My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1061

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1061

When it came to acting, Michael was the best of the best. He was the nation’s first-rate actor, the youngest performing arts master, and an expert at micro-expressions. With just a glance, he could tell who was acting, and who was not.
So, what was Cooper trying to do?
He simply could not figure it out.

But, no matter what Cooper wanted to do, it would eventually affect Michael and Sophia.

This was because they had a common interest now; whatever happened to Cooper would happen to Michael as well. The fact that Michael had married his daughter and had given birth to his grandchild meant that he was now stuck on this path.

The banquet was still going on. Despite all the things that had happened tonight, the buzz was not dying down anytime soon.

This vanity fair was top-notch and full of life. An array of fashionably dressed men and women wandered around in search of a place of belonging and the destination of their desires.

When Sophia was tired from dancing, she left the dance floor and walked toward Michael, who was slowly sipping on his cocktail and was deep in thought.

Having drunk a bottle of French Cheval-Blanc by himself, Stanley was getting a bit tipsy. He held onto Michael’s arm and rubbed it up and down, all while speaking gibberish.

He was a domineering director in his own right, but in front of Michael, he would always behave like a silly husky.

“What are you thinking about, hubby?”

Sophia squeezed Stanley out of the way and sat next to Michael while pouring a glass of juice to quench her thirst.

She was so happy today that she danced till she was exhausted.

Michael slowly set down his glass and let out a long exhale. He stretched out his arm to pull Sophia in by the waist until she was leaning against his chest where she lifted her chin to look at him.

She was breathtakingly beautiful tonight, but Michael would always remember how she used to look.

At that time, she was simple and innocent. She had taken so much of fate’s beatings that it seemed as if her soul was hollowed out. She was like a weak little wildflower, drooping hopelessly in a withered wasteland; the petals had wilted, but the roots were still trying to look for nutrients among the barrenness.

She was the apple of his eye and he had nurtured her until she gradually blossomed into a bright and brilliant wonder.

Presently, Sophia’s arm was on his shoulder, and her red lips were slightly parted. Her fair, pointed chin was raised a little, and her eyes were as gentle as water, making her look captivating and lovely.

Michael wrapped his arms around her shoulders, letting her lean into him. He held onto her little slender hands while listening to her talk.

“You found out about my brother long ago, didn’t you? Why didn’t you stop me when I discussed the fake marriage with you? This is so embarrassing. I almost married my own brother! I never expected that the ‘brother’ Dad has been raising for more than twenty years was actually his biological son. I really am fortune’s fool. No matter how much I think about it, I wouldn’t have expected Uncle Linus to be my elder brother.”

Michael’s brows furrowed slightly.

Had Sophia ever discussed her fake marriage with him before?

He could roughly guess what had happened.

Linus had taken advantage of her again.

He had deceived Cooper and everyone else.

Michael could not believe that Linus would actually think of something like that. Michael had been abroad, filming by the mountains. There was no signal on set, which cut off all his communications with the outside world. It was only until Justin found the set one day that he found out what was happening.

Justin had gotten a phone call from his subordinate telling him about Lorelei. For a while, he could not take it and wanted to find somewhere to relax for two days.

After taking two days to calm down, he still felt uneasy. He hurriedly contacted Michael, but he could not reach him.

Having always been wary of Linus, Justin paid great attention to him at all times. In the end, he discovered Linus’ plan.

Fortunately, Annabel returned and disrupted Linus’ plan, delaying the dinner by ten days. Otherwise, he would have achieved his goal by now, resulting in only two possible outcomes.

Firstly, if Michael did not come back, Linus’ identity would not be revealed, and he would take advantage of Sophia and Cooper’s trust to take action. Even so, Michael was uncertain of what he wanted to achieve.

The other possibility was that when Michael returned, they would have already announced their marriage. A marriage between the brother and sister would definitely pain Sophia.

All of them had almost fallen into Linus’ trap.

Today, Sophia was more excited than usual. Her tiny mouth was talking non-stop, and her eyes could not conceal the excitement of finding her brother.

For ten years, she had been an orphan. Having suffered hardships, she had longed for a family. Even though she had lost her memory, that longing was subconsciously hidden in her mind.

Now that she had finally found her family, she felt immensely blessed. To her, all of this was as beautiful as a dream.

Not to mention, Linus was her fraternal twin brother!

They had been conceived together and were born together, but they were ruthlessly separated at birth. Now that they had reconciled and she was overjoyed, how could Michael have the heart to ruin her happiness?

However, it was true that Linus had used her time and time again.

She had forgotten about it, but Linus had once used her and Nathan to probe the Fletchers’ military secrets. He had even let her fall into the hands of the Phantom Wolf!

And now, he had tricked her again.

Michael knew that Linus loved Sophia. This blood bond between twins was innate; just like his love for Celine, it was not something that could be abandoned. Although they never knew each other, that love would always be there.

But, so what if he loved her?

Ultimately, the person he loved the most was himself. He had used her to his advantage—to achieve his goals!

Leaning on Michael, Sophia began to tell him about everything that had happened when he was gone. She told him about Carmen falling sick, about how they had relocated Annabel’s tomb, about Annabel’s return…

She had found her father and her mother, and she had also found her brother. Her family was reunited, which made her feel like the happiest girl in the world.

Michael’s expression was indifferent. He was not particularly happy, but he was not solemn either; he just sat there silently and listened.

At this moment, Michael suddenly patted Sophia on the shoulder and said gently, “I need to find your dad to talk about something. You can play with Stanley for a while. I’ll be back soon.”

Michael then set down his glass and walked out of the dinner hall. Sophia sat on the couch, while Stanley, who was drunk, rubbed her arms and spoke drunkenly.

“Give me three thousand soldiers and horses; I want to defeat the Yard Dynasty!”

“Brothers, attack!”

“Little Yard, take this back thrust!”

The atmosphere of tonight’s dinner was extraordinary. After all, Linus had publicly announced that he was a part of the Mitchell family. This meant that he had completely given up on his identity as a Michel, which resulted in him losing all control of the Michel Group.

Many people were whispering at the sides, talking about how they wanted to cut ties with the Michel Group and work with the Yard Group instead. The Yard twins had been in the spotlight lately and were constantly surrounded by beautiful women and celebrities.

Ian was also present today, and he was watching everything in silence.

He had been deceived and swindled previously, and Sophia had even made fun of him for having a redundant prepuce. Even though his mind and wallet had suffered a blow, he dared not tell anyone such a shameful thing. He had no choice but to bite the bullet and cut off his foreskin. When he heard talk about people wanting to end their contracts with Linus and hurriedly sell off their Michel Group stocks before the news got out, he felt rather delighted.

They’re just a bunch of profiteering fools!

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