My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1059

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1059

Linus was the child all along!
So, that was why he shared the same birthday with Sophia!
It explained why, from the very moment Cooper had laid eyes on the child, he had the strangest feeling that the child was different from others, and he felt compelled to adopt the child.

It also made sense as to why he had not been able to find anything on his son; he had given orders to wipe out everything that had even been remotely connected to Linus, thus effectively barring his own efforts to locate his son.

It turned out that Linus Michel was his son after all!

By the end of the video, Cooper’s hand was shaking so badly that the phone slipped and clattered to the floor.

Sophia hurriedly picked up the fallen phone and passed it back to Cooper. “What’s the matter, Dad?” she asked curiously.

However, Cooper stumbled backward, and if Justin had not reached out in time to steady him, he would have fallen over.


Cooper burst into laughter before taking several steps back, then broke down into heaving sobs.

“My son, my son, my son…” he wailed.

He would never have known that he had children at all if Sophia hadn’t turned up two years ago.

Up to a year ago, he wouldn’t have even known that he had another child other than Sophia if Michael had never brought it up.

It was only today when the revelation came upon him that the person he had been taking care of these past 20 years—the person whom he’d thought of as his ‘younger brother’—was in fact his biological son all along!

What a complete twist of fate!

Everyone was shocked to see Cooper as anguished as he was now, and they began wondering if something had happened to his son.

Linus had rushed over at the first instance, thinking that Cooper had found out what he’d done.

He knew he had let him down again.

However, Cooper abruptly began pushing through the crowd surrounding him, and when he saw Linus by the sidelines, he reached out to grab hold of him. Linus had never seen this look on him before; when he tried to speak, he was so overwhelmed that he stammered.


Linus stared at him blankly, unsure as to how he should respond.

Cooper was still gazing at him as he chuckled bitterly, then, unable to control himself, he began sobbing. He threw his arms around Linus; his voice was shaky and raspy as he cried out, “Linus… my son… You’re my son—you have been my son all along! Linus, I’m so sorry… I’m so sorry…”

Still looking dumbfounded, Linus was no longer able to comprehend what Cooper was saying.

Upon seeing how overwhelmed Cooper was as he embraced Linus, the dinner guests grew curious and were now coming forward to see what the commotion was.

Among all the sobbing and crying, Sandra, who had been standing next to Linus when Cooper had pushed her aside, somehow managed to pick out the most important piece of information of all.


Linus Michel is Cooper Mitchell’s son?

Was Sophia not Cooper’s only child?

How did Linus end up as his son?

Seeing how his father-in-law was becoming unhinged, Michael placed a hand on Cooper’s shoulder, then leaned in to say, “Cooper, please keep it together; we’re at a dinner party and everybody’s watching—you must get ahold of yourself.”

Cooper was as shaken as he was on the day when Sophia had been resuscitated, but after Michael’s urging, he remembered that this was Sophia’s big day and he could not be seen like this. With that in mind, he hurried to the guest room.

The family gathered in the guest room.

“What? Uncle Linus is… my brother?”

No one was more astounded than Sophia.

Linus, with whom she had been about to fake a marriage announcement, was actually her brother—her fraternal twin brother!

Sophia felt numb with shock, and Linus was rendered speechless.

The next moment, he was pulled into Cooper’s arms again while the latter was overcome with emotions.

Cooper looked borderline insane as he laughed and cried at the same time.

All this while, the son he’d been searching for had been by his side… for the past twenty years!

How could the heavens be so cruel to him and his son?

The child had been through so much hardship, and had even been on the brink of death on more than one occasion!

For the past twenty years, he had dedicated himself to ensuring that the child could receive the best under his care, and yet it had eluded him that the same child had been his son all along!

Presently, Linus was finally coming to terms with this newfound—albeit groundbreaking—reality; he recollected himself as the numb and shock began to wear off.

I’m Cooper’s biological son?

Cooper is my father?

“D-Dad?” Linus called out, stupefied.

Cooper nodded ferociously. “Son, my son; my dear son…”

The novelty of the situation had presented itself without warning; Linus felt as though he was dreaming, but as his tears fell uncontrollably, he realized that all of this was happening in real-time.

“Dad! Dad!”

Linus pulled Cooper into a rough embrace, and the both of them began to sob painfully as they held onto each other.

This was more heart-wrenching than the time Cooper had first been reunited with Sophia. After all, for twenty long years, both father and son had been within each other’s orbits, but never knowing the truth. What a cruel twist of fate!

Shell-shocked, Sophia stared at the scene before her with a blank look on her face.

This sudden turn of events meant that Linus had been separated from her at birth, and had subsequently been given away; he had been sent abroad when Cooper had, by some inexplicable coincidence, come upon him and made the decision to adopt him.

This meant that Linus had been living with his own biological father without ever knowing the truth.

Sophia thought back to the time when she had asked Linus if he would try to track down his real family.

He had simply answered that he would never want to find out anything about his past.

He had gone on to explain how his past was a taboo—he’d struggled to earn his place in the Michel family, and even the slightest thought of trying to track down his past would cost him everything he’d worked for.

Who knew that he was actually Cooper’s son?

Michael saw how Sophia had gone still, and gently patted her shoulder. “Go; he’s your brother, after all,” he encouraged mildly.

Sophia remained unmoving until Cooper lifted his hand and beckoned her over, saying, “Sophie, come over here and meet your brother!”

Slowly, she felt her feet shift beneath her, and she somehow ended up standing before Linus. She regarded him with a pained look in her eyes, as it had only been moments ago when they had almost announced their engagement.

She could not believe that he had been her brother all along!

Linus gazed down at her as his tears spilled over.

He pulled Sophia into his arms, but no words came to him; it seemed as though the tears had drowned away whatever he had planned on saying, and he felt an overwhelming sense of guilt that threatened to suffocate him. How could he possibly explain the way he felt right now—it was as if someone had clenched their fist around his heart.

Sophia had been his younger sister all this time!

Looking back, it was no wonder that he felt a peculiar rush of familiarity when he first laid eyes on Sophia at the film studio. Back then, he thought that perhaps they’d met in their past lives, but all along, that sense of familiarity had been because they were fraternal twins who had, at one point, shared the same womb.

They shared the same parents—they had grown together within their mother’s womb as they waited to greet the world. Who could have predicted that they would be so cruelly separated from each other and that twenty long years would have passed before they could be reunited?

Fate might have brought them back together, but Sophia could not help but think of all the times Linus had hurt her, lied to her, and manipulated her for his own selfish gains.

Linus held her tightly as he apologized repeatedly in her ear, “I’m sorry; I’m so sorry…”

He was sorry that he had, once again, let her down.

He was sorry that he hadn’t lived up to the role of an older brother.

As she finally came to terms with the fact that Linus was her long-lost twin, Sophia allowed the floodgates to open and burst into tears of joy.

“My brother…” Sophia started to cry. “My brother—I finally have a brother!”

Cooper stood by the side as he watched his children, then, unable to help himself, he reached out and drew them both into his arms.

“Wonderful! How wonderful is it that I’ve found both my children?”

Moved by the sight of the family of four being reunited, at last, Michael felt his throat tighten.

It must have been difficult for his father-in-law to have gone through so much in one lifetime; now that the family was reunited once more, Cooper could finally put those days of turmoil behind him.

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