My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1058

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1058

Linus knew that he would have to face it sooner or later. He was already prepared for Cooper and Sophia to despise him.
Otherwise, he would not have started this. When he made the first attack, he was already prepared for this, wasn’t he?
This day was going to come sooner or later.

But, he did not have a way out anymore; he had to marry Sophia.

He did not want to lose this family, Sophia, or Cooper.

Without much thought, he started to walk toward Michael when Sandra quickly held him back and urged, “Linus, you’re drunk. Let me go with you.”

She naturally pulled his arm back knowing that Sophia and Michael had called him over to ridicule him. In the name of Linus’ girlfriend, she wanted to go over there and slap all of them.

Linus, however, was completely out of it. He did not even know if that was a person or a dog standing next to him.

He saw Justin glaring at him.

He also saw Stanley circling around him in an unfriendly manner.

Currently, the family of four was having a splendid time with each other. Annabel was immersed in the joy of having received new jewelry. It was obvious that Michael had meticulously picked it himself. He knew exactly what middle-aged women liked and sure enough, it put a smile on Annabel’s face.

As long as his wife was happy, Cooper was happy too. He had also grown more fond of Michael.

The more Annabel looked at him, the more she liked him.

Sophia was also happy because Michael and Annabel’s first meeting was going smoothly. Turning around, she saw Justin bringing Linus over along with Sandra who was holding on to Linus’ arms. Sophia looked at Linus and Sandra with a puzzled look.

Seeing Linus in that frightened state, though, made Sophia feel guilty. She had promised him today that she would announce their engagement in front of the Michel Family, but who would have thought that Michael would come home so suddenly?

When Sophia saw Michael standing before her, she completely forgot about everything else. Thinking about it now, she felt conflicted inside.

Not too long ago, she told the Michel Family that she was going to marry Linus, but now she was being affectionate with her ex-husband. Perhaps she was being slightly obnoxious.

She did not dare to look at Linus.

Cooper also felt sorry for Linus initially. However, now that Michael was here, he probably regretted it too. Linus’ engagement was placed aside for now. There was no rush; he was still young. There were many outstanding women in the Michel Family. Linus was bound to find someone well-suited for him.

At the moment, Sandra was happily holding on to Nathan and looking arrogantly and contemptuously at Anna.

Didn’t you want to steal my man from me? Come and try. You easy woman! You can protect that outdated male star for the rest of your life.

Linus was young and wealthy. Moreover, he was in charge of the important businesses at the Michel Group. The Fletchers were no good now. The head of their family, Mark Fletcher, had passed away. Without Mark, the mountain on which Michael could lean on was gone.

Between Linus and Michael, it was obvious who was the better option.

Linus will be mine!

Sophia only felt guilt and remorse toward Linus and she did not notice Sandra sticking her nose up in the air. She was holding on to his arm, but she did not even dare to look up at him.

Today, Michael was winning favor with his youthful father-in-law. In his last film, ‘The Winter Breakthrough’, he gave an exemplary performance of the character Woody Mitchell. The film won an international prize just recently. Because of Michael’s wonderful performance, Woody was able to gain widespread attention when he appeared on screen for the first time. His achievements became widely known due to the popularity of the film at the box office. As Woody’s son, Cooper was filled with pride.

When they saw Linus walk over, Michael, who had a wine glass in his hand as he chatted with Cooper, put down the glass and said, “Oh, Dad, while I was filming my movie overseas, I was able to do some digging on my brother-in-law’s whereabouts. I’ve been looking into it for years, but every time we seemed to be getting close, we would come to a dead end.”

At the mention of his son, Cooper’s eyes lit up while Linus’ eyes dimmed.

Finally, Cooper’s biological son was coming home.

It was time for him to make his exit, too.

Cooper was excited to know that there was news on his child. “Did you find him?”

Michael frowned. “Unfortunately, the last clue was a dead end too.”

The light in Cooper’s eyes dimmed.

Michael lamented, “We found out that not long after the couple brought Sophia’s brother out of the country, he was sent to a different Cethosian family for various reasons. That Cethosian family moved houses and took them with him, then that child disappeared without a trace. Some people think he was sold off at a high price.”

“The person who bought him must have connections with higher authorities because they got rid of all traces of the child’s existence. We can’t even find a hint now.”

Cooper was silent.

It’s been twenty years. Even if there were hints, they would not be very helpful.

Sophia comforted him. “Dad, don’t be sad now. If we’re meant to meet him, we will be able to reunite as one family again.

Leaning her head against him, Annabel cried into his embrace. “I’m sorry, Coop. I shouldn’t have given our son away. If it wasn’t for me, our family of four would be complete already.”

Meanwhile, Linus continued to stay silent like a person about to enter the execution grounds.

Looking at the state that they were in, Michael knew that he could not keep teasing them with the information.

“But, I acquired some new information this time.”

He calmly took out his Dragon Eye mobile phone and played a video in front of Cooper. “I found out that the child has been on local television because he was too smart. After that, someone came to take the child away, and all his information that was released on television got erased. He can’t be found on any media or website in the world.”

“The people behind this did a very neat job, but they forgot about one place—Cethos. Cethos just so happened to have built a firewall network twenty years ago. Foreign users could not use websites in Cethos. The related video somehow entered Cethos’ network and could not be removed anymore. Look; I found a portion of the video.”

Cooper quickly took Michael’s phone and pressed ‘play’.

The video was old and blurry, but it was still possible to see the three to four years old Caucasian boy in it. He was on some kind of program and the host was looking for someone on the scene to give him a mathematical equation.

He was still at a tender age, but when he saw the equation, he picked up the pen without hesitation, propped himself up, and started writing out the solution on the board.

A round of applause was heard from the audience, but the child looked at them coldly and did not have the slightest reaction—as though he was unhappy.

Cooper was dumbfounded.

Twenty years ago, he had watched that program before. He remembered the look in the boy’s eyes. The boy was not happy; he was like a lion being raised as a cat. If he had enough money, he would be able to truly unleash his talent.

Back then, Cooper had gone to the broadcasting station to take the boy away. To the best of his abilities, he got rid of all traces of the boy’s existence and gave him a new name—Linus Michel.

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