My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1049

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1049

She rushed toward Cooper, tears of joy running down her jubilant face.
On the other hand, Cooper stared at her with trembling lips. A name was on the tip of his tongue, but he didn’t dare to call out the name. He was afraid that it would turn out to be a dream. He was afraid that if he called out that name, he would wake up from the dream.
Seeing that he was not saying anything, the woman wept as she threw herself into his arms. “I remember you. You’re Cooper! Cooper, you’re alive! You’re alive…”

When that familiar yet unfamiliar body pressed against his, he felt like he had woken up from a dream. I’m not dreaming! It’s really her! It’s the person I’ve been thinking of all my life, yet couldn’t be together with due to a stroke of fate! “Anna… Is that you?”

She lifted her face and looked at him. Her wrinkled face was filled with both bitterness and delight. “It’s me! It’s me! I’m Anna! Coop, you’re still alive! You’re alive!”

“Anna! Oh, my Anna!” He fiercely pulled her into his embrace, using a lot of strength; it was almost as if he wanted to pull her into his body. Is this a dream? If this is a dream, I don’t want to wake up from it. I want to keep dreaming forever!

Looking at the two people crying tears of joy, Sophia felt very shocked. Is this person my mother? Annabel Johnson? She’s back?!

Afterward, the Edwards Residence was in an uproar as everybody came out to watch. Sure enough, they saw Cooper bringing a middle-aged woman home. Moreover, the woman looked very similar to Sophia. Thus, Cooper’s family was reunited, and they celebrated happily. Sophia felt like a blessed child—not only did she get a father, but she also had a mother now.

According to what Annabel said and some guesswork to fill in the blanks, Annabel did not die back then. At the time, the hospital she gave birth at was no different from a small clinic, and many facilities were limited. She gave birth in the afternoon and suffered from amniotic fluid embolism. Despite several rescue attempts, the doctors failed to rescue her and eventually announced her death.

Due to the hot weather, her body could not be preserved for long. As an unmarried pregnant woman, her death was considered ‘disgraceful’. Moreover, somebody had offered to purchase her corpse. Therefore, she was hastily buried on that night itself. Even her tombstone was added later. Unexpectedly, her remains were dug up again several hours after she was buried and sold as a match for necrogamy. However, she woke up midway and was rescued. Afterward, she was sold to a bachelor overseas and became his wife. As a result, she was imprisoned for 20 years without any means of escape!

Then, she was rescued a few years earlier and finally returned to Bayside City. Unfortunately, everything had changed even though it was still the same city. Upon learning that Cooper had been dead for more than 10 years, she wanted to go home to her daughter and her family. That was when she discovered that the changes in Bayside City were greater than she imagined. Moreover, she no longer remembered where her home was nor how her hometown accent sounded… Unable to locate her home and thinking that Cooper was dead, she left Bayside City. She finally returned to the city half a year ago and started this barbecue stall to earn a living.

Looking at the family of three who was immersed in their joyous family reunion, everybody felt happy for them too. However, Sean couldn’t help feeling that something wasn’t quite right. Cooper had just relocated the grave and discovered that Annabel’s remains were gone. And now, she appeared before them alive and well? Glancing at Linus, he noticed that Linus was standing by the side without saying anything. Moreover, the look in Linus’ eyes seemed rather solemn. When their gazes met, he realized that they both harbored the same suspicions. Everything about this matter felt extremely strange. It was like a bizarre dream—it felt unreal.

On the second day after Annabel’s return, Cooper brought both Annabel and Sophia back to the Johnson Family Village to visit their relatives. Watching as the family of three merrily left the house, Sean finally had the opportunity to talk to Linus alone. Michael was not around, Justin was taking some time for himself, and Sean was still recuperating from his injuries. Therefore, Linus was the only one Sean could rely on to investigate this matter.

The two of them silently watched as Cooper and his little family left the house. Then, Linus let out a long sigh. “This is too bizarre.”

Cooper and Sophia were giddy from the joy of their family reuniting again. However, Sean and Linus were able to look at the matter objectively as they were outsiders. Putting aside whether that person was genuinely Annabel, everything else was still too strange.

They were silent for a moment. All of a sudden, Sean asked grimly, “What do you plan to do?”

Linus glanced out the window. The light reflected off the surface of the lake shone on his face through the window, and the glare hurt his eyes. Narrowing his eyes under the glare of the light, he finally answered, “Forget it; who cares if she is real or fake? It’s been a long time since Fass was this happy.”

Sean did not respond. Cooper was very happy right now… even if the happiness was simply an illusion. He might have noticed it from the start, but he chose to ignore it, even if he knew that the other party’s sudden appearance was too coincidental.

“I will keep an eye on her,” Linus said, closing the window for Sean before walking out of the room quietly.

Sean was almost fully recovered after recuperating for quite some time. His face had a healthy flush to it, but he was still very weak and spent most of his time resting in bed. In the meantime, he ruminated over the recent incidents. He couldn’t shake the feeling that something was amiss. It felt like the calm before a storm—something was about to happen…

In contrast, Cooper seemed like the happiest man in the world. He spent all his time with Annabel. They visited all the places they used to go to in the past, including the park and the restaurant, reminiscing all the beautiful memories they had together. Similarly, Sam was also incredibly astonished to learn that Annabel was back.

At first, Sophia was very happy. However, she later discovered that their family of three gradually began to change. Cooper constantly disappeared without saying anything. Sometimes, he was gone for several days on end without coming back to visit her even once or giving her a call. It felt like her father had been snatched away by somebody else…

She became Cooper’s one and only precious treasure since the moment he found her. Even when Carmen was added to the mix later, both she and Carmen were the treasures he greatly cherished. However, she couldn’t help feeling that both she and Carmen had fallen out of his favor ever since Annabel returned. Sigh.

In the past, nighttime was family time. Sophia, Cooper, Linus, and Carmen used to gather in front of the TV and chat every night. But now, only Sophia and Linus were left. Carmen had gone to bed early; Cooper wasn’t around and neither was Michael. Thus, Sophia let out a long sigh again.

“Alright; stop sighing.” Linus walked over in his pajamas. Sitting down next to her, he said, “This is the general event schedule for the banquet that’s taking place in two days. Have a look at it.”

The banquet that Sophia had been planning for a long time was about to take place in two days as scheduled. Due to several changes to the plan, many extra events had been added. For example, Cooper was going to introduce Annabel, as well as… the engagement between Sophia and Linus.

“No way…” Sophia frowned. Must we announce it during the banquet? I thought we were only going to privately and secretly obtain the marriage certificate. It’s enough if we can bring back proof to fool the Michel Family, right? Shouldn’t something as shameful as this be done in secret? Besides, not many people know about our intention to have a fake marriage. Not even Sean and Sarah, our best friends, are aware of it.

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