My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1052

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1052

When the butler of Villa No. 8 heard that Sophia was about to return, he happily cleaned up the rooms to welcome her back.
Sophia had no plans of returning after moving out this time. Not only did she bring Carmen, her medical team, and her team of professional educators, but she also brought all her cats, dogs, alpacas, and eels along with her. She even dug out her favorite plants and brought them along with her.
Linus had been busy with the matters involving Sophia’s banquet all day long. To his surprise, he received a phone call from Sophia’s assistant, saying that the banquet was postponed. Only then did he learn about the events that had occurred today. Thus, he anxiously rushed back to The Imperial.

Celine and Sean relocated along with Sophia, lest Annabel said something hurtful again.

“How is Carmen?” Linus hastily rushed over but lowered his voice as if he was worried about disturbing Carmen.

Then, Sophia led him to Carmen’s room. Now that Carmen had returned to the place she grew up in, she seemed to be in a good mood. Unfortunately, she was still feeling sick and snuggled in her bed, refusing to move. When she saw Linus entering her room, she softly called out, “Uncle Linus…”

Upon hearing her calling him ‘Uncle Linus’ softly, his heart melted. He sat by her bed and stroked her hair. He gently said, “Good girl. But, you should be calling me Grand-uncle Linus!”

She pursed her lips. “No. Daddy said that when Grandpa isn’t around, I should call you Uncle Linus.”

He smiled and teased her, “Then, did you eat your medicine properly when I’m not around?”

Cheering up, she said, “I did! Mommy fed me a lot!”

Afterward, he revealed the toys he had brought for her. He had personally gone to his studio to retrieve them. Contrary to his expectations, he discovered that Sophia had moved out as soon as he arrived home. Handing the gifts over to her, he said, “Look! I prepared a new royal sweetheart cup! As well as a royal sweetheart bowl! Don’t forget; there’s also the stamp you designed yourself! And, your Royal Sweetheart Alpaca doll!”

Carmen happily accepted the toys from Linus. Michael treasured her very much—so much so that even the small bowls and spoons she used daily were unique items. They even had the logo she designed herself on them. Sophia had smashed her royal sweetheart bowl in a rage today, and she was still feeling sad over it. So, she was pleasantly surprised to see the new bowl. However, the sight of her sickly smiling face made Sophia feel very sad.

Upon learning that Carmen was sick, Lorelei & Co. quickly gathered at her house to accompany her. Similarly, Nathan also joined them. However, Stanley came and brought Sean and Maisie home with him when the afternoon rolled around. The words Annabel casually uttered had probably saddened Sean too—she claimed that it was inappropriate for outsiders like Sean and Celine to be staying in their house.

Meanwhile, Sophia was busy settling the issues over her sudden relocation and her work. Carmen’s illness and the fight with Cooper had also left her exhausted. She worked until late at night before she could rest. Fortunately, Linus was with her, and Sarah also came over to help her. Otherwise, she would have driven herself nuts.

Recently, the atmosphere at the Edwards Residence was rather strange. Annabel seemed quite critical of Linus’ presence. She believed that it was inappropriate for Cooper to let an outsider manage his assets. She believed that it should have been left to their son. Hence, Linus took advantage of the turmoil today to move back into Villa No. 2 and became neighbors with Sophia.

It was very late when Linus finally left Villa No. 8 after putting Carmen to bed. Sophia saw him off. Along the way, she took the chance to go out and walk her dogs. She wanted to get some air. Too many things had happened today, and she needed some time alone.

“Linus, thank you. It’s too bad that Carmen isn’t feeling well. The banquet might need to be postponed for several days.” She felt very apologetic.

It was the first time she fought with Cooper. She felt like she had fallen from heaven to hell, all in one day, upon discovering that she and Carmen meant so little to him. Although she couldn’t bear the difference in treatment, she had to remain strong and firm. Luckily, I have Linus with me. It makes me feel slightly better. But, I really don’t have the mood to attend the banquet in my current state.

“No problem. Carmen’s health is more important. You should spend some time with her over the next few days. It’s not a problem if the banquet is postponed for a bit.”

Sophia was filled with gratitude. Linus had been busy helping her with the banquet during this period. Thus, she felt bad for canceling it. “Don’t worry. I will not forget about the marriage agreement. Having promised you, I will definitely help you with it.”

It was getting late. Therefore, Linus urged her to go back and rest. Walking Lucky, he headed back to Villa No. 2. Before he left, he said to her, “It’s inevitable for the younger generation and the older generation to have some conflicts in opinion. It’s best if you resolve the misunderstanding. It’s not like your mother planned to harm Carmen. So, you should try to be a little considerate of her perspective.”

She did not respond to his words. Enjoying the cool night breeze blowing outside, she calmed down and reflected on what happened. The words Annabel had said were unpleasant, but she is still my mother. She gave birth to me despite the tremendous pressure she suffered back then, so she must love me. At the end of the day, it’s because of our generational gap. Besides, Cooper waited for more than 20 years for Annabel to return. I shouldn’t have done that to them.

Taking a deep breath, she decided to call Cooper and admit to her mistakes. Cooper immediately answered on the first ring. Most likely, he had been waiting for her to call. He worriedly asked as soon as the call connected, “Darling, have you settled your relocation arrangements? I heard Carmen didn’t eat much for dinner. How is she feeling? Has she gone to sleep?”

Listening to his voice nearly made her burst into tears. He still cares for me! Hence, she calmed down and answered all his questions.

After listening to her answers, he finally felt relieved. He fell silent for a moment before saying. “Your mother’s views are somewhat more conservative than most. Don’t take her words to heart. Her intentions are good, but her approach is wrong. Allow me to apologize to you on her behalf. You should know that she cried all day long out of guilt today.”

She sniffed, suddenly feeling extremely delighted. All the unhappiness she felt before miraculously disappeared. “No, it was my fault. I should be the one apologizing.”

With that, the matter was resolved.

Cooper sighed heavily and said in a solemn voice, “Your mother reminded me that you are an adult now. I can’t keep holding on to a daughter that has married into another family. I shouldn’t have interfered with your marriage and your life. Allow me to apologize for my stubbornness and the arbitrary decisions I made in the past. I’m sorry, my daughter. From now on, I will not interfere in the affairs between you and that guy. Live a good life after moving out, okay? If he bullies you, come back and let me know. My doors are always open for you.”

Upon hearing those words, Sophia felt unbelievably happy—she was the world’s most blessed child again. She lowered her head; her face was wet with tears. Then, she wiped her tears away and said, “Thanks, Dad. Please tell Mom that I’m sorry. Also, you have to come to my banquet.”

After Cooper finished talking on the phone, he felt very happy that he managed to resolve the issue with Sophia. Turning around, he saw that Annabel had fallen asleep. So, he quietly entered his study. He had been worrying about his wife and daughter all day long, and there were some work matters that he had not dealt with yet.

The moment the door closed behind him, Annabel, who was ‘sleeping’, slowly opened her eyes without making a sound…

Ten days later, Sophia’s first banquet since returning to Bayside City was taking place as scheduled. The event could be described as a gathering of celebrities and prominent figures, which fully demonstrated her powerful network and connections. The attendees included Harry Winston of the Winston Family, Joel Fletcher of the Fletcher Family and his dogs, the vice president of the Michel Group, Linus Michel, and the prominent members of the Yard Family. Last but not least, the person Sophia had been wanting to meet—Jordan Edwards—was here too.

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