My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1038

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1038

Local goods…
“I guess you can say that… ”
Sophia looked distressed. She felt like she should just take in all those three children herself.

Since she bought them, she had to raise them no matter what.

Raising a child was a big deal and something that needed to be discussed at length. It was different from raising kittens or puppies that she could hand over to anyone she saw fit.

Harry and Sarah discussed for a bit, then decided to adopt Poppy who would become a younger sister and friend to Sour Face. He could also learn how to become a good older brother.

At the same time, Hale also adopted one of them. A long time ago, Gwen suffered an injury while working as a secret agent. She was lucky to have given birth to Ashton as the doctor made it clear that she could not bear any more children. Hale wanted to have a daughter and was thinking of going to Nicole’s orphanage to adopt a child, but now that Sophia had brought those children home, it seemed like fate.

On the other hand, Nicole decided not to adopt. She and Sam had already adopted three to four children from their own orphanage. Moreover, she was pregnant now and did not have the energy to adopt any more children.

Sean, too, adopted a girl. He was not planning on getting married, so it was nice for him to have a daughter. There would have been some issues in the adoption process, but Sophia had taken care of everything for him, and all he had to do was take the child home.

The girl he adopted was a bit over the age of three. She was naïve, slightly fearful of people, and quiet. Since he was currently still bedridden and recuperating at the Edwards Residence, Stanley carried the child to the front of his bed.

“Sweetie, I’m your papa now! I will protect you from now on,” Sean said gently as he looked at the child in Stanley’s arms.

The child had also gone through many hardships before coming here. It was fate that he stumbled upon her. He was going to raise her with utmost dedication.

The girl looked at him timidly and did not dare to make a sound, but he did not force her. She was a newcomer and needed time to get used to everything.

Unexpectedly, Stanley rebuked, “Why are you the father? Ever since we were little, I’ve always been the father, and you’ve always been the mother! I can’t accept this. I want to be the father, and you can be the mother. Isn’t that right, my little baby?”

Stanley was trying to get used to the fact that he was already a father. He could no longer go back to his old ways for he had his own family now too. He watched Sophia give birth to Carmen, and Sarah give birth to Ashton, but he was still a bachelor.

It was nice to have a child.

Stanley adored the child in his arms.

Sean did not refute his words. With a tender look in his eyes, he said, “We’re adults now. We can’t play house anymore and I can’t be the mother either. If she calls you papa, then she can call me daddy instead.”

The both of them also decided on a name for her—Maisie Mitchell. Since Sean adopted her under his name, she would take after his family name. She was Maisie for short.

Sophia had Carmen, Sasha had Ashton, and now they had Maisie. Maisie also seemed to enjoy eating cornmeal mush. When they got home, she finished a big bowl of refined and nutritious cornmeal mush, even licking the bowl clean.

“Come, Maisie. Let’s go and meet the other members of the family.”

“This is Judge, and this is Sunset. You can pat them on the head.”

Maisie knew that she was going into a new family, so she tried her best to get used to having two fathers.

The three children had now gone to their new families. Sophia was able to let out a sigh of relief. The only one left now is Lola.

Sophia and Michael brought her back to the Fletcher Residence stealthily without letting Justin find out.

He still did not know that the child was Celine’s.

Meanwhile, Old Master Fletcher absolutely adored the child and even gave her a name.

“She has nice features—even stronger than her mother’s. She’s going to become a public figure in the future. Why don’t we call her Lorelei? Lorelei Fletcher! That will be her name!”

Lola accepted her name with indifference and remained aloof and unresponsive.

After the meeting with Old Master Fletcher, Michael held Lorelei by the hand and brought her into the yard to look around. This would probably be her home from now on.

The both of them held onto each of Lola’s hands as they took her on a walk in the yard. They did not say a word—as though they each had something on their minds.

Alas, Sophia broke the silence.

“Hubby, I want—”

Michael’s steps stopped abruptly, and he finished her sentence for her.

“You want to adopt Lorelei.”

She stuck her tongue out in a cheeky manner. Looks like he saw right through me.

From the moment she saw Lorelei, she had come up with the idea. It did not seem to make a lot of sense to let Celine and Justin raise her. They could raise her instead.

Michael stretched his hand out to caress her head. “I had the same thought.”

He was also adopted into the Fletcher Family after both of his parents passed away. Even though Old Master Fletcher adored him, there were too many children in the family that they ended up competing against one another. A child’s mind was sensitive, and they did not speak up even if they were suffering. That environment might not be the best for Lola.

He felt like keeping Lorelei by his side was the better option too. If he and Sophia could no longer have a second child of their own, then it would not be bad to have Lorelei.

Lorelei grew up overseas and did not know how to speak Cethosian. She did not know what Sophia and Michael were saying, but she did not like the place very much either. There were too many people. She only wanted to go home and be with her Golden Retriever.

Suddenly, they made a turn and a wide patch of green appeared in front of her along with a rhythmic and sonorous sound.

“One. Two. Three. Four. One, two, three, four!”

The military troops were training!

The energy in those shouts seemed to make even the ground shake.

Lorelei’s eyes glimmered as she looked at the group of vigorous people.

When she started running toward the field, Michael and Sophia quickly chased after her.

Nathan was also undergoing summer military training at the Fletchers. He had spotted Sophia at the start. When the troops dispersed, he quickly ran over.


Sophia happily went up to greet him.

It felt like he had grown taller in the few days that she did not see him.

Nathan had a cold expression on his face. After he saw Sophia, he immediately caught sight of Michael holding the hand of a little girl who also had the same cold expression.

The two people with similar-looking faces confronted each other.

Deep inside, he felt a strange sense of fear, but he did not know where it came from.

Michael introduced, “Nate, this is Lorelei; she’s also a member of our family. We just found her and brought her back from abroad. She doesn’t know how to speak Cethosian. Do look out for her in the future.”

Nathan nodded. When the whistle sounded for them to assemble, he turned around and walked away to carry on with his training. Lorelei did not seem to want to leave as she watched them from the side. She looked like she was itching to join them and tried her best to pull Michael to walk over to that side.

Michael noticed and asked, “All the children in our family have to start training like this from a young age. Do you want to join them too, Lola?”

She nodded eagerly.

Seeing that earnest look in her eyes, Michael could only give Sophia a look of resignation. Sophia was slightly dejected, but she complied with it in the end.

He caressed Lorelei’s head then said, “Go ahead.”

As soon as he let go, she ran toward the Fletchers who were doing their summer military training and seemed desperate to join their troop.

Sophia knew that she would not be able to raise Lorelei, and that the Fletchers were the best option.

Looking at the lively Lorelei on the field like a fish that had returned to the water, Michael hugged a dejected Sophia and comforted, “It’s okay. We will try our best to have another child. We will.”

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