My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1054

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1054

The man looked like he was slightly older than Cooper. His face was filled with the wisdom and shrewdness of the elderly, and his hooked nose seemed to have lost its sharpness over time.
Sophia held her wine glass as she walked over to Cooper. Then, Cooper happily introduced her to the middle-aged man. “Jordan, this is my daughter, Sophia Edwards. She takes after her mother, doesn’t she?”
As I suspected… “Nice to meet you, Mr. Edwards. My name is Sophia.” She greeted Jordan. He seemed like just another run-of-the-mill ordinary middle-aged man—there was nothing special about him. He was completely different from the man Cooper had described; he was also different from the person she saw in the documents.

“Haha, my niece has certainly inherited your temperament, Cooper! You two sure look alike!” The two men acted like friends who had not met each other for many years, drinking with each other as they chatted. However, when Cooper turned around after finishing his greetings, the smile on his face vanished immediately. Sure enough; it was a façade. Although he had not seen Jordan for more than 20 years, he was certain the moment he laid eyes on this man—he was not Jordan Edwards.

On the other side, Sandra bugged Linus for a bit and finally succeeded in adding him as a contact on Messenger. He also promised to take responsibility for the matter regarding Abbie and the fake Lucile. Thus, she walked away contentedly. Compensation was not her main target; her main target was adding him as a contact on Messenger.

After that, she immediately started uploading some flirty selfies and photos of herself that were very sexy and revealing on her IG Stories. It was set so that only he could view them. However, she did not realize that he had blocked her on Messenger as soon as he turned around. She felt like she was reaching the pinnacle of her life upon adding him as a contact on Messenger. Therefore, she happily played with her phone, dreaming about countless romantic encounters with him. Contrary to her expectations, she immediately caught sight of Sophia, who was talking to Lucy, the moment she looked up from her phone.

The last time she made a blunder, Sophia had exposed a series of information on various shady contracts, tax evasion, and tax fraud incidents. As a result, she lost her position as the primary distributor of the Serpent mobile phones. She initially thought she was going to die, but Lucy unexpectedly stepped up rapidly to settle the entire incident for her and allowed her to walk away safely.

“Miss Edwards, it looks like you and Miss Mitchell are close friends.” Sophia secretly made fun of Lucy. She did not understand why Lucy had taken such a huge risk to save an idiot like Sandra.

Lucy knew what Sophia was referring to. However, she did not wish to delve further into that topic. Changing the subject, she said, “Congratulations. The sales of the Dragon Eye mobile phones are doing really well in Cethos. If you work harder, the day you obtain the distribution rights to the high-end phones will be just around the corner.”

Sophia pursed her lips in a smile. “You flatter me. It can hardly compare to how much profit the Serpent mobile phones are raking in.”

The two of them clinked their glasses together, drinking and chatting as if they had a good relationship. In some ways, Sophia admired Lucy greatly. Not only was Lucy very intelligent, but she was also extremely capable.

All of a sudden, Sandra walked over proudly. “Hey, you’re all here!”

She sashayed over to them in her eight-centimeter-high stilettos. After adding Linus on Messenger, it wasn’t too much to say that it was equivalent to her sleeping with him. Therefore, her confidence soared as high as the Himalayan peaks, and she looked down on everybody else. Raising her eyebrow slightly, she walked over to them with a wine glass in her hand. “I’m sorry. I was busy chatting with Linus and didn’t have the time to join you girls for a toast.”

Her words were incredibly smug. She already subconsciously regarded herself as Linus’ girlfriend. In the past, Lucy had courted him and failed whereas Sophia had eagerly invited him to the banquet tonight. She was certain that Sophia was trying to find an opportunity to approach him. But, I beat them to it! These two losers! I’m the one that got Linus in the end!

Sophia’s eyes twitched slightly in annoyance. Even so, she decided to be a bigger person. Let’s not pick a fight with Sandra today. She lazily touched her glass to Sandra’s and said, “Please watch your behavior. I’m older than you. Moreover, I’m technically your grand-aunt.”

In response, Sandra snorted without replying. As soon as Sophia turned away, Lucy heard her softly ridiculing Sophia, “Old hag; Linus isn’t interested in you at all…”

Lucy said nothing as the corners of her lips lifted into a mocking smile. Lifting her wine glass to take a sip, she used that action to cover up the subtle change in her expression.

On the other hand, Sandra seemed oblivious to the scorn Lucy felt. She even took out a mirror, studied her reflection, and dolled herself up. Touching up her lipstick, she used her fingertips to wipe off the excess. Then, she said to Lucy in a discourteous tone, “Linus and I had a pleasant conversation together. In the future, I want you to help me out. It will benefit you greatly if I marry him.”

Lucy remained silent. Instead, she turned around and left without saying anything.

Sandra looked at Lucy’s arrogant back and curled her lips with a look of self-satisfaction in her eyes. She was holding onto one of Lucy’s weaknesses, thus, Lucy did not dare to disobey her. With Lucy’s help, as well as her status and reputation, she believed that Linus was as good as hers. Soon, the Mitchell Family will be tied in marriage to the Michel Family. Cooper, what are you going to use against the Michel Family?! When that time comes, I’m going to make Sophia, that old hag, kneel and beg for mercy! Contrary to all her expectations, Linus not only blocked her on social media, but he was also bringing Sophia around to meet the Michel Family.

Linus introduced Sophia to every member of the family. Unfortunately, she couldn’t recognize any of them. To this day, she could not tell the Westerners apart. She could only recognize Linus and completely relied on their clothes to differentiate one from the other. Since she was going to rejoin the Michel Family sooner or later, she worked hard to create a good impression in front of several elders. Using fluent English, she described her work and its performance recently. As a result, the elders seemed satisfied with her and frequently nodded affably.

The one good thing about the Michel Family was that they did not discriminate against those with mixed blood. Even if Cooper and Sophia were of mixed races, they were treated equally. If it were a family like the Yard Family, which did not tolerate the addition of foreign blood into their bloodline, those with mixed blood would forever be excluded from the center of power. Only the purest Cethosian bloodline could inherit the ‘throne’ of the Yard Family.

After their short chat, the elders broached the topic of Sophia and Linus’ marriage. When it came to this topic, Sophia immediately felt slightly uncomfortable. She kept silent; she was afraid that her stiff expression would give her away. Thus, she left all the talking to Linus.

Linus sat next to her and held her hand with a smile. He truly looked like a happy man that was about to get married as he said, “Lucile and I are planning to get married in the near future. But, the wedding might be held later.”

She felt extremely uncomfortable when he held her hand. Smiling awkwardly, her entire body was covered with goosebumps. Even so, she had to pretend to be loving and affectionate with him. This feeling… is very hard to describe… Forget it; I’m only doing this to fool the Michel Family.

The people of the Michel Family looked upon their marriage favorably. When Linus first entered the Michel Family back then, they only agreed to include Linus in the genealogy record book because Fass promised that Linus would marry somebody from the family in the future. Now that Fass’ long-lost daughter had been found, Linus’ standing in the family would soon change from being an adopted son to a son-in-law. Therefore, their marriage could not be more opportune.

The people of the Michel Family also asked about the details of their marriage. Things such as the marriage certificate, the wedding ceremony, and the issue of children were questioned in detail. However, Linus answered all their questions with aplomb. It was as if he was really going to get married and had planned everything already.

Finally, the conversation with the members of the Michel Family ended. As soon as it was over, Sophia ran to the toilet to relieve herself. When she went back to the banquet venue, she let out a long sigh of relief and tried to make the goosebumps all over her body disappear. That experience was nerve-racking! I hope there won’t be a second time!

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