My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1042

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1042

That man was Aiden Johnson. Previously, Sophia had seen a photo of him at the Johnson Residence. He had wretched and shrewd inverted triangular eyes. His body was so skinny that he was all bones and skin. On the back of his hands were various needle scars of unknown origins. His entire body had a deathlike pallor, and his back was hunched. He didn’t look human but more like a ghost.
Cooper could not believe that Annabel had a brother like him. As the saying went ‘spare the rod and spoil the child’. Back then, Annabel sacrificed her chance to study and went to work instead. It was so that she could earn enough money to allow her two elder brothers to continue their studies. In the end, one molested a child while the other stole a corpse. How tragic it was for her to be born into such a family!
Aiden collapsed to the ground in horror. Before he could react to anything, a large hand reached toward him from above and fiercely grabbed him by the neck. A man looked down at him condescendingly. “Tell me Anna’s whereabouts in a single sentence. If you dare to lie, I will crush your throat!”

Despite struggling like a monkey, Aiden was unable to break free of Cooper’s grip. Cooper was wearing gloves. He exerted force, squeezing Aiden’s hand so strongly that he broke his hand. Thus, Aiden let out a hoarse scream, trembling in fear. “Have mercy! I was wrong! I did it! I dug her up! Have mercy on me! I won’t dare to do it again!”

Upon learning that the culprit was truly Aiden, Cooper stomped on Aiden in a rage. He wanted to kill this man; he did not hold any kindness for the person who could commit such desecration against Annabel. Afraid that Cooper might lose control and trample Aiden to death, Sophia hurriedly asked somebody to drag Aiden to the side.

After the severe beating, Aiden wept as he confessed. When Annabel breathed her last, the hospital asked them if they were willing to sell her corpse for money. A young lady’s corpse was worth 1000 back then. That was a lot of money! At the time, Mr. Johnson, Liam, and Aiden agreed to sell her corpse for money, hoping to have some use for their garbage. To their surprise, Mrs. Johnson invited Annabel’s grandfather over, threatened the buyer in front of everybody, and chased the buyer away. In the end, the corpse was not sold. However, Aiden couldn’t forget about the money. On the night Annabel was buried, he stealthily dug her corpse back up and sold her body to the hospital that offered to buy her in the first place.

“That buyer… His son was about to be buried after dying in a car accident that day. But, he was not married, and his family was worried that he might haunt them after his death…” Aiden begged for mercy with tears and snot flowing down his face, prostrating himself before them.

Upon hearing what he said, everybody within the family was livid at the thought that he would dare to harm his own sister!

Meanwhile, Justin quickly sent people to investigate the people who bought Annabel’s corpse. It was easier to search for the family, as they might have left traces behind, compared to searching for Cooper’s long-lost son. After several twists and turns, they found the grave of the boy that died in the accident twelve hours later. Upon excavating the grave, they found a pair of skeletons inside—they clearly belonged to a male and a female.

“Anna! Anna…” Cooper sobbed uncontrollably; he finally found Annabel’s corpse. Right now, he was no longer the greatly accomplished and all-powerful Cooper Mitchell. He was simply a pitiful man who just learned that the corpse of his deceased lover had been stolen and sold off as a match for necrogamy—an arranged marriage between the dead. He was simultaneously furious and heartbroken.

As he was emotionally disturbed by the sight of Annabel’s corpse, he lost part of his reasoning. Still, Sophia was very vigilant as she studied the shifty-eyed Aiden. She was suspicious of him; she had the feeling that he was lying. “Justin, can I ask you to do something? Can you perform a DNA test on the corpse? I suspect this man is lying.”

Justin said, “Sure. Let me compare the DNA between this man and the corpse. Since they are biological siblings, we’ll get a match. If it doesn’t match, I will slice his head off!” As he spoke, he deliberately glared at Aiden fiercely.

When Aiden heard that they were going to perform a DNA test on the corpse, he shuddered in fear and nearly lost control of his bowel movements. “No! I swear I’m speaking the truth! Anna… Anna isn’t my biological sister! We don’t share a drop of blood between us, so you won’t be able to check with my DNA!”

Everybody was shocked by his words. Annabel was not Aiden’s biological sister?! What was going on?!

Lying on the ground, he wept piteously. “Our entire family is so ugly. How could we possibly produce a daughter as beautiful as Anna?! When I was younger, I accidentally overheard a conversation between my mother and my grandmother. After my mother gave birth to my sister in the hospital, she accidentally lost my sister and was unable to explain it to my father when she returned. Hence, my grandmother went to the train station and stole a baby girl to replace the one my mother lost!”

Everybody was shocked and immediately started gossiping among themselves. No wonder Annabel did not look like anybody from the Johnson Family—it turned out that she was a stolen child!

Staring at Annabel’s bones blankly, Cooper… couldn’t say anything. He even lost the ability to think and could only subconsciously murmur under his breath, “Anna… Anna…”

At this point, it was meaningless to obsess about Annabel’s origins when she died so many years ago. Sophia was already 28 this year; that meant that Annabel had been dead for nearly 28 years now.

Sophia kept her composure. Violently stomping on Aiden’s hand and grinding her foot against his hand as hard as she could, she coldly said, “I’ll believe you for the time being! If you’re lying, I’ll make sure you wish you were dead!” Turning her head, she quietly whispered to Justin, “I still suspect that this guy is hiding something from us. Why don’t you use my DNA instead?”

Justin nodded, temporarily forgetting about finding a signal to contact Michael. He hurriedly extracted some DNA from Sophia and the corpse to perform the DNA test. Traveling through the night, he returned to Bayside City. On the other hand, Sophia and Cooper stayed at the guesthouse in Johnson Family Village for the time being while Aiden was locked up.

Cooper had experienced a lot of emotional instability today. He was unable to remain calm anytime he came across something related to Annabel. Losing her was a heartache that would remain for as long as he lived! For that reason, Sophia did not voice her concerns. Instead, she quietly asked Justin to return to Bayside City with the DNA samples so that he could obtain the results of the DNA test as soon as possible.

It was late at night when Sophia finally called Michael. Unfortunately, she still couldn’t get the call to go through. Although the call connected once, the signal was unstable—so much so that she couldn’t even get two sentences in before the call dropped. I wonder where they are filming the movie. Why is the signal so terrible?

Upon learning that Aiden had lied, Cooper rushed toward the room where Aiden was being detained like a rampaging dragon. “Where on earth is Anna?! Where is she?!”

It seemed like Cooper had completely lost control of his emotions. At this point, Sophia was afraid that he might be unable to stop himself from strangling Aiden to death. If that happened, they would never be able to locate Annabel’s corpse. Therefore, she quickly asked Roger and the others to drag Cooper away. Stepping on Aiden, who was bruised and battered from the beating, she coldly said, “The Johnson Family was around during the day. My father did not kill you on the spot out of respect for them. But, they aren’t here now. We can kill you at any time! So, are you going to talk?!”

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