My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1034

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1034

Royal Garden… Who do they think they are? They really think they live in the imperial palace now just because they have a big company! Such peculiar people!
When Callum was informed, he put down the collaboration plan in his hand and said, “Since it’s my mother’s invitation, please come to the Royal Garden, Miss Edwards.”
She had no choice but to agree now that they had invited her. When she stood up to leave, she looked back at Michael and saw him motion for her to stay calm.

Following them out of the Exalos Hall, she went to meet Mrs. Anna Yard. No, she should be the empress dowager, or the empress herself. Callum and his brother are only princes now.

Why did Anna want to meet me?

She doesn’t even know me.

Unless the Cethosian lady at the restaurant yesterday was really Anna Yard?

Once they were out of the Exalos Hall, a limousine arrived before them. Callum let her in the car first then went in after her.

Michael, Quinton, and the interpreter went in a different car. Several cars began moving toward the Yard Family’s living quarters—the legendary Rear Palace.

The Ronney Group was enormous. They did not have skyscrapers like the Michel Group did—where there were elevators to take them to the dining hall. All the buildings here were no more than ten storeys high, and the functional departments were probably all separated.

They passed by several palace doors and drove for ten minutes from the office to the Yards’ living quarters before arriving at the Royal Garden; it was the Yard Family’s private garden that mimicked the ancient imperial family’s landscape design. Sophia also had a garden like that, but it was not as big.

Michael and Quinton were kept out of the garden while Sophia went in with Callum and an assistant. In the gazebo in the middle of the pond, several girls who looked like servants were waiting on a noble lady drinking tea.

The servants’ clothes still had the allure of the previous dynasty, but they had been modified to adapt to modern life. Unless there was an important imperial festival, the Yard Family still kept to modern-day clothes and lifestyles.

When Sophia entered the gazebo, she recognized the Cethosian lady she saw at the restaurant the day before.

It really was Anna Yard!

Anna was drinking tea with a young man. The young man looked so much like Callum that they were almost indiscernible.

That must have been the other vice president of the Yard Group, Cade Yard.

“You’re here. Please have a seat.”

Anna looked up at Sophia and motioned for her to sit in the seat across.

Sophia greeted them and proceeded to sit down.

The four people sat at the square tea table.

Sophia was feeling very nervous. After taking a sip of tea to clear her mind, she looked briefly at Michael who was being kept outside of the garden before bringing her attention back.

Anna spoke in such a gentle tone that it was not apparent that she was the head of the Yard Family. But, Sophia knew that this woman was not as harmless as she seemed on the surface.

“The Crimson House in Cethos sells western food, but the one in Ronney City sells authentic Cethosian cuisine. It fits my taste. I go there at least once a week.”

Sophia added, “The best Cethosian dish at the Crimson House is probably the steamed garlic prawns. It’s been their bestseller for over thirty years. I highly recommend that dish.”

“Yes, I once sought the recipe of that dish, but the cooks in the palace just couldn’t replicate the same taste.” Anna also seemed enthralled by that dish. The two of them quickly found a common talking point.

Sophia and Anna began to discuss the delicacies of the Crimson House. Anna was also eager to continue the conversation now that they had found a shared interest. They seemed to be having an amiable conversation, but as for how they truly felt, only they knew the answer to that.

Anna had high emotional intelligence. She knew what Sophia wanted to say beforehand and quickly found common topics to talk about.

Once they finished talking about one thing, they started talking about something else.

After taking a sip of the aromatic tea, Anna put down the cup and looked intently at Sophia. “Does Mr. Taylor Murray have any upcoming movies?”

As expected, Sophia and Michael’s relationship could not stay hidden. After all, he was a global celebrity.

Sophia answered, “He’s been working on a science fiction movie recently. It’s not complete yet.”

Anna laughed. “Not complete yet? Then, shouldn’t he be busy filming now? Why do I see him and his brother holding a dog on a leash and waiting for you outside the garden?”


She noticed!

Both Michael and Quinton were in disguise, but it was no use. Perhaps they had already seen through their act from the start.

This was Ronney City, the Yard Family’s territory.

But, Sophia did not expect Anna to know that Quinton was also one of the Fletchers. Thinking about it, the second-generation Phantom Wolf saved her life once, so perhaps they already had a strong friendship—finding out Quinton’s information was probably not a difficult task.

Sophia did not act flustered from being exposed. Instead, she smiled calmly and said, “He’s a public figure. Every move he makes must be kept secret. If he acts hastily, it will attract the attention of fans. Things will get complicated if a mass incident were to happen.”

Anna seemed to believe her. “You’re right.”

Just like that, the subject was dropped.

Even though the Ronneys would not do anything to Michael, it was not going to be that easy to ask for the child back.

Sophia was thinking of a way to bring up the child when Anna asked, “To my knowledge, the child you’re looking for is a killer’s child. How is she related to you guys?”

While she spoke, she filled Sophia’s teacup with more water.

Sophia’s mind was racing again as she tried to think of an answer.

Should I hide it? Should I come clean?

Having a conversation with the Yards was mentally draining.

After pondering for a while, Sophia decided to answer honestly.

“That child is a descendant of the Fletcher Family.”

It was evident that they had not discovered this. When they found out that the child was the descendant of the Fletcher rebels, Anna and her two sons showed looks of detest and unease.

The Fletchers were a clan of rebels who killed countless members of the Yard Family. How could they bear to have one of the Fletchers’ descendants in their security team?

Nonetheless, they would not harm the child. The Fletchers and the Yards did not impose on one another now. If they were to harm the child, then they would be declaring war.

This step might have been risky, but it also provided more chances.

After a brief moment of shock, Anna returned to her easygoing nature and picked up her teacup.

“I see. It’s no wonder you guys came all the way here to look for her.”

But, Anna was unwilling to give the child up so easily. “I heard that the child has good genes and will do great things in the future. We chose her very meticulously. She did not come at a cheap price. You can take her back if you want, but you have to give something in return.”

“What would that be?” Sophia looked calm, but she was already panicking on the inside.

Anna took another sip of the aromatic tea, then put the teacup down with poise. “You can have her in exchange for the eight children you just bought. How does that sound?

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