My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1053

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1053

Cooper, Linus, and Sophia had drawn up the invitation list for the banquet together. It practically covered all the prominent figures in Bayside City. Even Alex Mitchell of the Mitchell Family had received an invitation. The Four Great Families of Bayside City, as well as the Yard Family with whom Sophia had been cooperating, had all sent representatives to attend the banquet. Among them was Jordan Edwards.
Sophia had met Jordan before, but she had lost her memories of that time. Since returning to Bayside City, she had yet to meet him. He seemed to be rather mysterious and rarely showed his face; he was probably similar to Cooper—an extreme recluse. Nowadays, almost everything involving the Edwards Family was managed by Lucy, Ian, Sam, and several others.
Several people from the entertainment industry attended too. The second season of ‘Where Are We Going, Dad?’ was about to start filming in September. There were five fathers on the show, and the other four, except Michael, were here.

Unfortunately, Michael could not be contacted. Even though the banquet was pushed back by ten days, he still couldn’t make it to the banquet. That was the thing about filming—the filming schedule was never certain. A small incident could affect the entire filming schedule. Therefore, it was common for delays to occur before they finished filming. Although she felt somewhat regretful, she understood his circumstances.

The banquet went on as scheduled, and an amazing performance had been prepared. The special performing guests were all internationally renowned singers that had been invited using Michael’s reputation. It was a star-studded cast; even most domestic A-list celebrities were not eligible to be invited.

Still, the most important guests of today were none other than the Yard Family. Although they were added to the invitation list at the last minute, they magnanimously and respectfully sent their twin presidents to attend the banquet as their representatives.

The venue was bustling. Everybody was dressed glamorously, and the decorations Linus had prepared within the venue were extremely gorgeous. The theme tonight was fairy palace. Therefore, the entire venue was stunningly furnished like a scene from a fairytale, and the visual effects were breathtaking. It made Sophia feel very proud.

Meanwhile, the siblings, Callum and Cade Yard, sat down at the area where the sofas were arranged into a square. They were more or less dressed identically, and their faces were two peas in a pod. Even their movements were similar—the act of slightly loosening their tie after sitting down was graceful and in sync. The elegant and aristocratic aura they exuded was exactly the same too. Every movement, down to their gazes, was done in unison.

The twins were rumored to be test-tube babies. After choosing from the best sperm and egg collected from their parents, they were the final results formed through a series of scientific selection and careful cultivation. Needless to say, a person born with the ideal genetic traits and raised with the best education available was bound to be extraordinary, to say the least. For some, they were already leagues above their peers at the embryonic stage.

The two of them had just taken a seat and were about to order something to drink when they noticed that another person had sat down on the sofa opposite. Moreover, that person was staring straight at them. At the same time, a wave of exclamations rang out around them.

“F*ck, it’s the Yard Family!”

“It’s the legendary Yard Family!”

“The Yard Family that nearly went extinct after our ancestors wiped them out!”

It only took several seconds for more than a dozen young men, who looked like they were created from the same mold, to sit down on the opposite sofa. They sported the same buzz cut, dressed in identical outfits, sat in similar postures, and had uniform, straightforward expressions. It felt like ten huskies were surrounding and eyeing two kittens hungrily. Among them, the leader of the group, Stanley, stood out fiercely with his thick eyebrows.

Callum and Cade frowned in response. Sweeping their gazes across the group of Fletchers that looked like a bunch of vicious dogs, they singled out the leader, Stanley, and glared back at him. Callum and Cade’s gazes seemed to say: ‘Hmph, descendants of rebels!’ On the other hand, Stanley and the Fletchers’ gazes seemed to say: ‘Descendants of evil tyrants; traitors of the country!’

While they were having a staring contest with each other, Sophia came over. “Hey, move out of the way. These are my distinguished guests; please don’t scare them away.” She forced Stanley to the side, then sat directly opposite Callum and Cade. Smiling, she looked at the twins and said, “I’m honored that you came today. Please order whatever you like. We have several rare bottles of liquor in stock today.” Although she didn’t quite like the Yard Family, they were her business partners. For that reason, she was quite happy they could come.

A moment later, the serving staff came over with the drinks menu. Callum and Cade ordered something, then snapped their fingers to call their assistant over while saying, “We have our own tableware.”

Sophia watched as their assistant took out two boxes. Each box contained a complete set of tableware in almost the same style and color. Furthermore, the tableware had their respective names written on them. Do they have their own ‘royal sweetheart cups’ too?

Soon, the items they ordered came. Callum and Cade reached out at the same time and accurately picked up their ‘royal sweetheart cups’ from the tray. Gracefully holding the cups between their fingers, they daintily took several sips. After they finished drinking, they used their ‘personal’ handkerchiefs to wipe their mouths and their hands. Every action they took was sophisticated and graceful. The image they gave off was probably that of the royal family during ancient times.

While speaking to them, Sophia subconsciously adopted a graceful attitude. In contrast, Stanley couldn’t stand watching them anymore. He slapped his palm down on the coffee table and said, “Waiter, bring me a bottle of the French Cheval-Blanc hidden in the cellar!”

The serving staff quickly brought over a bottle of French Cheval-Blanc and placed several dozen glasses on the table. After that, the members of the Fletcher Family gulped down the alcohol with great vigor. The aura they gave off was impressively valiant. It was a stark contrast to the Yard siblings, who seemed rather feminine in comparison. It made the twins look like two ladies in suits—even a eunuch was manlier than them!

The two groups couldn’t stand each other; they cursed and insulted each other’s ancestors several times. Even so, the Yard siblings continued chatting and smiling under the imposing glares of the Fletchers.

There was a hidden agenda to the banquet tonight, and that was to set up a blind date with Cooper’s daughter. Therefore, the number of outstanding bachelors attending the banquet was particularly high. Everybody was ready to make a move on the radiant and beautiful Sophia, especially since Michael was not around. It seemed to cement the fact that Sophia and Michael were divorced. Thus, the bachelors were even more excited than before.

Unfortunately, Sophia was constantly surrounded by Stanley and a group of men from the Fletcher Family. On the surface, they were acting as her bodyguards. They were afraid that somebody like Blade would appear to harm her again. However, Stanley had his own personal scheme. Nobody was allowed to lay their hands on a member of the Fletcher Family! Even if Sophia wanted to cheat, she was only allowed to cheat with him!

Meanwhile, Cooper formally introduced Annabel to the public as he went around announcing her existence by introducing her to his acquaintances.

Linus was attending the banquet too. However, his relationship with Cooper was still a secret. So, he was attending as a normal guest. As soon as he appeared, his gaze was drawn to the most beautiful figure in the venue. He subconsciously headed toward Sophia, but he was caught by Sandra before he could take more than a few steps.

“I lost all my money and my house… My initial estimate of my losses amounts to several hundred million!” Sandra sobbingly recounted the process of how she was deceived by a fake Lucile. Wailing about how miserable she was, she nearly cried so hard that she couldn’t breathe as she leaned against him weakly.

Despite feeling impatient and irritable, the fake Lucile was actually a member of the Michel Family, and he couldn’t stay quiet. Hence, he had no choice but to entertain her.

The atmosphere of the banquet was very lively. All of a sudden, Sophia, who was chatting with Callum and Cade, saw Cooper enthusiastically shaking hands with a person while chatting away happily. They were so friendly with each other that they were hugging and slapping each other’s backs like old friends that had not met for many years. When the man turned in her direction, she saw his face—he had a conspicuous hooked nose.

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