My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1036

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1036

At the mention of that period in their lives, Callum and Cade fell silent. There were too many incidents like that in their memories.
When they were born, Anna’s position in the Yard Family was still insecure and many were out to kill the three of them.
“How did you make your choice, Mom?” Cade asked.

She smiled bitterly.

“They wanted me to choose one and they were going to kill the other. Even if I saved one of you, I would have spent the rest of my life in grief and self-blame for the death of the other! They wanted to torment me and make me feel like I was better off dead!”

That kind and gentle gaze suddenly turned icy. “My choice… Tsk. I didn’t make a choice. Your father and I teamed up and shot the person who was going to kill you guys! Who were they to kill my child and make me suffer from the guilt afterward? They were the ones who deserved to die! Even if they were torn to pieces, they deserved it!”

Cade and Callum were shocked.

Anna glowered at the view before her. Hidden beneath that image of an honorable and delicate noble lady was a raging tyrannical soul.

Over the years, they killed countless relatives and children out of wedlock to secure the Yard Family for themselves. Their resolute mindset brought them to where they were today.

Standing on her thin diamond high heels, she slowly started to walk away. Before she left, she said, “I like that girl.”

Callum and Cade looked at each other as Anna walked off.

What did that mean?

Was she going to let the child go?

Outside, Sophia hurriedly left the place with her people. The group of them were heading toward the parking lot.

F*cking obsolete imperial family! They won’t provide us with a ride now because the talks went completely south!

Sophia had to walk from the Royal Garden all the way to the parking lot in her eight-centimeter high heels and even got lost along the way. Her tender feet were now rubbed raw.

Since Michael’s identity was already exposed, he dropped the act and took off his sunglasses, revealing his handsome face. He carried Sophia on his back and the both of them slowly made their way back.

With her fair and slender arms wrapped around his neck, Sophia kept spitting criticisms next to his ear about the conversation that took place at the Royal Garden earlier. “I saw Anna at the Crimson House yesterday. I thought she was some kind of extraordinary figure, but I was wrong!”

“She wants me to trade the children!”

“I told her that in the future, the Ronney Group will only be able to rely on surrogate buyers to get their products into Cethos!”

“That obsolete imperial family; just because they have that dirty money on their hands, they think they can stick their noses up in the air! The estate we have in Northern Europe is way bigger than their whole palace!”

“The previous dynasty has already crumbled. This is a new era. If they want to silence me, I will stand up stronger and fill them with rage!”

“Did you see the place where they welcomed visitors? In a place like that, did they want me to bow my head before we started talking about business? Bah!”

Michael played along to appease her. “The Yards still believe they’re an imperial family! They’re such an embarrassment! It’s time they got off their high horse! If the ruler wants the minister dead, then the minister will kill the ruler first!”

Michael was impressed by Sophia’s courage to talk to the president of the Yard Group in that manner. If she had actually humiliated them, then the child would be in real danger.

But, on the other hand, it also put pressure on the Ronney Group. No one could mess around with the Fletchers’ child so easily.

Now that the Fletcher Family was aware of the child’s existence, they were going to do everything they could to bring her home.

They might not have as big a fortune as the Yards did, but they were not to be taken lightly either.

Sophia kept criticizing them the whole way. Once they reached the parking lot, however, they found Callum standing there with a child beside him.

Michael and Sophia turned serious when they saw the child. She quickly got off Michael’s back and walked in Callum’s direction.

Callum said, “We have rules in our family, and that is to not have a Fletcher work for us. So, you can take this child back.”

Since finding out that a member of the Fletcher Family was in their domain, they did not want to keep her anymore.

After saying that, Callum headed into the car with an unsatisfied look.

As the car started to move, Callum lowered the car window all of a sudden and said to Sophia, “We might be an ‘obsolete imperial family’, but we’re still an imperial family. If we want the minister dead, and the minister doesn’t want to die, then we will have to personally kill them.”

Sophia was lost for words.

Meanwhile, Michael was delighted. Who would have thought that Sophia’s strategy would be so effective?

He hurried over to the child and kneeled. “Hello, are you Lola? I’m your uncle. You can call me Michael. I’ve been in films before.”

Lola had the same cold expression as she did in the photograph. Currently, she had a numb and blank look on her face. Her eyes showed that she was on high alert toward every person in the world. She looked completely different from the easygoing child in the photographs that her adoptive parents had shown them.

She was missing for a month. Who knew what she could have gone through during this time?

Michael felt an ache in his chest. When he reached out to hold her hand, she quickly pushed him away and he spotted the bandage wrapped around her small hand. He figured that she must have gotten it after undergoing high-intensity training.

In a warm tone, Sophia coaxed, “It’s okay, Lola. We will take you home. Okay?”

Eventually, she managed to get Lola into the car, but Lola still felt uneasy. She was on high alert throughout the car ride, keeping her eyes on everyone and not uttering a word.

Michael took a good look at the child. She was a mixed-race child who had already turned seven. Her eyes looked exactly the same as Celine’s, but her temperament was more similar to her father’s.

She grew up in an ordinary family and was completely oblivious about her birth parents’ identities. She did not have a murderous look, but despite being unaware of who her parents were, she still seemed to stand out.

Michael let out a sigh of relief now that they had found the child, but he was quickly met with another obstacle.

Lola definitely had to go back to the Fletcher Family, but what would happen after that?

It was only a matter of time before Justin found out about his wife’s child out of wedlock.

Moreover, her father was Blade, the most heinous killer!

Stanley and a bunch of Fletchers caused the death of her biological father in a gang fight. Her mother had no idea about her existence. If the other members of the family found out about her, how would they treat her?

Nonetheless, Quinton still believed that getting her back was better than anything else.

All that mattered was that she could return to the Fletcher Family.

They departed the following day and returned to the small town that Lola grew up in.

Noticing the familiar scenery outside the car window, Lola went from keeping silent to suddenly becoming excited and her stoic little face could not stop looking out.

When they finally arrived at their destination, that pleasant small home appeared before them. Lola raced out as soon as Michael opened the car door and spoke for the first time.

“Daddy! Mommy!”

Upon hearing her voice, her adoptive parents came out and were ecstatic to see her. While they hugged each other, Lola began to sob as she was finally able to let go of all the fear and desperation she felt.

Sophia could not hold back her tears either when she heard the little child’s cries.

It looked like she had lived a good life in this place. Sophia also wanted Lola to continue living here, but since her identity as Blade’s daughter had been exposed, those people could come back to take her again.

Blade killed many people in his lifetime and made countless enemies. Now that he was gone, his enemies would take revenge on Lola; leaving her here would put that family in danger.

But, seeing how happy Lola was, Sophia could not bear to tear them apart. Lola had spent seven years of her life here—this place was her home!

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