My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1063

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1063

Three pairs of faint blue eyes stared coldly in Michael’s direction.
Both Cooper and Linus had been immersed in the joy of their family reunion over the past two days, so they failed to carefully reflect on the events that had transpired. However, their niggling doubts had existed in their hearts since before. Thus, everybody immediately noticed something fishy going on as soon as Carmen mentioned it.
Cooper thought to himself, No wonder Michael managed to locate Linus at such a timely moment! No wonder I always felt that somebody was muddying the waters and blocking my way from behind the scenes while I was searching for my son! No wonder Daniel told me to remain spiritual in my search for my son, claiming that my long-lost son would appear if I checked the household registry! That was because Linus is already listed in the household registry! If it weren’t for this incident, where Michael became anxious and desperate because I was pushing Linus and Sophia into a fake marriage, who knows how long Michael would have continued deceiving us?! That d*mn Michael!

Sophia angrily put her cutlery down and glared at Michael fiercely. Similarly, the expression on Linus’ face was anything but kind. On the other hand, Michael didn’t even flinch as he held Carmen and fed her. He even smilingly said, “You’re so smart! Uncle Linus became Mommy’s brother a long, long time ago. So, don’t call him ‘Granduncle Linus’ anymore. You should call him ‘Uncle Linus’ just like before!”

Carmen raised her head and looked at him. Pouting, she said, “Okay.” Adults are so complicated!

Despite managing to turn the situation around, it did not change the fact that the truth had been ruthlessly exposed. Thus, Linus and Cooper were still glaring daggers at him. However, he gathered all the acting skills he cultivated as an Academy Award winner to keep his expression neutral and calm. Hmph; why should I fear Cooper? He can’t do anything to me! I’m his son-in-law!

Carmen was oblivious to the storm brewing between the adults. Picking up her new bowl, she looked at Cooper and asked sweetly, “Grandpa, is my ‘royal sweetheart bowl’ pretty?”

Only then did Cooper withdraw his vicious glare. By the time he turned to face her, his face was filled with pure delight. “Yes, it’s very pretty.”

In his opinion, Michael’s greatest contribution in life was the child he had with Sophia—Carmen.

Feeling relieved at the sight of his expression, she held her beloved customized small bowl and ate her food. Michael used her ‘royal sweetheart spoon’ to feed her and wiped her mouth with her personalized napkin when her mouth became dirty.

Hence, the meal continued under that strange atmosphere.

After the meal, Cooper and Linus went into the study. They had a lot of matters to discuss. Then, Sophia hurriedly dragged Michael away with her. Returning to their original room, she asked frankly, “Were you aware that Linus was my brother from the beginning?”

Michael kept his expression stern. “No, I didn’t know from the start either. Justin only told me about it two days ago.” He did his best to push the blame on Justin. “Justin seems to have suspected it since the beginning, but he wasn’t sure. He only managed to confirm it several days ago. To our surprise, the two of you were about to have a fake marriage. So, I rushed back to stop you. Fortunately, I arrived in time.”

She didn’t quite believe him. Observing his every action carefully, she tried to detect any flaws in his expression. However, she could not find any. As expected of a Best Actor winner; he’s a professional actor indeed. Who knows if he is lying to me… Forget it; our little family is back together again. Let’s forget about these trivial matters.

Although they moved out, the room Sophia used to stay in had been kept very neat and clean. Cooper even placed some pajamas in the closet and slippers in the shoe cabinet so that he could welcome her back anytime. At that moment, she suddenly felt the sadness of marrying out of the family. Now that she had grown up, she couldn’t keep following her father around anymore.

Later, the family of three decided to have dinner at the Edwards Residence before returning home. However, Michael found Carmen sitting in a corner and sulking unhappily in the afternoon.

“What’s wrong, baby?” Michael hurriedly went over and asked upon noticing that his beloved daughter looked extremely aggrieved. His heart trembled at the sight of her expression.

Carmen’s round little face was full of grievances. She was pouting and seemed to be sniffling slightly as she looked up at him pitifully. “Daddy, have I been losing money?”

He had not expected her to ask such a nonsensical question. Quickly pulling her into his arms, he gently replied, “No, you aren’t. Why would you lose money? Besides, you’ve been making a lot of money recently! I’ve been keeping it in the bank for you!”

She sobbed, her tears rolling down her face. Pressing her lips together, she asked, “Then why… Why did Grandma call me a waste of money?”

Upon hearing those words, he froze in shock. The three words she uttered seemed to echo in his ears. Waste of money?! This is the first time anybody has ever dared to describe my precious daughter as such!

When she saw Michael saying nothing, she whimpered and incoherently asked, “Daddy, did I make you waste a lot of money? Grandma says I spend too much money. She says I spend hundreds of thousands every month. She says I’m going to make you go bankrupt!”

His expression immediately became overcast, and he smiled coldly. However, his teeth made a grinding sound as he gnashed them furiously. Hugging her in his arms, he gently patted her on the back to comfort her. Then, he said softly, “Darling, Grandma was talking nonsense. You’re very good at making money. Did you forget? You’re a little princess who has millions of fans!”

Still, she continued crying. She was about to turn four; she was no longer a three-year-old child, so she could understand what the adults were saying now. She also understood that ‘a waste of money’ was something bad. Sobbing, she lifted her head to look at him. “Daddy, is it very expensive to raise me?”

He picked her up and kissed her tear-stained face. “Of course not; even Judge spends more money than you do!”

He held her and comforted her, but she kept crying without stopping. She cried all the way to the garage. Placing her in the car, he put a husky doll in her lap and gently said, “Darling, can you sit here and watch ‘Where Are We Going, Dad?’ for a bit? I’m going to get Mommy. Let’s go home together, alright?”

Carmen nodded while wiping away her tears. Michael took out his computer and turned on ‘Where Are We Going, Dad?’ for her. After that, he instructed the nanny and the driver to watch her before going to search for Sophia. The moment he turned around, the gentle and warm fatherly demeanor was gone. All that was left was a terrible ruthlessness and fury!

In the living room, the family was just starting to watch TV together. Michael had yet to return after heading to the bathroom. Taking advantage of Michael’s absence, Annabel rushed over to Sophia and earnestly said, “My dear, you need to make haste! You have to give birth to a son as soon as possible! Only a son can keep your husband by your side!”

Sophia was focused on the TV while using her leg to pet the dog at the same time. When she heard those words, her gaze flicked over to Annabel before flicking away again. “A daughter is nice too.” Are all mothers like that? Why do her words sound so hateful?

Unexpectedly, Annabel became exasperated at her words and sternly said, “Daughters will be married off sooner or later. No matter how you raise them, they are a waste of money! You need to get yourself a son! Even if you can’t give birth to one, you need to find another way! You can use a surrogate mother. In the worst case, you can secretly find a mistress. Once she gives birth to a son, you can raise him as yours, then give her some money to leave—”

Before Sophia could say a word, she saw Michael rushing into the room in a hurry. Without saying anything, he raised his hand and slapped Annabel across the face heavily. Slap! As the loud sound echoed throughout the room, the room instantly became completely silent.

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