My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1051

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1051

“What’s wrong?! What happened?!” When Cooper heard Carmen crying, he flew into her room in a hurry. Then, he saw Sophia throwing Carmen’s favorite pink little bowl to the ground with a lot of force. It frightened Carmen so much that she started wailing again. However, Sophia did not comfort her child and screamed at Annabel instead.
“No wonder Carmen has been suffering from diarrhea ever since you returned! She couldn’t get well no matter what she ate; it’s all because you’ve been secretly feeding her this stuff! You knew Carmen has a frail constitution; how could you feed her something like this?! Is this something a child can eat?! She’s your granddaughter! I warned you about this the last time you fed her an expired jelly you bought from outside! What the h*ll are you thinking?! Are you trying to kill her?!” Although she had an aggressive air around her, her voice was tearful, and she couldn’t stop the tears from flowing down her face.
On the other hand, Annabel shrank back into a corner and sobbed as she was being berated. Once in a while, she whimpered. “I’m sorry, Sophia. I only wanted Carmen to get better faster. This home remedy works very well. Whenever the children back home get sick, they will take this—”

“Shut up!” Sophia’s eyes were shining bright red; she felt aggrieved yet furious at the same time. “I’ve warned you so many times! I’ve told you again and again not to feed Carmen any of this! Why?! Why won’t you listen?!”

Cooper noticed that some sort of black, unidentified object remained in the small bowl Sophia had thrown to the ground. Moreover, the corners of Carmen’s mouth were stained by something black. Looking back at Sophia, who was so furious that she seemed like an angry lioness, as well as Annabel, who was weeping quietly in a corner, he more or less understood what had happened. He heard from Annabel last night that she knew of a good home remedy that would surely cure children of their illnesses. It was concocted from a mix of incense ash, soot, and water. I can’t believe she actually made that home remedy! At the end of the day, it’s still nothing but a bowl of ashes!

Afterward, Sophia tenderly picked Carmen up. Wiping away her tears, she simultaneously used a wet cloth to dab away the soot residue at the corners of Carmen’s mouth. How dare Annabel dismiss the servants and secretly feed this home remedy to Carmen. If I was one step slower, Carmen would have finished that entire bowl…

Just two days ago, Annabel had bought a jelly for Carmen to eat from some random sundry shop. That jelly was nearly past its expiry date, and the plastic packaging was covered in dust. Despite that, she fed it to Carmen, who was not yet four years old, in large chunks with great gusto. Sophia had told Annabel off nicely at the time, so she had not expected that Annabel would feed Carmen something like that today.

Annabel was feeling extremely wronged. Walking over to Carmen and Sophia, she seemed like she wanted to apologize. She took several steps forward and came to a sudden stop before she could even touch Carmen; she was frightened by Sophia’s sudden shout. “Don’t come over!”

Sophia glared at Annabel warily while hugging Carmen tightly. In response, Annabel felt so wronged that her tears flowed freely. Looking up at Cooper, she sobbingly said, “Coop, I’m sorry… I’m sorry…”

After saying that, she ran out of the room in a hurry. Following that spectacle, Cooper glanced at Sophia, then at Carmen, who was crying in her arms. He chidingly said, “Sophia, she is your mother. Although her methods are wrong, she did it for both your and Carmen’s sake.”

Sophia held Carmen in her arms and stared at him incredulously; it was as if she didn’t recognize the man standing in front of her. On the other hand, he hurriedly rushed out of the room to chase after Annabel.

For a moment, she simply stared blankly in the direction he had left, tears spilling from her red-rimmed eyes again. I can’t believe Cooper said that to me. He has changed. Ever since Annabel came back, he has changed.

Her chest heaved up and down violently; the rage in her heart was converted into the fiery tears that spilled out of her eyes. However, Carmen was still crying in her arms. The sound of Carmen’s sobs seemed to wake Sophia out of her daze, and she loosened her grip on Carmen. “Quickly! Start inducing vomiting!”

The family doctor, who had been on standby for a long time, quickly started to induce vomiting in Carmen. After some effort, Carmen threw up some black, unidentifiable stuff. She cried so hard that her voice became hoarse. Meanwhile, Sophia was so sad that her tears kept flowing. Wiping her tears away determinedly, she turned around and contacted the people at The Imperial.

On the other side, Cooper finally calmed Annabel down after much effort. Annabel was feeling very guilty, but he did not blame her. She had suffered too much pain over the years. Now that she finally had an easy life, the living conditions at the Edwards Residence were so different from what she experienced in her past that she couldn’t fit in well. Thus, she constantly butted heads with Sophia over differences in opinions.

She could not understand Michael and Sophia’s mentality of spending almost a million on Carmen. She could not understand why Sophia, with her children in tow, was staying with her natal family despite being married. She could not understand why Cooper’s vast business was being passed down to Sophia. In her opinion, Sophia should only help to manage it for several years at most. She believed that once Sophia gave birth to a son, she should step down to give way to her younger brother. Alternatively, she believed that Sophia should hand the business over to her elder brother once he returned.

In spite of that, Cooper understood Annabel.

At this moment, Annabel was crying while packing her bags to leave. By the time Cooper managed to calm her down, he turned around only to discover that Sophia’s room was empty. After questioning Roger, he learned that Sophia had taken Carmen with her and returned to The Imperial. Moreover, she left a message before she left, saying that she would never return again since she was a married daughter that no longer belonged to the family.

Additionally, Celine went with her too. Despite trying to call her again and again, his calls never went through. He was about to go and talk to her himself when he heard Annabel calling him from behind. “Coop—”

Pondering it briefly, he decided against going after Sophia. She is furious right now. Once her anger fades after several days, she will surely return. Although he did not agree with most of Annabel’s views, he agreed on one point—a married daughter no longer belonged to the family. All this while, he had interfered in her marriage affairs. He forced her to get a divorce and break off with Michael. However, he felt as if his outlook on life had expanded now that Annabel was back. Besides, Sophia was an adult who had her own family—she could not remain as his precious child forever.

After leaving the Edwards Residence in a hurry, Sophia tried to call Michael while sitting in the car. Unfortunately, there was no signal on the other end, and her calls could not get through.

On the other hand, Carmen had just been forced to vomit. Her throat hurt, and she was still crying. At this moment, she lay in Sophia’s arms while sobbing softly. Reaching out her tiny hands, she wiped at her tears and pouted aggrievedly.

Unable to contact Michael, Sophia felt anxious and sad. She nearly couldn’t stop her tears from falling, but she forced them back again—Carmen was here. Hanging up the phone, she put her phone aside, hugged Carmen, and asked in a gentle voice, “Baby, does your tummy still hurt?”

Carmen had been suffering from diarrhea for the past two days. No matter what she ate, it would come back out. So, she had been wearing diapers all day long. Her entire being seemed to have shriveled, and her limbs were weak and soft. Moreover, she had been fed a bowl of soot today. Although she had been forced to vomit it up, Sophia was still worried.

Carmen pouted and said aggrievedly, “My tummy says it’ll be fine once Daddy comes home.”

At that moment, Sophia nearly couldn’t hold back her tears. She hugged Carmen tightly and said, “Oh, darling… eat your medicine properly, okay? When your daddy comes back, he will bring you with him to film ‘Where Are We Going, Dad?’.”

Nodding obediently, Carmen’s small hands gripped Sophia’s shoulders. The backs of her hands still had traces of the needle marks from the intravenous drip.

Soon, they arrived at Villa No. 8, The Imperial. Sophia stared at the house that looked like a castle and sighed. I can’t believe I’m back here again. She stayed here for a long time previously, but she no longer had any recollections of her time here. This house belongs to Michael and me. This is my true home! In the future, I will stay here, lest people talk sh*t about me!

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