My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1056

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1056

At the banquet venue, Sophia was listening to Cooper and Linus talk about announcing their engagement and turning the banquet into their engagement banquet as well. After all, they were all present and members of the Michel Family had also come tonight.
Furthermore, marriage and divorce among celebrities were a common occurrence. For the time being, Sophia would be engaged to Linus. After some time, when the opportunity came, they could break off their engagement, and she and Michael could remarry. It was all the same. In the end, she would only have two marriage certificates.
As for Linus, this marriage was his chance to become a real member of the Michel Family.

When she watched Cooper and Linus discuss the details, however, she was suddenly seized with terror.

Is marrying Linus this publicly the right thing to do? How are we going to have fun eating skewers and playing mahjong together from now on?

She would have felt less burdened if they had just signed the papers, but they were making their engagement public now. It was not the same anymore!

She was the main subject at the banquet tonight. Those that came today were all people that she invited and a lot of them were business partners she met through Michael.

She felt so ashamed.

People were whispering and giving strange looks from every corner of the venue. Sophia took a look around and saw that everyone was pointing at her.

With the Michel Family present, however, she could not oppose on the spot and could only force a smile.

What should I do? What should I do?

They were going to make the announcement soon, but she still felt conflicted.

No! I can’t do this!

She wanted to take it back.

Having a fake marriage was fine, but making it public was not!

After making her decision, she slipped away quietly. I have to stop Cooper and Linus from making the announcement!

At the same time, she could not let Linus find out that she was unwilling to make it public. They had a close relationship, so it was harder to reject him.

She snuck off toward the lounge room where she saw Joel bring Stanley earlier.

Close the door and let the stupid dog out so he can ruin this engagement banquet!

But, before she reached the lounge area, she saw a spiteful pair of eyes glaring at her from the corner.

She looked in that direction and found Sandra sitting there. Her cold and deadly eyes were staring at Sophia, blatantly expressing her jealousy and anger. She looked like she was just itching to pounce on Sophia.

Sophia came to a halt and a light flashed across her eyes. Shortly after, she was smiling brightly and skipping over to Sandra with an air of confidence.

“Miss Mitchell, what are you doing here by yourself? I’m going to announce my engagement with Linus soon. Aren’t you going to watch?”

She hugged her arms and lifted her chin slightly with a smug smile on her face.

Sandra tightened her grip on the wine glass so much that the red wine inside of it started to form ripples from the quiver in her hand. Her threatening eyes were red, making her look like a mad beast. Her teeth were clenched and she looked like she wanted to drink Sophia’s blood.

Once Sophia was done flaunting, she intentionally swayed as she left and even seductively twisted her small waist. She could not get any more arrogant.

Sandra’s burning jealousy had taken over her rationality.

Why does she get to be engaged to Linus? He’s mine!

Linus can only belong to me.

Marrying Linus was not just marrying him alone. It was getting the power and influence of the Michel Family too. Linus was the Vice President of the Michel Group. If nothing out of the ordinary happened, he would be the sole head of the Michel Family and Michel Group!

All of that would belong to Sandra. She was not going to allow Sophia to take away everything that belonged to her!

The tears in her eyes quivered as she clenched her teeth.

I can’t let Sophia and Linus get engaged! I have to stop this engagement banquet!

Suddenly, she thought of an idea. Standing up without making a sound, she grabbed a bottle of wine and walked toward the lounge.

Seeing Sandra come in, Sophia smiled. She went into the restroom and did not come out for a long time, waiting for Sandra to make a move.

On the other side, Linus and Cooper had finished discussing the details for the engagement banquet. This was supposed to be a celebratory banquet, but now it was changed into an engagement banquet. Hence, they did not have a lot of things prepared. Fortunately, the hotel management was experienced in that aspect, and they quickly prepared everything. They also found engagement rings in time. They rushed to get it prepared then used what they had. After all, it was just a formality.

Once Linus got everything in order, however, the whole venue was suddenly filled with smoke. The fire alarm rang, and the waiters ran out in a panic. “Fire! Fire! Someone is stuck in the hotel room!”

There was a commotion in the venue when they heard that a fire had broken out. Cooper was busy directing people to control the venue and evacuate the guests to the swimming pool while he went to check on the situation.

He saw that on the second floor of the hotel where the banquet was being held, there was smoke coming out and a fire had started. The people staying there that night were all guests who had come to participate in the banquet. The hotel immediately evacuated the guests and sent people into the room that was on fire to save Sandra who was stuck inside.

Sandra was in great shock. The moment she was saved, she started to weep as she rushed into Linus’ arms.

“Linus, I was scared to death… I thought I was going to die!”

She looked pitiful as she shivered from head to toe in his arms. She had a death grip on his clothes. He tried to tear her away from him, but she wouldn’t budge. She just cried in a miserable and aggrieved state.

Under the audiences’ gazes, Linus could not just kick her away, so he could only let her hug him for now.

When Linus did not reject Sandra, everyone grew curious. They whispered among themselves, making guesses about their relationship. Meanwhile, Sophia, Linus’ soon-to-be fiancée, was just watching everything from the side without saying anything.

The three people’s relationship was slightly unusual.

Leaning in Linus’ arms, Sandra looked in Sophia’s direction. Her tear-filled eyes hid a smug look.

Sophia smiled, then turned to leave.

The sudden fire led to a temporary pause in the banquet’s processions. Nonetheless, they were a trained seven-star hotel. They quickly put out the fire and returned order back to the banquet, but the announcement was still on pause for now.

They were just delaying it for a moment. By the time Cooper was done settling everything, he was going to return and continue the affair with the engagement.

Sophia looked around and found Cooper. “Dad, I checked the calendar and it’s not a good day to get engaged today. Look; something bad will happen. Let’s change to a different day.”

Cooper looked at the fortune-telling app that he had created. It could even find an auspicious date.

Today was not a good day for an engagement. Rather, it was an exceptionally good day for finding his son.

“Okay. Everyone was quite shocked today. We can do it another day,” he said.

But, Annabel immediately said, “It’s only a small matter. That fire shows that today is a fiery day! Since we already have the banquet, it would be a waste not to get engaged now. How troublesome would it be to have to find another date to have their engagement banquet.

Annabel still did not know that it was a fake wedding, so she kept egging them on.

Cooper pondered on it. Since it was a fake wedding, they could set any date they wanted. Hence, he decided to continue.

Sophia was in a panic, and her mind was searching for a solution. Suddenly, she turned around and saw the people in an uproar.

She looked over at the source of the commotion. Unexpectedly, she saw a face that she knew like the back of her hand.

Hale and Justin escorted Michael over with haste. He was still dressed in his black suit. The pure white shirt on the inside and the black color created a shocking contrast. He looked cool and ravishing. Every step he took with his long legs was firm and strong, and he was enveloped in an ambiguous fragrance. He came in from a distance and appeared before Sophia in a blink of an eye.

“I’m back.”

The color drained from Linus’ face when he saw Michael and Justin appear at the same time.

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