My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1057

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1057

The moment Michael appeared, Sophia started to cry.
He was only gone for a month, but it felt like a lifetime had passed.
During this month, she did not hear any news from him as communication was completely cut off at his filming location. Carmen fell ill, and a multitude of other things also happened. Seeing him appear in front of her now made her feel like she had her pillar again. The strong front that she put up crumbled down in an instant.

Lifting the hem of her dress, she ran straight into his arms. A pair of big hands caught her, then precisely and skillfully brought her into his embrace.

He came dressed up tonight in his formal attire which made him look smart, elegant, and gentlemanly. His outfit today matched hers perfectly, easily making them the most dazzling pair in the crowd.

As she sobbed in his arms, the exhaustion on his face was instantly masked over by a look of affection. He murmured next to her ear, “There, there. I’m back now. You’re the star of the show tonight. You can’t be crying.”

Just then, she pulled away from him and wiped all the happy tears off her face.

His return was better than anything else.

I can’t cry. That wench will laugh.

Sophia replaced her tears with a smile. Michael took out a pack of tissues from his pocket and pulled one out to lightly dab the tears on her cheeks. He did it carefully so as not to ruin her makeup.

A roar of soft murmurs sounded as the crowd watched the two of them act lovingly with each other in the middle of that big hall.

What’s happening now?

Aren’t they divorced?

Wasn’t she about to announce her engagement with Linus?

What’s the meaning of this?

A frown appeared on Cooper’s forehead, and he was able to figure it out from the get-go.

Perhaps Michael had gone back on his words.

However, the color drained from Linus’ face. What is Michael doing here?

According to this plan, Michael was not supposed to show up.

Justin, who was beside him, was not supposed to be here either.

Even though Michael was talking to Sophia with his head down, Linus could feel his gaze on him from time to time. Those eyes carried a sharpness that seemed to pierce right through a person and into their soul.

Thus, Linus knew that his plan had been exposed.

Breaking into a cold sweat, he remained stiff and frozen in place. He knew that he couldn’t hide it anymore, but he did not dare to look at Cooper or Sophia.

He knew that Michael was going to tear apart his act in the next moment.

Then, he would have to face a disappointed and angry Cooper and Sophia.

Feeling like the world was starting to spin, he could not even comprehend what the people next to him were saying and could only hear that extremely ear-piercing voice. It felt like he was being separated from the rest of the world by an invisible, formless membrane. He did not know anything anymore, and all he could hear was that ear-piercing yet unclear voice by his ear.

Sophia was holding Michael’s hand as she rushed toward Cooper and Annabel.

“Dad, Mikey is back! Mom, this is my hubby, Michael Fletcher. Hubby, this is my mom. Our family is finally reunited.”

When Annabel saw Michael, she was stunned for a moment and still had an awkward smile on her face. After all, she did just brag about Linus being her son-in-law without expecting that her actual old son-in-law would return that quickly. She let out a dry laugh then said, “It’s good to have you back.”

Despite being unhappy that Michael went missing for a month, Cooper did not treat him coldly for it was Sophia’s big day. “Since you’re here, you should greet your mother-in-law.”

Michael’s eyes went back and forth between Cooper and Annabel, then his eyes shifted slightly. Immediately putting up a shameless smile, he said, “Hello, Mom. I’m Michael. I didn’t know what to get you for our first meeting. This is some local jewelry piece that I bought when I was filming overseas. I hope you’ll like it.”

Simultaneously, Justin took out an exquisite-looking box from behind him and opened it to reveal a full set of head accessories, including a pair of hairpins, a pair of earrings, and a ring. It was carefully made with choice materials. It even had the logo for the Yard Family’s luxury goods.

The sight of the Yard Family’s logo showed that it was not an ordinary piece of jewelry.

Annabel was overjoyed and was impressed with their old son-in-law. She praised, “You’re a good son-in-law, Mikey!”

The family of four looked happy and harmonious together. Standing a distance away, Linus looked like an outsider.

He stood there by himself with a glass of wine and did not make a sound for a long time. His eyes did not dare stumble upon that perfect family of four as it only made his heart ache.

How he wished that he was the one standing in Michael’s place.

With one arm around Sophia, he would stand before Cooper in a dignified manner and call him ‘Dad’.

That way, he could become a family with Fass and Sophia. As a true member of the Michel Family, he did not have to worry about being given up on by Cooper when he was no longer good enough or the best, resulting in everything he had worked hard to gain being taken away by someone else.

Ever since Cooper brought him back to the Michel Family, he lived in a way that did not disappoint Cooper. He worked harder and was better than others by a thousand-fold. Cooper found him adoptive parents and let him live a secure and happy life. He lived up to Cooper’s expectations and became Michel Group’s brilliant genius.

He knew, however, that he was adopted and that he could never be a real member of the family. He did not share their blood. Growing up, he always had the same nightmare of Cooper sending him away.

He loved Sophia. He wanted to marry her, protect her until the end, adore her, and gain true status as a member of the Michel Family. He figured that if he and Sophia got married, Cooper wouldn’t chase him out so easily even if he disappointed him.

Today, he missed by just one step.

He blocked Michael’s connection and even created fake videos and calls to bluff Sophia with.

He used the issue with Lorelei to get Justin out of the picture.

Once again, he lied to Sophia and took advantage of her good nature and kindness toward him.

He knew that he was unworthy of Cooper’s trust.

Linus sat alone in the corner. His eyes were lifeless. He took a sip of the red wine, but it all tasted bitter.

The other people did not know what was going on. But, seeing Michael come back and a desolated Linus, they could guess what had happened. They were all trying to get some inside information.

Stanley was tipsy. He was leading a group of people and glaring at Linus.

He knew that he couldn’t change that easily.

Mountains were hard to move, and natural dispositions were hard to fix.

At that moment, Sandra was the happiest person there. Seeing the desolation on Linus’ face, and the fact that Sophia’s husband had returned, she knew that the engagement would fizzle out. She walked up to him and said, “Linus. Stop drinking now. Even though you can’t marry her, you still have me.”

It was as though he did not hear a word that she said. He kept drinking glass after glass.

He knew that it was over.

Everything was exposed now.

Cooper and Sophia were disappointed in him once again.

Forcing a smile, a pain was stabbing at his heart.

He just wanted to stay by Cooper’s side for the rest of his life. But, that was probably not possible now. He was just an adopted child, and Cooper also had his own biological son.

That son was going to return one day and replace not just his position at the Michel Group, but also his position as the receiver of Cooper’s attention and love.

Linus was nothing to them; he was completely worthless.

Suddenly, Justin was standing next to Linus with a blank expression. “Linus, Mr. Mitchell wants to see you.”

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