My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1047

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1047

It looks like we didn’t do a good job at choosing the feng shui. We should’ve hired a professional for something as major as the relocation of a grave. Unfortunately, Daniel was traveling the world, and nobody could locate him. Nobody even knew which part of the hemisphere he was in, plying his scamming trade.
It was late at night. Not only did Cooper not return, but Justin did not return either. In the meantime, Sophia spent some time playing mahjong with Sarah and lost 2,000. As it was the World Cup season, she also made some bets on the games. However, whomever she betted on would lose. Thus, she lost more than 200,000 over the next few days. Even the prices of the stocks she bought fell. It feels like I’m doing everything wrong these past few days.
She still couldn’t get through Justin’s phone whenever she tried to call him. Moreover, she couldn’t locate his phone either. Feeling anxious, she continued trying to call him. Just as she was about to raise a commotion and send somebody to search for him, he finally answered the phone.

His voice was very gloomy. “Sophia, I… know about Lorelei… Please give me some time; I need some time alone.”

Her heart sank. At the end of the day, he found out anyway. The matters involving Katrina and Blade, as well as that child’s existence—he found out everything. I knew we couldn’t keep this matter hidden… I’m sure Justin must be suffering greatly right now.

No man could accept that his wife had been in love with another man and even had a child with that man—not even if it was something Celine had no control over. Although Katrina had been a temporary and insignificant personality that existed within her, she and Katrina were completely different people. Even so, Lorelei had been adopted into the Fletcher Family. Moreover, she often spent time with Nathan. Needless to say, Justin probably found it difficult to accept everything that had been thrown at him.

If I think about it from another perspective… Supposing Michael had an illegitimate child and the Fletcher Family took the child in. Not only that, but that child also constantly spent time with Carmen in front of me… I think I would die of heartbreak on the spot. Even if I know Michael never meant to betray me, and that child was an unforeseen outcome… something like that is still extremely difficult to accept…

“For now, why don’t you take a few days off to calm down?”

Justin might have had trouble accepting it, but Celine needed him—their little family needed him. He couldn’t keep running from reality forever. Therefore, he would surely return, sooner or later.

Sophia told him to take several days off. Then, she tried calling Michael again. The call connected for a mere three seconds. “Chica… halfway done… miss you…”. In the next moment, the call disconnected again. What a terrible signal!

Sigh. She tossed her phone aside, feeling frustrated. Seeing that it was getting late and Cooper had yet to return, she changed her clothes, rode on a Yamaha bike, and sneaked out the back door. Cooper had not returned for two days now, and she had an idea where he went. Thus, she drove there to look for him.

It was very late, and the park near Bayside University was very quiet—not a person was in sight. Under the cover of night, the crescent moon was reflected on the dark surface of the lake while the calls of the insects and the frogs mixed into the gentle night breeze. It made her agitated nerves calm down instantly.

Searching around, she found Cooper by the lakeside, just as she expected. He was sitting quietly in a corner, watching the peaceful surface of the lake. Like a stone-carved statue, he stared ahead in a daze. This park was filled with beautiful memories of the time he had spent with Annabel.

30 years had passed, and Bayside City had undergone a huge change during that time. The stone-paved road they walked on together had turned into a shopping district; the river in the village they played in had been flattened and covered with high-rise buildings. Everything they experienced together had disappeared among the bustling city of Bayside City, becoming part of the unrecorded past and vanishing without a trace. Only this old park that had existed for 60 years remained.

This place remained the same as it had 30 years ago, but it was also facing demolition. For that reason, he had bought over the entire park so that he could maintain the park as it had always been back then. It was also his holy land. Whenever he missed Annabel, he would come here and sit quietly, just as he was doing right now. Looking at the places he had walked together with her, his heart was filled with a sense of satisfaction and sweetness.

After arriving, Sophia said nothing as she sat down beside him. Then, both father and daughter simply sat there quietly, watching the night scenery. As they sat there, 30 minutes passed. She switched her phone off as she enjoyed the peaceful silence to her heart’s content. She knew that the disappearance of Annabel’s body had been a huge shock to him. Moreover, they failed to locate Annabel’s remains even now. Hence, she did not disturb him and left him alone. Everybody needed some peace right now.

Besides, she had no idea how to bring up that matter with him. Until now, he was unaware of the hooked-nosed man’s existence. How could anybody accept something like that?

Another half an hour passed when the motionless Cooper moved suddenly. He reached out, stroked Sophia’s hair, and sighed. “My daughter…” Turning his head, he looked at her. Even now, he believed that Sophia was a gift from the heavens—a gift he obtained in exchange for all the happiness in his life.

Sophia leaned her head against his shoulder, then looked up at him and said cheekily, “Dad, can you tell me stories about Mom?”

Upon hearing her request, he fell silent for a minute or so. He was organizing his words in his head, wanting to use the most beautiful words he knew to describe the love of his life. “Your mother was the most wonderful person in the world. She was kind and gentle. Also, she sang beautifully. I felt like I was looking at all the good in the world whenever I looked at her.”

He occasionally smiled or frowned when speaking about Annabel, just like the young man who was deeply in love back then. Despite all these years, he, who had experienced all sorts of things in life, was still the same young man he had been back then.

On the other hand, Sophia listened carefully. She had never heard Cooper speaking about Annabel in such detail before. As she listened, she tried hard to look for clues hidden in his memories.

Cooper said, “At the time, Sam was still known as Andrea. He had just taken over a restaurant and changed its name to Crimson House. And, your mother was among the first batch of employees at Crimson House. Your mother was very intelligent and capable.” His eyes shone with a gentle light as if he was telling the most touching story in the world. “As a business, that restaurant wasn’t doing particularly well. Your mother was promoted from part of the ordinary wait staff to the head waitress, before becoming the floor manager, in a short span of time. Together with Sam, they worked on the restaurant and business boomed. Thus, Sam asked me to develop a cash register system for his restaurant.” At this point, his eyebrows were dancing, and a smile hung from his lips. “Back then, computers were rare while people who knew how to operate computers were even rarer. When I installed the cash register system in the restaurant, none of the service staff in the restaurant knew how to operate it. Hence, I spent some time every day teaching them how to log in and operate it. That was when I met your mother for the first time. She was incredibly beautiful and intelligent. I only taught her once, yet she understood it immediately. She was such a smart lady!”

He looked at Sophia, trying to find a shadow of that person from her similar facial features. “You are similar to her. Both of you are icy but intelligent. Unfortunately, her family forced her to drop out of school to work before she could finish her primary education. As a result, she worked as a salesperson and a service staff. She even sold mineral water at the train station before. Despite her youth, she suffered through all sorts of hardships. Even so, she was optimistic, determined, and filled with hope in life. She might have been young, but she was very talented. She quickly became Sam’s right-hand man and worked with him to expand the Crimson House. Haha… Your mother was only 17 or 18 at the time. If she were not living in that era or born into that family… I’m sure she would have achieved something big.”

Sophia listened seriously, but her heart was filled with doubt. Why is the woman I’m hearing about different from what I discovered during the investigation?

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