My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1044

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1044

A bigshot? Sophia frowned, then relaxed her scrunched-up brows. My mother was acquainted with ‘a bigshot’? Still, anything unusual could be a clue. Lifting her hand, she gestured slightly. In response, Dimon picked up a thick stack of cash and handed it to the woman.
The woman took the money happily, weighing it in her hands. Everybody felt incredibly jealous at the sight. Even without counting, they could tell that that stack of cash was worth around 10,000. It was real! They really received money for providing clues!
Sitting in the hall, Sophia instructed her men to record the information they obtained. After that, she asked again, “What was the name of the noodle restaurant? What was the address? Who owned the noodle restaurant? How did the bigshot who took my mother away look? How old was he? How was he dressed?”

She fired off a series of questions in quick succession. After receiving the stack of cash, the woman was very enthusiastic as she racked her brains to answer them. “The noodle restaurant is located right by the middle school in our town. It is owned by a school teacher that has retired now. Unfortunately, I don’t quite remember how that bigshot looked anymore. I recall he looked extremely wealthy. He also brought several bodyguards with him… Oh! I remember! He had a hooked nose! Moreover, he came here in a big sedan!”

When the woman finished answering the questions, Sophia raised her hand again. A few more stacks of cash were handed over to the woman, and the woman was so overjoyed that she nearly passed out!

Motivated by the promise of money, everybody’s memory suddenly became good. As Annabel was the prettiest lady in the village, everybody paid attention to her affairs. For that reason, some people still remembered things about her even though more than 20 years had passed, and a steady stream of people provided information about her.

“When she was pregnant with you, a man came to visit her. He was hooked-nosed and looked extremely wealthy. Moreover, he drove a luxurious car! I ran into Anna when she sneaked out to the small river in town to meet him. If memory serves me right, he was in his twenties!”

“Hooked-nosed… It feels like I’ve seen him before too. The next day after Anna passed away, a BMW was parked in front of the guest house in town. It was super eye-catching! It was the first time I had ever seen such an eye-catching car in our town, so I remember it very clearly! The man in the car was a young man with a hooked nose!”

“That’s right; that’s right! It was a BMW! I didn’t know it back then, but now that I think about it, it was a BMW! The bigshot that took Anna away drove a BMW too. Furthermore, he had more than one!”

Everybody took turns describing the situation back then. As a result, the money Sophia brought dwindled while the information they retrieved increased. From the raw information they obtained, Sophia deduced that the mysterious person was a wealthy hooked-nosed man in his twenties who drove a BMW. 28 years ago, the BMW had just entered the Cethosian market. It was very expensive and rare at the time. Therefore, those that could afford to drive a BMW back then were not just ordinary rich men.

Over the next few days, Cooper, who had suffered a great shock, returned to the city ahead of time. Meanwhile, Sophia took the initiative to spearhead the efforts on locating Annabel’s body. At first, Justin was tasked to search for Cooper’s son. However, he was caught by Sophia and roped into searching for Annabel’s corpse.

According to the information Sophia obtained, they found the retired teacher that ran the noodle restaurant next to the middle school in town. Thus, they questioned the teacher about the wealthy bigshot that had taken Annabel away back then. Fortunately, the teacher still recalled the events back then even though he was quite elderly by now.

Back in those days, the 15-year-old Annabel had been one of the teacher’s brightest students. Unfortunately, she had no choice but to drop out of school due to her family’s circumstances. Feeling sorry for her, the teacher then asked her to help out in his restaurant. When she was being harassed by the local bully one day, the bigshot stepped in and rescued her. The bigshot was extremely wealthy. Moreover, he drove a BMW. Hence, the teacher could remember it as if it were just yesterday because it was his first time seeing a BMW. The bigshot did indeed turn out to be a hooked-nosed young man in his twenties that was very handsome.

Then, they questioned the guest house in town and confirmed that a bigshot driving a BMW had indeed visited the place 28 years ago. As the town was quite poor back then, many people saw a BMW for the first time. As a result, most of the older staff at the guesthouse recalled the incident. It was the first time a BMW had graced the guesthouse, and many people came to gawk at the car.

More importantly, the bigshot driving the BMW had a hooked nose. Furthermore, he did not come alone. Quite a few people were traveling with him, and they drove several cars, including BMWs and Mercedes-Benzes. Most of the townspeople saw luxurious cars for the first time, so it caused quite a stir.

After asking around town for several days, Sophia had figured out a rough timeline. After Annabel dropped out of school at 15, she worked at the noodle restaurant. After that, she was taken away by a wealthy bigshot. At 16, she suddenly started working at the Crimson House, a restaurant owned by Sam. As a result, she got to know Cooper and Sam. At 18, she eloped with Cooper and was caught. At first, she was supposed to be disposed of, but Woody secretly let her escape. Following that, she entered the Edwards Residence as a nanny and returned to her village after she was raped. Then, the hooked-nosed man appeared again to visit her secretly.

According to the villagers, she was taken away by the bigshot to work in the city and came back pregnant. Therefore, everybody assumed that she was pregnant with the bigshot’s child. The day after her death, the hooked-nosed man appeared in town again. Later, the Johnsons brought Sophia into the city in search of Joe after she was born, thinking that the bigshot was Joe. However, they returned embarrassed.

On another note, Aiden claimed that the man who took the body away did not have a hooked nose. However, they could not be certain that he was not working for the hooked-nosed man. After all, he was so wealthy—there was no need for him to personally go to the cemetery in the middle of the night to excavate a corpse.

In other words, if we can find the hooked-nosed man, we will be able to find my mother’s body! Sophia sent all the information she obtained back to the Edwards Residence without fail. She planned to let Cooper analyze it since he was from that era. Perhaps, he might have known of a hooked-nosed, wealthy, handsome man.

However, he had been greatly shocked by the news about Annabel’s body. Not wishing to bother him too much, she worked with Justin over a few days and collected information on all the men in Bayside City that matched the age, looks, and financial strength of the person they were looking for. Once the information was organized, she planned to ask Cooper to screen through them, one by one.

Justin was extremely capable. In a single day, he selected and compiled a long list of possible matches for her to go through. Thus, Sophia went through the computer database, going through the pictures one by one. Sean and Sarah, who had been recuperating in the Edwards Residence, decided to help out too. Screening through the list, they spent the entire morning looking through the information and the photos of over ten people while discussing them.

“It’s not this guy; I know him. Their family was not affluent 28 years ago, so they couldn’t afford a BMW back then.”

“I asked somebody to obtain the consumer list of the BMW factory from around 30 years ago. You can refer to it.”

All of a sudden, Sophia came across a photo. Naturally, the man in the photo had a hooked nose. Aside from that, he was very handsome and sharp, and his angular side profile had an air of heavy solemnity which made his handsome features particularly prominent. His name was Jordan Edwards.

28 years ago, Jordan was 27 years old. According to the information on him, he was already the chairman of the Edwards Group back then. He was young, wealthy, and at his prime. To this day, he was still a domineering president. However, the man in the photo and the man Sophia had met during the Edwards Family’s Annual Meeting seemed different somehow.

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