My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1046

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1046

Carmen had gone to bed early. She and Lorelei & Co. had been running about all day. The little rascals were so cheeky that they were about to tear the house apart. As a result, she usually went to bed early after tiring herself out.
Meanwhile, Sophia lay on her bed, tossing and turning. She was unable to fall asleep when she suddenly heard footsteps coming from downstairs.
“Sophia, it’s so late. Why are you still awake?”

Opening the window, she saw Linus standing on the lawn downstairs in his pajamas. He was looking up at her. Under the streetlight, he was enveloped in a soft yellow glow that made him seem angelic. Lifting his head, his handsome features were very dazzling.

Leaning out the window, she greeted him, “Uncle Linus, you’re not asleep either!”

He replied, “I couldn’t sleep, so I came out for a walk. Are you having trouble sleeping too? Why don’t you join me for a stroll?”

She considered it briefly, then quickly put on her shoes and went downstairs. Too many things had occurred over the past two days. It felt as if her beliefs had been severely tested, and the things that she had taken pride in were on the verge of shattering into pieces. Feeling distressed and hurt, she wanted to vent her worries to somebody.

Soon, the two of them took a walk together in the Edwards Residence. The cool breeze that blew across the small lake at night was very comfortable. Moreover, the insects were chirping softly. It was quiet and peaceful—the entire Edwards Residence felt warm and beautiful. They walked over to the small lake and sat down on a bench. However, she said nothing as she ate a popsicle.

“What’s wrong? Did something troubling happen?”

She finished eating her popsicle and gave a small sigh. Looking at him, she hesitated to speak. In the end, she did not tell him about the matter. She had a terrifying conjecture—one that she desperately hoped was simply her imagination running wild. She also hoped that Justin failed to find anything concrete. At the same time, she was also eager to know the truth, even if it was extremely horrifying.

She believed that Annabel Johnson was a beautiful pawn sent by Jordan to deal with Cooper. No; to be precise, Annabel was specifically sent to target Sam. Unexpectedly, Sam and Cooper were friends, and so Cooper was dragged into the plan too.

At the time, Sam had just received his first business from the Edwards Group. That was the restaurant, which was now known as the world-renowned chain restaurant ‘Crimson House’. What would have happened to him if he had caused the business, which was handed over to him by his family, to fail? Everybody knew that it was a test. If he passed, he would receive even more attention and resources from the Edwards Family in the future. But, if he failed, he would have been labeled as trash. He might have been looked down upon by his family, or worse, thrown aside.

At the most critical point of his life, an exceptionally beautiful and innocent girl came to his shop. Sam, who was young and frivolous at the time, was so enchanted by her that he nearly forgot all about his business… In the end, the one that was completely smitten wasn’t Sam, but Cooper.

Cooper was originally a genius with limitless potential. He held a double Ph.D. at the tender age of 18. However, the future head of the Mitchell Family was willing to give up on his promising future and position as the head of the family for Annabel’s sake. Eloping with her to the South, he was ready to become an anonymous person for the rest of his life. If their elopement had succeeded back then, the Mitchell Family might have let them get away. If that had happened, Jordan would have successfully gotten rid of one of his potential opponents without any bloodshed.

Sophia continued to imagine the worst.

Sam was the young master of the Edwards Family while Cooper was the only son of the Mitchell Family. Although they were young, they held noble statuses. They must have met countless women before, but for some reason, both of them coincidentally fell in love with Annabel, who had neither educational background nor ability. All she had was her beauty.

The devil in her heart was going wild, and her head was filled with countless unruly thoughts. Could it be that my mother was not as kind and innocent as I had imagined? They were attacked when they were trying to escape. But, only the three of them knew about their elopement. So, who was it that leaked the news? Sam? Cooper? Or… had Annabel tipped them off?

She had an even more terrifying thought.

What if Annabel and Cooper’s elopement was actually a ploy to get Cooper away from the protection of the Mitchell Family? They wanted to take the opportunity to assassinate him, but before they could do anything… Sam tattled on them to the Mitchell Family in a fit of jealousy, and the Mitchell Family made their move. As a result, Cooper was caught just in time while Annabel was given a death sentence…

On the other hand, Annabel failed to complete the mission given to her by Jordan—she failed to seduce either Cooper or Sam. Thus, she was also abandoned by Jordan and had no choice but to work under the Edwards Family. Later, Jordan visited her again for some reason when she returned home. Moreover, he appeared once more after her death.

Sophia pulled her hair back softly and massaged her scalp. Her head felt like a mess. She was extremely scared that the truth would turn out to be just as she had imagined. If so, the beliefs she had firmly built up and the pride she took in them would shatter just like that. She had always believed that she was the product of the great and beautiful love between her parents. She had always believed that her parents were the best in the world. But, everything I believe in… might be completely destroyed once this riddle is solved.

In the end, she couldn’t bring herself to voice her concerns to Linus. Perhaps she was thinking too much into it. Perhaps, that hooked-nosed man was simply a bigshot who was lusting after Annabel.

Feeling exhausted, she leaned against the strong shoulder that just happened to be beside her. When she leaned against his shoulder, she immediately felt much better. It was a very comfortable feeling. She had tossed and turned all night; she had been unable to fall asleep in her bedroom. Yet, as soon as she leaned against his shoulder, she felt her sleepiness washing over her as she vaguely felt herself falling asleep.

Linus held her by the shoulder and looked down at her tired little face. Then, he gently whispered, “Sleep, sleep… Sleep for a while and all your worries will be gone.”

She gazed at his sexy lips moving slightly and soon fell asleep. After that, he simply watched her quietly as she slept beside him. The tenderness in his eyes did not disappear. He wished that he could watch her for the rest of his life. No matter how much he looked at her, he would never get bored of it…

The next day, Sophia woke up in her room. Rolling over, it took her a long time to recall the events of last night. No, I need to ask Justin about it. However, she couldn’t find Justin anywhere no matter how much she searched. Reportedly, he received a phone call after he arrived home last night. Then, he rushed out again in a panic as if something urgent had come up.

Unable to find Justin anywhere, Sophia brought the documents with her as she searched for Cooper. “Dad! Dad!”

When Linus heard her calling for Cooper, he reminded her, “Fass went out for a change of pace early this morning. He’s not back yet.”

A change of pace? Cooper, that recluse, would actually take the initiative to go out for a change of pace? He normally found it troublesome just to take his dog out for a walk—so much so that he specially created a robot to walk the dog on his behalf. Ever since they moved Annabel’s grave, Michael’s signal had been cut off, Justin had rushed off in a panic, and Cooper suddenly went out for a change of pace. Everything is so strange! Don’t tell me; did moving the grave bring about bad luck?!

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