My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1055

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1055

The moment she appeared, someone came up from behind her in a fit of anger. “Sophia Edwards! Where do you think you’re going?”
She turned around to see Stanley storming toward her with a large group of Fletchers who all surrounded her.
Stunned and confused, she looked at Stanley who was raging with anger in front of her. He came up to her and immediately jolted her by the arms like a doll. “I can’t believe you’re getting married to Linus!”

Her eyes widened in shock, and she noticed the people at the banquet glancing her way with perplexed looks on their faces.

Feeling guilty, she quickly muttered, “Keep your voice down! Who told you that?”

Stanley’s eyes turned red from the anger. There was alcohol in his breath as he spat, “Your mother is telling everyone she meets! Just look for yourself. Look!”

He pointed to where Annabel was yapping away joyfully with a group of ladies. It turned out that she was telling them about Sophia and Linus’ engagement.


Sophia was in shock.

She forgot to inform Annabel!

Stanley kept shaking her. “I’m telling you. I firmly oppose this marriage. If you dare to marry Linus, I will turn your wedding into a bloodbath. I won’t spare a single person! Try me, if you dare!”

She was lost for words and completely dumbfounded.

Originally, she planned to lie low and just register her marriage with Linus. Who would have thought that this would happen?

All of a sudden, she broke out of Stanley’s grip and sprinted toward Annabel.

Annabel was also a main character at the banquet. She was currently talking about her daughter with the group of ladies.

“Sophia’s dad likes Linus too. Linus is living at our house now. I feel very optimistic about those two!”

“Sophia and her ex-husband have been divorced for so long now. The assets have all pretty much been divided. It was an amicable break-up. Our Sophia is such a good child. Wherever she goes, she’s just loved by everyone.”

Sophia never would have imagined that Annabel was telling people all of that. She quickly ran out and pressed, “Mom! Don’t talk about things that aren’t certain yet. How can that happen between me and Linus?”

At that moment, Annabel realized that she had misspoken and her hand quickly flew to her mouth. She faced the group of people and said awkwardly, “Look at me and my big mouth, talking about things that I shouldn’t. Please don’t believe what I said. Just take it as a joke.”

The ladies laughed half-heartedly, but they all had their own thoughts.

Cooper and the Michel Family were uniting through marriage!

No wonder they saw so many members of the Michel Family there. Aside from Linus, several representatives of the Michel Family also showed up.

However, Annabel’s words had left her mouth and spread throughout the whole banquet in a short amount of time. Numerous gazes looked in Sophia and Linus’ direction. The different parties who found out showed different reactions.

The big names in Bayside City were making their way over to curry favor with Cooper.

Meanwhile, The Yard brothers did not show much of a reaction after hearing the news.

After drinking two shots of French Cheval-Blanc, Stanley staggered around the venue to chase Linus down. He also wanted to call Michael and have him come back to punish Sophia.

But, it suddenly occurred to him that Michael was filming a movie, and he was unable to reach him. He did not know where Justin had gone to slack off, but he could not find him anywhere. Sean was recuperating at home, so he did not attend the banquet. Harry was also absent because he was taking care of the baby with Sarah.

Fearing that Stanley would do something foolish, Joel quickly brought him to the lounge area to sober up.

Joel looked at Sophia with concern.

Is she really going to marry Linus?

He could not forget how Linus helped the Phantom Wolf kidnap Mark back then.

That person might look harmless on the outside, but he has many hidden intentions.

Is Sophia really doing the right thing in marrying him?

The person who was most in shock was none other than Sandra. After speaking to Linus briefly earlier, she added him on Messenger and started acting as though she was his girlfriend as she showed off to a group of ladies who were way below Linus’ league. But, little did she know that she would soon find out about Linus and Sophia’s engagement.

While reapplying her lipstick, the force she had in her hand broke the lipstick in half. Her shaking hands also made it hard for her to hold the lipstick properly.

What? Sophia is getting married to Linus? Who does she think she is? Wench!

The group of ladies who were displeased with Sandra’s arrogant behavior was now extremely content after she was humiliated on the spot. They were chortling away, leaving Sandra to fume with anger by herself.

It almost seemed like there was a fire burning in Sandra’s eyes. When she looked over at Linus and Sophia who were being surrounded and congratulated by the crowd, sparks shot out of her eyes.

On the other side, Sophia had wanted to talk to Linus when they were abruptly surrounded by people.

“Congratulations! You make an excellent pair. You look perfect together!”

“Truly a match made in heaven. You’re so lucky, Linus!”

Sophia felt extremely awkward and uncomfortable. She could only force an awkward smile because she did not know how to answer them.

Michael was still a celebrity. As the ex-wife of the Academy Award winner, she was also under the spotlight, and the news about her engagement with Linus was probably all over the globe by now.

After she attended to the people in the crowd, she quickly looked for Cooper to discuss a countermeasure.

In the lounge area, Annabel was standing on one side with her head hung low and a repentant look on her face, but Cooper did not blame her for it. He fell silent for a while, then turned to Sophia and Linus. “Since word is out now, let’s just make it public. We can make this banquet into an engagement banquet too. Anything that happens after this we will deal with when the time comes.”

Sophia looked at Linus with a troubled expression, but he could only look back at her helplessly.

News had gotten out. If she denied it now, how was Linus going to answer to the Michel Family?

Since things turned out this way, Sophia let out a sigh and said, “Let’s make it public then. Besides, celebrities get married and divorced all the time. Michael already knows about this, so he will understand.”

Linus let out a sigh of relief. A slight smirk appeared at the corner of his lips; he was satisfied and happy.

The banquet was still going on, but beneath the extravagance and indulgence was a threatening undercurrent. Sandra was currently hiding in a corner after getting humiliated in front of everyone. She looked at the blinding smiles on the faces of the people in the crowd and felt as though they were all laughing at her for overestimating herself.

Sophia, that unfaithful hag. What right does she have to marry Linus? Linus must have been possessed to have fallen for her! He is mine. Don’t even think about taking him away!

Sandra decided that, no matter what, she was going to interfere in this engagement today!

In the lounge area, Stanley had his phone out and was dialing a number. Miraculously, he was able to reach Michael.

“Stupid dog.” Michael’s calm and attractive voice came through the phone.

Finally being able to hear Michael’s voice and not the static sound of an unstable connection, Stanley cried, “Uncle Michael, Aunt is getting married to Linus. You have to come back now. Your wife is getting taken away!”

That voice still remained calm and composed. “I know.”

“You should come back and stop them now! Where are you?” Stanley wiped away his tears.

Michael seemed like he was in a hurry. A moment later, he replied, “At the door.”

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