. Firstly, she went under the knife to get her face modified to look exactly like Annabel. Then, she observed her behavior and learned all about her. Also, she took the risk of becoming mute by undergoing vocal cord surgeries to make her voice sound like her.

When Annabel became infertile, she even offered to be her surrogate mother and bore her child. But in the end, she got nothing in return for her favors.

The imposter then laughed maniacally because she felt that the man had loved the wrong woman for all his life. She was also laughing at herself for sacrificing for a man who didn’t love her back. However, she was unwilling to give up because Annabel and her met the man at the same time, but he fell in love with the other one, even though she was the more brilliant one.

Noticing the silence in the room, she came to her senses and lifted her head, only to see that Sophia, who was agitated moments ago, had composed herself. Although there were tears on the corners of her eyes, her expression was as glacial as her father’s.

“Thanks. I’ve learned all I want to know. You shall go to hell now.” With her head tilted, Sophia kept the smile on her face, but her gaze was indifferent. After helping her up, Michael gently brushed the tears off the corners of her eyes.

Sophia’s acting skill had improved significantly under Michael’s guidance, so she easily got the information she needed out of the imposter.

Startled, the imposter knew that she had unwittingly revealed all the secrets. Trying to defend her last bit of dignity, she laughed coldly. “Sophia, now that you’ve figured out that your mother is still alive, I do hope that you’ll find her one day. By then, you’ll understand how despicable your mother is. Hopefully, you’ll still believe that you have the last laugh when that time comes.”

With an impassive expression, Sophia gazed at the imposter without uttering a word. However, Michael noticed that her hands were cold, and her fingers were trembling.

“Alright. It’s time for you to hit the road to hell. Siri, you may do your job now.” After Michael finished talking, he left the study with Sophia, after which the housekeeping robot came into the room and jabbed a needle into the imposter. A short moment later, life left her body as she hit the desk with a resounding thud.

Right before she died, the memories of her life flashed across her mind.

She remembered the summer thirty years ago when she was a young and beautiful girl. Unfortunately, she was born into a poor family, and her parents were not well-educated. Her alluring face turned out to be a curse for herself as she was forced to marry a man in his forties in exchange for some money for her parents.

Unwilling to marry that man, she fled from the house on her wedding night. Just when she was almost caught by her soon-to-be husband’s family members, the man of her dreams came along.

He was the most handsome, mysterious and elegant man she had ever seen. After he offered to buy her off for five thousand, she had started following him since then.

Annabel and her were saved by him at roughly the same time. Since they were young, he had taught them various assasination skills. By using their beauty as weapons, they had helped the man kill countless of his opponents.

He was her faith and the only reason she stayed alive, so she was willing to sacrifice everything for him. However, what did she get in exchange for her loyalty?

She had given birth to a child of the man she loved and another woman. The child then grew up to be an adult, but never knew of her existence. The child even called another woman ‘Mom’, even though that woman was one of the cruelest people on earth.

She knew that this mission would cost her life, but she still chose to take it. Therefore, she only had herself to blame for her miserable ending.

Her eyelids grew heavier, and her vision turned blurry. Eventually, she closed her eyes and left for the other world. In the last moments of her life, she asked herself if she ever regretted her decision, and the answer was clear—she never regretted it once.

With her eyes closed, her head slumped to the side, all her love and resentment ended with her life. When she was at her last breath, she recalled the very night she came across that man.

The moment she laid her eyes on him, she knew that she would be willing to sacrifice everything, including her life, for him. But Jordan Edwards… will you regret it?

Seeing that the woman was dead, the housekeeping robot started spraying some liquid on her body. A moment later, the body decomposed into a puddle of blood. Following that, the robot started cleaning up the floor.

The woman was born with nothing, and she brought nothing with her when she left this world, as though she had never existed in this world before.

On the other side, Sophia’s mind was a mess. Although she had figured out everything she needed to know, she felt that the more she learned, the more she was terrified of what was ahead of her.

Will Cooper kill Linus and me without hesitation? Is Annabel really a secret agent sent to Cooper to destroy him? What if Linus and I really are the tools Annabel intends to use against Cooper?

At the thought of this possibility, she was gripped by fear.

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